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Hi, this is a continuation to my last post, regarding my hunt after this beautiful bean -> ITEM #459263

Straight to the bizz : is there a way for me to find out if the artist (ke) (his twitter acc: twitter.com/com...) has ever sold painted versions of her?
(I wouldn't compromise for other artists' paint job, even if it's close to identical to ke's work)
I would ask him myself but my Japanese is shitty and I don't trust google translate.
please help me. this obsession I have developed is not healthy.
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Why all the hate ? He just wants something not easily accessible .
11 meses atrás
Ask a proxy to ask for you, would be the best idea.
11 meses atrás
I think the best thing you should do is either go through the sculptor's Twitter or if they have a blog or website to see if they are going to do a mail order or have done it in the past. A mail order for prepainted kits by any sculptor is rather rare but there's no harm in asking directly, even if you have to Google Translate your way through.

Is there any reason why you have to have it painted specifically by this sculptor? Because if there has been no prepainted kits sold, there is a chance that their display copy is their only painted copy. Although I don't think it will be likely that that they would part with their display copy, like I mentioned before, it might just be best to ask them yourself. If not, you should seriously decide if you love the kit enough to buy it and have someone else paint it for you or you can paint it yourself. Be prepared that getting yourself an original kit may be the only way to get as close to the painted original.
11 meses atrás
Just send him a message and use google translate. (Send the message both in english and japanese) You can get the basic idea of what you want to say, link the figure and ask if any of them were ever painted. I ordered some straps off of Pixiv from a person in Japan using that method and everything worked out perfectly.

Most of the time if pre-painted gk are sold in limited numbers, it's stated on the MFC page.
11 meses atrás
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