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Ehhm so this is my first post ever so I'm not sure if I'm actually going to do this right

Hello, I've been frequenting MyFigureCollection for some time now, but only chose to make an account now thanks to an encouragement of a friend of mine who also has an account on this site. She goes by Panjora on this site, haha. ^^;

Either way, we made this Nendoroid story thing supposedly for an event once, but in the end we never got the chance to submit it, but I felt like it would be a shame not to post it somewhere since we went through all the effort of doing it, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here. ^^;

Monoyoshi Sadamune (ITEM #396883), Mikazuki Munechika (ITEM #287710), Snow Miku Strawberry Kimono version (ITEM #107714), Haru-chan (ITEM #42076) are Panjora's Nendoroids, while Neptune (ITEM #169541) and Hotarumaru (ITEM #364097) are mine. ^^

The pictures were taken with the use of Panjora's camera and she was the one who edited the pictures, while I was the one who wrote the dialogue and story.

In the world of Neptune


Now, who we have here is our main heroine. She is Neptune, a fanatic obsessed with Japanese animation and its merchandise – an otaku, loud and proud.

Like many fangirls of her caliber, Neptune spends most of her time hyperventilating – I mean, experiencing mild forms of excitement towards her interests.


And, dedicated fangirl that she was, had one day decided to embark on a travel to the country of Japan AKA The Land of Anime to gain a deeper appreciation of its culture.


One day, while headed towards the supposed holy shrine in that area, Neptune came across a very odd incident.

It started snowing.

Even though it was summer.

And that was when Neptune knew something was horribly, horribly wrong.


…But, found herself enjoying the snow anyway.

The coolness of the snow warded off the accursed heat of the summer, so Neptune didn’t mind the sudden freakish climate change at all.

In fact, she enjoyed it so much, the cool air made her rather drowsy, so in her half-asleep state Neptune wandered off to a spot where she could take a nap comfortably. Even though she was all alone in a forest. Either the girl is so ridiculously carefree, or she has no ounce of self-preservation.


…Anyway, unbeknownst to Neptune, the dish thing that she had just decided to sleep on was in fact a part of the sacred shrine grounds and therefore had some oddly convenient magical properties involved.

And because of that, our heroine got transported to another world. See? Convenient!


Now here we have a cute little kid called Hotarumaru.


He is one of the protectors of the sacred shrine area. Having noticed the snow and flash of light coming from the shrine grounds, Hotarumaru was sent to investigate.

“The appearance of snow… could it be…? …Huh?”


And it just so happens that while on his investigation he saw a girl sleeping.



“What in the world is a girl doing sleeping on sacred shrine grounds?! And she has weird clothes!”

At the sound of another person’s voice, Neptune slowly awakens.

“Zzz…. Huh? Hey, what’s a kid like you doing dressed up in cosplay in the middle of a forest?”

“I’M NOT A KID! And what in the world is a cosplay?! I’m a protector of the holy shrine! What’s someone like you doing sleeping here?! You’re defiling holy grounds!”


After some set of arguments and questions thrown around later that was conveniently skipped, Hotarumaru eventually dropped the bomb that she was actually in another world now.

Hearing that, Neptune reacted.



…And yet, surprisingly, she took the fact of being in another world pretty well.


“I’m in another world~! This is so cool~! Just like out of a manga!” Neptune says, skipping happily.

“Anyway, I don’t know how you got transported to our world, so I’ll be taking you to my superior and see if knows anything about your circumstances,” Hotarumaru tells her.

Then suddenly…

“How art thee faring?”


At the sudden appearance of a mysterious woman surrounded by white sparkles and talking like someone from the era of Shakespeare, Neptune and Hotarumaru reacted.


“Yuki Miku! I knew that the appearance of snow had you involved!” Hotarumaru yells, bringing out his sword.

“It is not the timeth to confronteth thee. Farewell.” The suspicious individual, with the apparent name of Yuki Miku, unblinkingly dismissed the boy’s threat and vanished from the scene in a whirlwind of snow.

