My FIRST Garage Kit - Makishima Shogo!!My FIRST Garage Kit - Makishima Shogo!!Diary

StacycmcStacycmc3 anos atrás
Ok, so after what seems like forever I have finally compeleted my Psycho-Pass Makishima Shogo garage kit!! Words do not even describe the joy I feel from FINALLY completing this, LOL!! Just friggin YAY!!!

So, I figured to celebrate his completion, I would share some pics (ok not some, but there a LOT) of the journey to completion!! There are some laughable moments (where I thought I may should just nuke the kit and be done), but in the end I am happy with the results....as this is my FIRST time EVER to paint and assemble a garage kit, and my FIRST time EVER to use an airbrush. LOL...I know....WTF was I thinking right (at this point I should be fucking up Tshirts or Trucker hats with my airbrush gun, not attempting a Garage Kit?!!).

Again, there's lot of pics, and so I've put most of them under **Spoiler** tags that you'll need to expand so you can see the pics.

And so....hope you enjoy!!!

Some of the parts....of course had to remove the "tags" on these, sand, wash several times (with degreaser, as I hear that removes the mold-release):


Additional pics here:

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Next up was actually priming...now I've heard you do not HAVE to prime resin, but I am new, so want to go the safest route possible for someone like me who is guaranteed to screw things up...probably a lot. Anyway, it just so happens that I got a really awesome Iwata airbrush gun and compressor as well as a ventilation booth for Christmas!! Wohoo!!


Priming - I used both a dark gray primer and white depending on the piece. Skin areas were done with white, most everything else with the gray:


Here are some shots of the shirt in progress. For it I started with the gray primer. I then actually did another coat in white primer over the top, with less white in the shaded areas. Next was an actual layer of white acrylic, lightly all over. I then went into the shaded areas with a darker teal color. I put a light flesh color (VERY light coat) on the areas where his shirt was touching his skin and highlighted. Finally another layer of the white acrylic, brushed over the entire shirt to blend all the shading/highlighting:


WIP pics of the shirt are here:

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(sorry for the lines in some of these pics....an odd thing occurred when the pics I took were under the ventilation hood...the light diffusing through the plastic booth somehow caused this anomaly. Or maybe aliens, which is really my first guess...but I'll let you decide.)


For the pants, I took a similar approach. I painted them dark gray with the primer. I then went in with black in the creases, and white in the highlighted areas. I went over the top of those with a jean blue shade to even it out. After it was still a bit too dark, so I went over the entire piece to increase highlighting and shading with some pastels (just use sandpaper to create the powder then dry brush them on). After I sprayed it with Mr. Super Clear Flat clear coat, to seal in the pastels.


More WIP pics of the pants are here:

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The pastels make it look really light and chalky, but the clear coat fixes all that....


Next is just some shots of some odds and ends, like the shoes, belt, book, skin, fingernails, etc....

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For the hair...well I had some trial and error here. First I primed with dark gray, then put a white coat over the top. To add more shading I went back in with dark pastels. That looked like crap, as I realized at this point I did not sand these parts enough...there are still some pretty rough areas and imperfections that I could've fixed by some thorough sanding...this REALLY stood out when I added the shading to the hair (you can still see some of the rough areas on various parts...they weren't really visible until you added flat paint then they were REALLY obvious...well I know for next time), so I redid the hair. The final version is just the gray primer, which also doubled as shading, and white acrylic paint...and I sprayed less in the shaded areas of the hair.


More hair pics:

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Ok, next up is the face. ....sigh....
This portion is where I wanted to nuke this entire kit, and let me show you why..LOL. Try not to hurt yourself when laughing at attempt 1 and 2 (and there were others, but they didn't even get far enough along for me to snap pics of). I finally found a method of painting his eyes that worked out, but I did have to start over, including stripping and sanding and re-priming, etc.. a few times.

