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    lightningmaid 不思議な
    I do check Anichart whenever we're close to a new anime season, but I don't really look forward to any figures from series. I'll wait and watch who I like, but still I don't really think of a future figure. An exception is of course if I like the character so much, I do hit up MFC and check for any figures in the making.
    10 meses atrás
    A figure from one of Netflix's latest anime would be cool! Like Koku from B: The Beginning.

    A.I.C.O was great as well but it's can be difficult to make figures out of the characters.
    10 meses atrás
    I more-so look at the upcoming shows and think "Oh, that character looks nice I hope I like the show, them, and then they get a figure." Lol. I will start a show if I see a figure I like though.
    10 meses atrás
    I check MAL frequently, but when I'm checking out the next season's shows, I never really look at a new show and think about the figures that could come from it. :>
    10 meses atrás
    Looking forward to the new Full Metal Panic more than anything and I'd love to see the Mecha get released and a new Chidori and a Teletha Testarossa figure.

    More Beatless figures is something I'd love to see too, I'd love to see a Kouka and the other HiE's get figures released too.
    10 meses atrás
    Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
    Beyblade is still alive? Wow.

    I'd like a figure of the main protagonist of Golden Kamuy and some more figure love for Beatless.
    10 meses atrás
    I'm expecting some Violet Evergarden figurine eventually
    10 meses atrás
    Most shows that capture my attention and make me want merch of them (can't fork out for every moderately decent show out there) rarely get figures, it seems. I'm not alone in having wanted a Kobayashi nendoroid from Dragon Maid, any I'd still kill for any figures from Monster Musume (apart from Miia whomst I still really want despite her QC issues because she's all we've got).
    Even great, long-running shows like Natsume Yujinchou took a little while to get good figures and only Alter's is a 'mainstream' release (he's gorgeous though). Galko-chan was a really lucky example of a great character who got a decent handful of figures compared to the amount of screen time she has.

    I feel there's a handful of shows each season that get 'picked' for figures, but in general there's not all that much going on in your options, which is unfortunate. I find I personally get more excited about announcements based on artworks than season trends.

    I'm not complaining too much tho. I'm really happy with the announcement of Yurucamp nendoroids this year at wonfes, since me and my housemate adore it!
    10 meses atrás
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