“Darn it, she got away,” Hotarumaru mutters in dissatisfaction, placing back his sword in its sheath.

“Whoa, who was that mysteriously suspicious individual? She vanished in the snow and stuff!” Neptune asks in a mixture of confusion and excitement.

“That was Yuki Miku. She’s a troublemaker in these shrine grounds,” Hotarumaru explains. “I’ll have to report to Master Mikazuki about her appearance… Oh, right. Speaking of which, I was going to take you to my superior. He’s been a protector of the shrine grounds for a long time, so he should know something about your situation.”


Hotarumaru lived alongside his fellow shrine protectors in a house not far from the shrine. The current master of the protectors of the shrine was Mikazuki.


…And he was most definitely not this guy.

“Hello. I am Monoyoshi, one of the protectors of the shrine. Don’t mind me. I’m just here to look good.”

As he was literally an impromptu addition to the props!


Now this tea-sipping man right here is Mikazuki. Why he seemingly had piles of manga in his possession was something Neptune questioned and his students had long accepted.


Mikazuki smiles. “Ah, Hotarumaru. Welcome back. I see you’ve brought a girlfriend home. I knew you weren’t a completely hopeless case with girls after all.”


“That’s so great, Hotarumaru!” Monoyoshi cheers.


Overjoyed at the youngest protector’s successful love affair, the two men laughingly showered him with congratulatory remarks. Neptune found the situation and Hotarumaru’s face amusing, so she laughed along as well.

Hotarumaru could be heard sputtering protests in the background, but no one bothered to pay any attention to him. Poor kid.

(“NOT A KID!”)

After the ruthless teasing of the youngest shrine protector aside, Mikazuki decided to get serious and listened to Hotarumaru’s report regarding Yuki Miku’s appearance and Neptune’s sudden world travel.


“Yuki Miku… She is the goddess of winter of our world. Unfortunately, she has a nasty habit of toying around with the powers of the shrine for her own benefit, leading to her undesirable reputation. Yuki Miku may in fact be the instigator of your appearance in our world, but I’m afraid my knowledge of Yuki Miku is limited as well. If you wish to know more information about her, you must seek the goddess of spring. She and Yuki Miku are long acquaintances of each other.”

“More like rivals, actually!”

“…Monoyoshi, I have the need to ask. Just what direction have you been staring at this entire time?”


And so, to seek exposition elsewhere, Hotarumaru led Neptune to the area where the goddess of spring resided.


Heeeeeelllloooo, there! I am the goddess of spring! Call me Haru!” The goddess cheerfully introduces with loud enthusiasm, waving her sparkle-infested newspaper wand around in the air.


“Spring goddess! We have come here to ask for your knowledge regarding Yuki Miku and the appearance of this otherworldly girl!” Hotarumaru calls out.

“Ah, Yuki Miku?! Is that cold-hearted goddess up to no good again?!” Haru exclaims.

“Yeah, she apparently transported me into this world filled with super good-looking sword guys!” Neptune replies back, nonchalance completely undiminished.

“WHAT-!” Hotarumaru was sputtering again.

“– Yes, I agree! The shrine protectors are most certainly good-looking!”

“S-SPRING GODDESS?!” By the shrine spirits, Hotarumaru gaped, she was a fangirl too?!

“Anyway! Yuki Miku must have broken the seals to the shrine again!” The goddess says in a carefree tone as if she was all too used to this incident, “She must have used the shrine’s strong spiritual powers to mess with another world – again! Thankfully for you, little girl, this isn’t the first time she’s brought someone else from another world! And not the first time I’ve had to send a poor lost soul back, either! The process of sending you back is very simple! We take you back to the shrine, you just think of your world, and you’ll be good to go!”

“Uh, but that’s the thing…” Neptune says uneasily. “I don’t have any memories of my world.”

The goddess Haru promptly toppled off her flying fish. Hotarumaru gaped at Neptune.

