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The Shelf Tour Vol.1
[Picture and text heavy + Some crappy photography]
(Vol.1 because I still have to organize some stuff...)

So... I have been collecting for about 2 and a half years now... And I am a bit ashamed to admit that it took me nearly as much to find the time and space to actually get myself proper display cases. I had to rearrange almost my entire room to find the space needed, which took about three months to do and a year and half in planning alone. I checked a bunch of local furniture stores, as well as online stores and even contacted a local store for ordering a custom display case... I checked every possible option there was and after some discussing I still ended up getting some regular old Detolfs, just because... They are still the cheapest and most affordable option out there that is effective enough to do the trick and not cost a small fortune. So yeap... There is that. Getting said Detolfs was a small adventure in itself but that is a story for another day.

And yeah, I have always had a rough idea how I want to display my figures and which will look good if put together, and while arranging them is quite a bit of fun, it is still super tricky. Plus it is a process that never actually ends. And as your collection continues to grow it only gets tricker... But, you don't really need me to tell you all this, as I am sure the majority of you already have said display cases, so you know quite well what I am talking about. It never ends.

But, as someone who is ultra-duper proud with their collection, I just could not keep delaying writing about my display any longer. (I just need to brag a little bit... Please, forgive me! >.<)

So, starting from the top.
My Card Captor Sakura trio from Kotobukiya. I wanted to display them together so badly that I kind of overlooked the part that there is no freaking way for the three of them to fit into a single Detolf shelf. Ever. I love how they look next to each other, but with the massive wings on both Sakuras, just... nope... Putting them on top was the only real option. I am not a fan of having them out in the open and I am super paranoid about the dust, so I kind of have to dust them every few days... But they still look awesome together, so I regret nothing!

Next is the Grail shelf... Kinda... Or the orange-yellowish-white shelf? Okay. Belldandy is the Ultimate Grail, but putting her by herself felt lonely, so I put two of my most favorite Touken Danshi to keep her company. Yeah, I kind of ruined my original Touken Ranbu shelf... And at first I was only testing out how they will look together, but as soon as I put them like this, I though - Okay, this actually works! So, know they are kind of stuck together...
Oh, and in case you are wondering how "the original Touken Ranbu shelf" looked like, here is a spoiler for you.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/14/1943430.png
They were arranged like this until pretty recently. I think it has been only about a week since the new arrangement is in place. Anyway... Moving on...

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/14/1943353.png
The 7th Dragon shelf, also known as the Miwa Shirow shelf.
Ah, I love these ladies! Not to mention that this version of Miku, kind of started my addiction to her figures. She is the first Hatsune Miku figure I ever got and to be honest she is still kind of my favorite. She is also super charismatic and you can put next to her basically everything and it will still look great! Apart from that for now these are the only 7th Dragon figures I have, but I plan on getting a few more, so we will see how the shelf will turn up eventually. I doubt it will remain as only one shelf, but for now they look awesome together and I love them!

The Kuroshitsuji shelf. This one is easy. I debated for a long, long time which versions of Sebastian and Ciel I want, but I am happy I decided to settle for these. The two of them plus Undertaker are easily one of the best figures to come out of Koto's ARTFX J line, at least in my opinion. They are super well made and almost flawless. Grell is another story, but he completes the set nicely. You may notice Sebastian and Ciel are missing some props on the picture. Do not worry, they are there. I just like to remove them while moving things around as I do not want to loose them. And looks like I took the picture before putting them back. Haha... Ooops! >.<

The Vocaloid shelf... Again super easy. Plus, they are all blond, they are all dressed in a kind of similar fashion and they all have white and black bases. Color-wise this is the perfect shelf, kinda. They are also super easy to display without any risers. It is just a little bonus that all the figures, just happen to also be Vocaloid characters. Thou, I am not sure if they still classify ONE as a Vocaloid? This IA version is also one of my Grails. The 2nd Grail ever I managed to get, and I am super happy I have her.

Okay. This is kind of random... I decided to call it the shiny-blue-purple shelf... At least for now. It is also kind of empty, as these three fill barely half of it. I left it like this as I am getting ready for MegaHouse's Lelouch and Suzaku figure (ITEM #574524) and I am hopping to may be display Orange Rouge's Juzumaru (ITEM #549349) with them at some point. I think they will fit quite nicely with Shadow Wing and Clare as they also have metallic, shiny and purple parts on them. Clare is the 1st Grail I managed to get and she is also the oldest figure I own. To think I had even completely given up hope of ever getting her at one point. But being as shiny as she is she kind of stands out in my collection as there is no other figure quite like her. So I am hopping this will change soon, as she and Shadow Wing look quite good together and with the other boys that are to come I may finally have a balanced color scheme. And Jiji is just pretty no matter where you put him.

