Jan. Loot ~Entering Gem Hell~Jan. Loot ~Entering Gem Hell~Loot

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January Loot
~ Entering Gem Hell ~

Welcome to the first slightly belated loot post of the year!
I begin my decent into Houseki no Kuni madness and the last few straps for the Licht/Lawless ItaBag have finally arrived!
An AitaiKuji package was the first arrival of another collecting year. At last, the YOI Romantic Birthday Kuji. Hell yes.
So, the badge is fantastic as suspected but I still can’t work out where to put it in the Victuri shrine!? It’s quite big so I think a little bit of reshuffling might be in order.
The visual cloth is everything I had hoped and more~ I just love this illustration.
I’ve currently decided to use it to decorate my bed, small though it may be.
Another big package of combined goodness arrived from FromJapan.
So begins my decent in Houseki no Kuni merchandise madness.
But before I go gem crazy, let’s look at the most obvious thing first.
The WEGO angel heart bag for my Lawless/Licht ItaBag.
The bag is so cute, I love it! It looks like its pretty high quality and it’s a good size too.
As soon as I saw this bag I knew it would be perfect for the Greed Pair ItaBag, the angel wings would make Licht proud I think, haha~ You can check out the completed ItaBag in my Dairy Entry here: BLOG #38909
Speaking of Licht and Lawless, let’s check out the last two straps for the ItaBag.

Okay, so this is actually going to hand on the outside zipper of the bag. I thought it was a good choice given it’s made out of a sturdy synthetic leather. I’m always afraid if I use an acrylic strap it might break.
…and of course the matching Lawless to my already arrived Licht can badge strap.
More Servamp merch, once again revealing my growing obsession with clear files.



Eep! I love them all~
Although my personal favourite is the second one.
It sparkles guys, how could I not love this one.
Now moving on to the two characters you all will be seeing a lot more of in future loot posts.

~Padparadscha and Cinnabar~
These visual cards were obtainable from Animate as part of their campaign for the Houseki no Kuni anime.
I’m still quietly squealing about having my first bit of Padparadscha merchandise.
My obsession with Padparadscha was a bit awkward at first since I have trypophobia and for a while there every time I looked at their chest I wanted to tear my skin off and rip my eyes out :D I’m much more comfortable with it now, though it still gives me the shivers when I see art of them without the jewel pieces in their chest.
Pro Tip: DO NOT google trypophobia! There's some pretty freaky/nightmare inducing visuals that will show up.
But moving on to the most important part about these visual cards-

Bless Houseki no Kuni for bringing back sparkles, tacky or not they just make me happy.
More sparkles~ haha~ This is actually a pretty fairly sized badge, simple but I love it.
This and the acrylic stand below were available at a HNK exhibition.
It’s tiny but perfect~ I’m so glad I was able to order it.
I must admit I really like how this acrylic strap came out. It’s got nice depth and gradients in it. I hope we see more characters get these in the future. Padparadscha when plz?
More Cinnabar~! This time their rubber strap I won from a Y!J Auction. I didn’t want to do a ‘YOI Strap Frenzy’ and order the entire box for just one strap so I decided to wait and hope they popped up individually in the aftermarket. Luckily they did and not for overly inflated prices either!
Rutile was actually a last minute idea. I won them from Y!J Auctions as well and I wasn’t originally going to buy them, but I decided I wanted to add them to the inevitable Padparadscha ItaBag. Gotta have at least one Rutile strap to watch over Pad X’D
This badge took forever to arrive at FJ’s warehouse, I was honestly worried I’d been ripped off for a while there.
It’s so pretty~ This was from yet another HNK event, it’s not in the database and I haven’t added it since I can’t work out who the manufacturer is with my limited Japanese reading skills. Can’t read kanji to save her life. If anyone knows do tell because I’d like to add it and the other merchandise sold there to the database :)
We move on to the final late arrival for January and one of the only pre-orders for the month from AmiAmi.
Not gonna lie, when I saw how big this was I felt so childishly happy. I know they’re called ‘Deka Keychains’ for a reason but none the less-!
This is going to look great on the eventual Cinnabar ItaBag and I’m now even more hyped to get Padparadscha’s.
Also in the package was the only figure of the month.
Pisces Sonico~
I bought her for the shark hat, not gonna lie- lol
Sonico + Nautical theme = instant order.
I got her for a decent price from AmiAmi’s pre-owned section and I’m so glad to have her in my Sonico collection. Even if her face is a little derpy, the theme is just too cute!

~ More Photo’s Under The Spoiler ~
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/02/14/1922321.png


All in all I’m really happy with my arrivals this month! I can’t wait for more Padparadscha merchandise to start flowing in to the collection in the coming months.
Until next loot post guys!
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Nuss2 anos atrás#31103748i love that everything sparkles (we need more merch like that tbh) and that keychain with the ruby (?) in the background is just gorgeous!
and i think this sonico's face is really cute! :D
really nice loot!
pro tip: do not google trypophobia ;-;

I've always been a sucker for shiny/sparkly things and Houseki no Kuni merch is a great way to indulge in that XD ha ha~
The more I look at Sonico's face the more it's grown on me, she's definitely one of the cuter Sonico's in my collection that's for sure :D

Oh god I just realised I forgot to warn people absolutely do not google trypophobia it will give you nightmares.
2 anos atrás
Takasugi2 anos atrás#31103676The manufacturer is Village Vanguard. Info on this site; vvstore.jp/
Ah! Thank you so much. Í should be able to add all of the items now :)
2 anos atrás
i love that everything sparkles (we need more merch like that tbh) and that keychain with the ruby (?) in the background is just gorgeous!
and i think this sonico's face is really cute! :D
really nice loot!

pro tip: do not google trypophobia ;-;
2 anos atrás
The manufacturer is Village Vanguard. Info on this site; vvstore.jp/
2 anos atrás
kinomoto2 anos atrás#31103587That sparkle effect on the rubber strap looks adorable, too bad they didn't do something similar with the Deka keychains :/
The sparkle looks quite subtle in person but it's just enough to create interest. I didn't actually know they were going to be sparkly until I got them XD I agree the Deka Keychains would have looked great with a similar sparkle effect, but it looks nice without it as well :)
2 anos atrás
That sparkle effect on the rubber strap looks adorable, too bad they didn't do something similar with the Deka keychains :/
2 anos atrás
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