“You have no memories of your world?!” Hotarumaru exclaims.

Neptune bobs her head in agreement, smile still in place. “Yep! As soon as I woke up in the world, I couldn’t recall anything about my world! Not a bit!”

“And you neglected to tell this crucial detail, why?!

“Duh, Maru-Maru, memory loss, remember?”

“I’m pretty sure you said you had amnesia – not brain damage!” Hotarumaru looked done.

“Ahem,” Haru cleared her throat to call the attention of the two, “Without your memories, you won’t be able to go back to your world. Buuuut… Thankfully for you, under ‘The Celestial Guidebook of Human Relations for Imbecile Gods and Goddesses’; curing wayward humans of their amnesia is also within our preparations! Scattered among the nations are blank, mystical photographs that reveal a part of the holder’s memories! That should help you!”


“Alright! That’s totally convenient!” Neptune cheers. “But wait… why do the magical photograph thingies got to be scattered all over the place?”

“As it turns out, bombarding an amnesiac with all of their memories from the get-go can overwhelm a human to the point that either they go comatose or make their heads explode! Especially when they had horrific pasts! So we figured we’d place them separately for gradual memory recovery instead. And besides, all the humans like the adventuring, right? So it’s win-win!” Haru cheerfully explains.

Not the ones who nearly died in their adventuring… Hotarumaru inwardly laments.

And with a burst of pink sparkles that all goddesses seem to have, Haru vanishes from their sight.



“So, apparently all I gotta do is find all those magical photograph things and my memories should come back! Then everything will be A-OK!”

“Sigh… and I suppose I have no choice but to accompany you.”

“Whoa, really, Maru-Maru?! That’s so nice of you! D’aww, don’t tell me you like me after all!”

It’s not that! This journey isn’t completely safe for one person to do, and obviously because you don’t know anything about our world you can’t be going around with no idea where to go! So it all falls under me to help you!”

“Ohh, I see. Well, thanks anyway, Maru-Maru!”

“Sigh… And wait, who’re you calling ‘Maru-Maru’?!”

“It’s your nickname, obviously! Geez, you’re pretty slow, Maru-Maru.”

“That’s not the point!”


And so, with a reluctant Hotarumaru by her side, Neptune travelled around the various nations in search for the convenient-inconveniently placed photographs that would restore her memories of her world.



Once Neptune had finally recovered all memories of her world, the two headed back to meet with the spring goddess Haru to tell her of the good news.

While initially elated and immediately agreed to accompany them to the shrine to prepare for the ritual to send Neptune back home, Haru’s normally unabashedly cheerful behaviour had made way into an upset frown.

“Still, that Yuki Miku…! She’s gone too far, now! She made someone lose their memories out of interfering with otherworldly matters again! This time, I’ll be sure to teach her a lesson!”

No one had the strength to tell the goddess enraged with righteous fury on how Neptune most likely ended losing her memories due to sleeping on the magical disk thing while it was snowing.



And so Haru went to confront Yuki Miku, who still had the shrine area under her control. Neptune and Hotarumaru had tagged along, with the intention to cheer on the spring goddess and hopefully witness what may be an epic clash of two seasonal goddesses.

“Yuki Miku! I’ve tolerated your antics long enough! GO FORTH, MY MAGICAL STICK THING!

Yuki Miku, as unflappable as ever, merely stared at Haru as if she was the dumbest thing she ever laid eyes on.


“Art thee very much yond no more brain than stone? Wherefore wouldst thee fain cometh square me at the domain wh're I am currently the strongest?”

Yuki Miku proceeded to shoot out a massive ice spear, effectively hitting Haru in the face. The sheer cold was enough to make her instantly sick on the spot.


“Ugh… cough, cough! No way…! I… lost…?!”

Haru, severely weakened, knew that being the mature, responsible goddess she was, had no choice but to accept defeat.


“Cough, cough… I do not think I can go on any longer… I leave this to you, chosen ones.”

