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As 2018 has started of strong here in Canada with blasts of -40 Degree weather I tend to look outside and feel sorry for the delivery people that have to brave this weather. I finally got my first figurine for 2018 Cat lap Milk by native. She was always on a want list but her resale value was always a bit high. I found one at what I consider a decent price.


But his blog is more about the reflection of 2017 and how this hobby has taken its toll on how I feel about it. As I look at most of the loot that I got in 2017 I find that it is in their original box. I almost did not un box a single one. And that is just not like me. I would love to say that I had a lack of space which is why I bought that very fancy display case. I even made it down to Ikea to pick up 2 new Detolfs in white to aide in the congestion issues I would have had if I were to have unpacked all these figurines I got in 2017. Would you believe that they are still in their box as well and that I have not built them yet.





I would need my Lack shelf base I use to properly set up the new Detolfs and I have yet to get that piece. And while I am on the issues I have with Ikea I hate that they discontinued the Dioddler lights. All of my collection has these in the cases. Now I have to try and source these from another party and that is not east. But enough said about Ikea. I should just had bought like 10 sets when I heard a rumor that they were going to be discontinued.

As I look at what I have incoming for 2018 I am seeing even less figurines then last year. I have 3 on order and that is it. One is a re-release from last year that I had not picked up so I am still counting her as 2018 but for the most part there are not that many characters that I recognize that are getting figurines. This happened in 2017 as well. Mind you I am not a huge Miku or Fate series buyer. Those franchises always get love.

No as I reflect at this hobby I seem to be less and less interested in it. I had such a passion when I got a new figurine before; I was always happy I was able to track the package all the way to my door.

Now Canada Post does nothing to update my packages.

I just don’t get the same excitement as I once did. If I were buying 5 -10 figurines a month I would understand the argument that I get to many and thus the thrill of getting something new is gone. But I can go 2-5 months between figurines or any type of Japanese related items. So what is wrong with me??? No that was sarcastic!

Have many of you have this happen in the past? Maybe you are going through the same thing as I am right now. Share and let’s see if we can’t see some common ground as to why we feel this way now about this hobby. I left out the price of figurines for a reason in this blog. We all know that this hobby can get expensive and that the price has going way up. And we know many are leaving the hobby as well as ordering less because of it.

Thank for reading and I look forward to reading comments below.

= )

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I can relate to this blog, I feel like I dont get the same excitement every time I receive a new figure in the mail that I did when I first started collecting and didnt have that many figures but now with close to 400 scaled figures in my collection and not enough space to display them all I just dont get the same excitement.

I feel that one of the reasons I dont get the same excitement is because right now I dont have enough space to properly display them and enjoy my new purchases so I feel guilty about accumulating more figures and spending more money on the hobby that me and another collector friend of mine call plastic crack (because collecting is addictive). I would probably feel much better if I could display all my stuff and bask in its beauty having it all on display, hopefully later this year I can buy a bigger house and have enough space for everything im only 10k USD away from my savings goal for a down payment which I should hopefully have by July-August of 2018.
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
I feel you there. Most of my figures are far away from me at parent's place or in the garage. It's almost three years like that.

I get little to no PVC but I got into heavy drugs of the hobby which is garage kits.

Oh, the excitement of getting a fresh chunk of resin.

I just wish I was unemployed so I could spend all my time painting kits. But that is, sadly, impossible.

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Yeah, I have mixed opinions on SAL shipping. SAL tracking is useless in Canada since once the package leaves Japan nothing updates after that. Surprisingly for me, I find bigger packages arrive quicker than smaller packages. I order a large figure through SAL, it took 2 weeks. I ordered a small charm one week earlier, and it took 3 months to arrive! SAL is still the best option for me even though delivery times vary.
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Canada Post is a joke when it comes to tracking your shipments. First off, you can only track EMS and SAL parcel. Second, you are lucky if they update the a tracking event within a few hours of the event. RSAL and SAL are a joke, can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months. And sometimes they do not show at all.
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I began taking this hobby seriously and started to collect more just three months ago, and now looking at my collection I already grew fear that some day I might experience the same thing that you're now going through. I can't imagine having no feeling towards my existing collection anymore, and I dare not to think how long it takes for me to reach that point. But for new releases I do feel more rational and less passionate to own. And yes this hobby is getting more and more unaffordable, but on a positive side their overall quality is constantly improving. This doesn't stop me from wondering how come figures used to be this cheap though. Like, really? ¥6800?

I guess limiting my purchase to figures that are from series and artists that I know I truly appreciate does help, since it's less likely for my love for a certain figure to diminish if after all the years I still adore the series they originated from. This is the strategy I'm taking now as I only own figures from Evangelion(all-time classic to me), Vocaloid(I listened to for years) and Tony Taka(artist I love). Time could prove me wrong though, but I'll see.

This strategy does have a clear downside though, it could be very hard to hunt for a rare one that are from a series that is 5-10 years old.
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Definitely can relate to what you're feeling. I recently had to sell off a bunch of my Nendoroids (finally done:)) in order to pay for some school fees, so my collection shrunk drastically. Surprisingly, I found it a lot easier to part with them than expected.

I only have two figures and a few goods ordered currently and two left on my wishlist. Honestly, unless something comes up during winter WonFes (I'm excited!!), I'll probably be done with this hobby once I receive everything. Will still keep an eye on MFC, though, everyone in this community is so kind. ^^
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I'm going through something very similar, and ended up selling a lot of figures in the past few months while having very few preorders, and keeping an even smaller wishlist.

I think buying figures out of sentimental value is the safest bet for me as I rarely ever get bored of them, but since I'm mostly interested in bishounen characters, and being picky with those as well, not a lot of figures gets added to my wishlist.

But hey, winter Wonfest is coming so who knows? Though, if it's anything like the last, I'll just watch with serenity as my wislist empties itself, and I'm perfectly okay with that!
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Mewsie The magi-cooliest✧
I've always been a 'slow and steady' kind of person, especially when it comes to hobbies, and I can't really think of a time where I've lost all of my interest in one. I don't think there's anything bad about losing interest in something. Sometimes taking some time away from something can rejuvenate your interest in it!
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SAL takes 45 days no updates... Pretty much only option to ship.
Avoiding combine ship too many figures in one package.
Anyways just getting extremely picky on what to get.

Probably the magic of getting that first figure is wearing off.
Fortunately didn't start with prize or Nendo though.
Maybe noticed there are very little space to exhibit those boxes.

Got tons of stuff want to get; though got to budget.
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As WanderingWastrel mentioned, what interests you can can come and go due to various factors. I'm in a similar situation to you where there are less figures or dolls coming my way compared to the years before. Unless this Wonfest serves up some things that reignite my interest, I don't see the pattern changing. It doesn't bother me too much, though; there is no shortage of things for me to spend money on, lol.
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