And here is where you can get a good chuckle (I don't even want to share this, as v1 and v2 are just so laughable and well embarassing...LOL, and v3 is by no means perfect, but is WAY better...so I'm learning):


Yeah, hopefully you're still with me and didn't kill over from laughing. I honestly think v2 may be an alien....his eyes were really big there.

Anyway, v1 (far left one) is where I just tried to straight up paint the eyes all in one go using acrylics and a TINY permanent no bleed pen. I think the pen was like .20mm and was way too big. It turned out a hot mess.

The v2 (middle pic) is where I tried to follow advice from a miniature painter on Youtube. I think a combination of me sucking as a painter and the fact that on a true miniature a wee bitty mistake is likely ok, where here it's just well... It's an alien, let's move on.

Finally v3 (far right) is thanks to PONNIE!!!! THANK YOU PONNIE!!! A most wonderful and extremely pro and talented garage kit painter here in MFC. After she posted one of her GK blogs, she was soooo very kind to answer 100,000 of my questions on how the #@%##% she did her eyes. She then described a wonderful technique using some of this stuff:


And it allows you to paint, erase, and clean up your lines...without ever damaging the paint underneath. Basically you get your skin and eye whites painted on, then spray a clear gloss coat of the Mr. Color Super Clear GX lacquer (the thinner is so you can use it with the airbrush). Now, using enamel paints you can trial and error and erase and cleanup all your paint lines all you want (I used a small detail brush to paint the eyes on, then cleaned up the lines with a different really small detail brush dipped in the X-20 enamel thinner). The enamel thinner takes the enamel right off, without impacting your gloss lacquer coat or any paint beneath it. So, you can basically erase and repaint all you want, until you get it ok.


More WIP pics of the face painting process:

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Skin tone painted on:

I had to redo the face several times, so I would frequently double check that my "re-painted" face skin still matched other fleshy areas (as seen above).

The lacquer / enamel face trick:


Next was assembly time!!! I used super glue, 2 part 5 min Epoxy, and also put some metal pins in between each piece (via little holes in each piece and super glued it in) to help support and reinforce the joins.


More WIP assembly pics here:

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I ended up having a pretty big gap in the top of his hair after attaching all three pieces to his head. To remedy this I applied Apoxie sculpt into the crack, let it dry for 24 hours, then sanded it even and repainted the top of his head (after CAREFULLY masking off his face so I didn't ruin my 2352th face-paint job)


The base was a custom base I made using a CNC router and some miniatures I picked up at a hobby store.


For more details on the base, I had a whole separate blog for that, so if your curious you can read about it and see WIP pics here: BLOG #38983

I ended up drilling two really small holes into the base and his feet. I then put cut some brad nails to size and used those for pegs to hold him to the base.

And finally......my very first garage kit is complete.... Meet my Makashima Shogo!!!


More detailed pics of Maskishima:

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I did snap a couple of other pics of Makishima with Kougami as well (you can click on them to go to their main page to see a larger version):


And if you're just a glutton for punishment, you can view even MORE pics (and in higher resolution) at my Smug Mug project page here. I loaded pretty much all my pics here, so you can see a lot of the failed attempts too (but WARNING, there are LOTS of pics...so don't say you weren't warned!!).

Sorry that was so long, and hope the all the pics didn't crash you!!

Thanks for checking my blog out, hope you saw something you enjoyed!!

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Maakie3 anos atrás#31386329Finally got to reading your other post! Love your end result! I have been building GK's for a while now, but my learning curve has been a lot slower than yours. :P I have experimented with pastel shading for the first time in the kit I am currently working on (my 7th GK). I also used dry brushing and thought the result was disappointing. Until I sealed the figure and WOW suddenly the pastels were showing a lot. Actually a bit too much, lol. Lesson learned. xD I'm glad for you that your first kit and first time pastel shading turned out so much better, haha!