“Whoa! We’re chosen ones?!” Neptune exclaims eagerly.

“No, I just said it to make you feel important.” Neptune’s smile froze on her face, while Hotarumaru started to question his faith for the first time in his life.

And with those encouraging words, Haru vanishes from the scene, leaving trails of pink behind.


Seeing how their fate was literally dumped to their hands, Neptune decides to approach Yuki Miku and attempt to talk with her like civilized people they are supposed to be.

“Stand ho. If 't be true thee planeth to convince me the 'rr'r of mine own ways through thy ‘main charact'r speech’, then I shall sayeth in advance of how hilding and predictable such things art with me,” Yuki Miku interrupts Neptune before she could even open her mouth.

“I shalt bewray mine own reasoneth f’r summoning thee to our world.

All of this did occur…

…under the whims of two fangirls who simply had nothing else better to do.


Neptune stared.

Hotarumaru gaped.


– END –

Also, bonus!
(During the photoshoot, an inevitable shipping between Nendoroids had ensued)



Apologies for any of the OOC-ness it was all part of the comedy

Also sorry if any of the ancient speak was butchered in any way I just used a translator for this and I'll gladly edit any inaccuracies

...Ehhm, we had fun doing this together, so I hope any of you had fun reading this too? ^^;
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Thank you, everyone! For appreciating our story. It means a lot to us. X3
And I am really grateful that our work was not in vain! X3
2 anos atrás
ChocolateSpider2 anos atrás#31447877How deliciously random and cute. I hope to see more in the future. :D

Uwaaah, ChocolateSpider-san! I never thought you'd be able to comment, haha! >W< I browsed some of your fun bonus comics along with your figure or loot posts a year ago, so I'll admit that posting this was partly inspired by yours! Reading and doing figure stories is surprisingly fun, so we do look forward to making more in the future! ^^ Thank you for enjoying it!
2 anos atrás
solluxcaptor2 anos atrás#31447876This was really cute and creative! I loved the faceplates you used on Neptune

Thank you so much for enjoying it! X3 Nendoroid Yune was planned to be included in this story as well, but we never got the chance to give her a role but at least one of her faceplates ended up coming in handy, haha! The other one was from Mikazuki's ^^
2 anos atrás
Lehst2 anos atrás#31447814Yay ! a photostory!
I keep thinking of all the photoshoots I want to do, or ones I shot but haven't edited yet. x3 Super cool to see this. makes me want to finish one maybe someday orz.
The photos were so nice! and dynamic. the story was really funny lol.

Yay, thank you! We're so glad you liked the photos and enjoyed the story! >W< I have Panjora's photo application to thank for the fun effects we experimented with in this photoshoot hahaha! XD I love reading photo stories, so I'll be looking forward if you ever get to post one, haha!
2 anos atrás
Pinokkio2 anos atrás#31447750When will the next 29 volumes be released

I-I wasn't aware that this was actually a 30 volume series, uwahahaha... XD

Still, we're really happy that you liked it! We do look forward to making more photostories like this in the future! Hopefully we'll be able to hit the 30 volume mark, hahaha! XD
2 anos atrás
Panjora2 anos atrás#31441214Finally. X3 Good job to us, I guess? X3

(I'm guessing this is how you reply, lol? XD)

YEAH! I didn't want our effort to have gone to waste lol XD We literally spent a whole day in the summer heat for this hahahaha
2 anos atrás
How deliciously random and cute. I hope to see more in the future. :D
2 anos atrás
This was really cute and creative! I loved the faceplates you used on Neptune
2 anos atrás
Yay ! a photostory!

I keep thinking of all the photoshoots I want to do, or ones I shot but haven't edited yet. x3 Super cool to see this. makes me want to finish one maybe someday orz.

The photos were so nice! and dynamic. the story was really funny lol.
2 anos atrás
Pinokkio Want to be free!
When will the next 29 volumes be released
2 anos atrás
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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