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MFC Figure Awards 2017 FINALS Day 2: NendoroidsMFC Figure Awards 2017 FINALS Day 2: Nendoroids

NegaNega1 ano atrásAsk MFC
The finals are here.

I chose the top 3 PVC statues voted (above) for a final nomination on who reigns supreme!

No adding options this time. This is already set in stone.

Day 1: PVC Statues DONE
Day 2: Nendoroids
Day 3: Figma

Unfortunately for Tamashii and Miscellaneous, their results weren't particularly satisfying as we only got a small handful of votes.

The poll below will be what is set in stone!


ITEM #396850

ITEM #464602

ITEM #548713
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Day 2: Nendoroids

  • 38%Atsuko Kagari - Little Witch Academia
  • 23%Dazai Osamu - Bungou Stray Dogs
  • 39%Link - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • 120 votos


I originally put Atsuko on the poll, happy to see her here!
1 ano atrás

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