Ah thank you so much, so glad you like the end result! I had played a wee bit with pastels for a prior DIY project, but this was my first ever garage kit and first time using an airbrush...LOL, so yeah quite the experience!! :D I tried dry brushing his hair....that did not turn out well...I ended up stripping it all and redoing with the airbrush. You learn a lot the hard way unfortunately, but hey, at least you learn right?!!

Anyway, thanks again, so glad you like him!!! :D
3 anos atrás
Finally got to reading your other post! Love your end result! I have been building GK's for a while now, but my learning curve has been a lot slower than yours. :P I have experimented with pastel shading for the first time in the kit I am currently working on (my 7th GK). I also used dry brushing and thought the result was disappointing. Until I sealed the figure and WOW suddenly the pastels were showing a lot. Actually a bit too much, lol. Lesson learned. xD I'm glad for you that your first kit and first time pastel shading turned out so much better, haha!
3 anos atrás
solluxcaptor3 anos atrás#31016391Wow, this is amazing!! So hard to believe this was your first time, he looks so professional and flawless.

Aww, thank you so much!!!! So glad you like how he turned out! He was a labor of love!! LOL! Thanks again!
3 anos atrás
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Wow, this is amazing!! So hard to believe this was your first time, he looks so professional and flawless.
3 anos atrás
ptitange233 anos atrás#30960535Wooooow !!! *_* Amazing job !! Congratulations !!!! :D

Ah, thanks so much!!! It feels GREAT to finally be done!! :D
3 anos atrás
Wooooow !!! *_* Amazing job !! Congratulations !!!! :D
3 anos atrás
Kimm134Saya3 anos atrás#30934518In a way, I've already tried my hand in painting figures since I also started making sculptures back in 2015, but at least half of my sculptures remain unpainted since I'm not satisfied with my work. I probably should save up for an airbrush.

Yes, the airbrush was great, it really helped create that smooth finish I would struggle getting with a regular brush.

So you sculpt too? That's outstanding....I would LOVE to be able to sculpt something. My next project will require a wee bit, but that's only going to be to add ears and modify hair and such... definitely not starting from scratch, which just the thought overwhelms me, but OMG that would be amazing.
3 anos atrás
ViciousLunatic3 anos atrás#30934417Oh wow, he turned out looking super polished!! I always admire how much work people put into GK (creating and/or painting them)
Your hard work sure paid off!

Thank you sooo much!! :D
3 anos atrás
Stacycmc3 anos atrás#30934515Snip In a way, I've already tried my hand in painting figures since I also started making sculptures back in 2015, but at least half of my sculptures remain unpainted since I'm not satisfied with my work. I probably should save up for an airbrush.
3 anos atrás
Kimm134Saya3 anos atrás#30934424My initial expectation when you said this is your first attempt at garage kits is that the resulting figure will be a flop. I was horribly wrong. The result is extremely well done!
I've always wanted to start working with the kits I have bought over the last three years, but I'm too scared to start. I don't want to risk wasting the kits since I might never be able to get them again.

LOL....well your initial expectation was about on par with mine...LOL!!!! Hahaa....I'm glad you think it turned out well though!! Thank you so much!

Yeah, I totally hear you.... I have a really nice kit coming, but I think I will get some more practice in before I start on it. If I ruined it, that would just depress me to no end.

I know it may be an unpopular opinion, and I do not suggest it other than just to see if it's something you think you can do or would want to do....but original kits can be really expensive and I agree I have serious issue with the thought of f#$@ing one up because I'm a newb, then there's hundreds of dollars down the drain. So....maybe grab an inexpensive recast for your first attempt to try your hand at it, that way you know beyond a doubt...."I can make myself finish this and will enjoy it and think I produce a result I'm satisfied with", etc... versus, for whatever reason..."there's NO WAY IN HELL I can do this" etc... LOL. Then if the latter, you only wasted a cheap recast, but if it works out....you got practice in and may feel ready to start on your legit kits and didn't end up ruining one!! :D

Anyway, thanks again and good luck to you!!! If you end up diving in, keep us posted!!
3 anos atrás