The... Mystic shelf? Okay, not really. I am just calling it that as both Natsume Yuujinchou and Mononoke are series that deal with the supernatural and the occult. I am well aware this will turn into a solely Natsume Yuujinchou shelf at some point, especially with the new Natume figure by Aniplex. I do not know where I will display Kusuriuri then as he also stands out a bit more than the rest, but I will think about that when the time for it comes.

The black and red shelf. Also called the bad-ass shelf. These three are together, firstly because I am yet to get them partners and because, yes, they are all colored mainly in black and red. I have to agree at first I did not particularly like how they looked together, but then kind of got used to it. Now I can not imagine to ever have to separate them. But I will. As I am yet to get Koto's Roy Mustang figure (ITEM #463457). And Lavi will probably look super awesome next to Anyplex's Allen and Kanda (ITEM #460687, ITEM #460688).

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/14/1943360.png
Originally, Kaneki was part of the black and red shelf. Then Ed arrived and he had to move to the Durarara Shelf. I am not sure how to call it right now... The black shelf, as they are mostly dressed in black? Or the bad-ass shelf vol.2? Here is a curious thought... Who do you think will win in a fight between Celty+Shizuo and Kaneki? I don't know why but I am betting my money on the Durarara team. May be that is why when I moved Kaneki I also changed his head. Before that he was displayed with the extra unmasked head. May be I though he will be at a disadvantage against the likes of the monster that is Shizuo, so yeah... Random thoughts... Sorry.

The idol shelf, also known as the pink shelf. Why? Because they are a bunch off idols dressed in pink and white? Why else... IA Rocks, Miku and Shou are kind of made for each other! Izaya is actually not mine. I just happen to have this ultra awesome and generous friend that lets me keep some of her figures while I get my own... so... You can say Izaya is just reserving the spot until I can get my own Psychedelic Izaya. Another curious thought. My sister actually thought all the figures on this shelf are from the same series. Little did she know that they are NOT from the same series, but they are also from different manufacturers. Hah!

The next pictures will get extra crappy, as the lowest shelves of the Detolfs are practically on the floor and no light reaches them no matter how many lights I lit up. When you add the fact that my room is pretty dark to begin with, taking decent pictures becomes quite the challenge.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/14/1943355.png
The flag/basketball shelf... Flags, because Tachikoma and Miku are both holding flags... And the Kuroko boys are self-explanatory. I had quite the challenge with this one, as you know how hard it is to display something on those shelves to begin with. This happened kind of by accident, as I was trying to come up with a display that looked good while I was sitting on the floor. But silly me... This Detolf is right next to my chair and when I look at it, I actually see that shelf from above... so when I changed my perspective this came up. It may not look good on the picture, because - eye level, but believe me, when you look at it from above it is perfect. Yeah, I will move Miku eventually, as I will probably make myself a Racing Miku shelf once all of my pre-orders arrive. And Kise is once again not mine. But for now, this is actually one of my most favorite set ups.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/14/1943359.png
The actual Natsume Yuujinchou shelf. Plus, kind of like a Nyanko-sensei shrine... Because Nynko is love! And again, they look super good when you look at them from above. Almost like they were meant to be. This is the only display that has stayed the same ever since I put up my Detolfs and to be honest I don't think I will ever change it.

To finish up, here is mine Hanairogoromo Display.
They sit in my old wooden display case together with the other figures that just do not fit into the Detolfs yet, which I am also not going to show you... cause lighting... and super ultra crappy pictures. I have this idea where I want to display there sets of figures that also go with a certain background on each shelf. It is an idea that I just do not see fitting into a Detolf, plus the Hanairogoromo set up is the only one that is kind of ready to be shown. I have just enough space left for Len and Rin at the back, behind Luka and it will be complete! I love this set so much! And I can't wait to get all of them!!

And thus, the long tour is concluded...
Thank you to whoever had the patience to reach to the end and read all my random thoughts on displays. Hope you enjoyed reading and as always comments are more than welcomed. See ya! ^^
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you should do an overall shot of the detolf! :D

I must say each individual shelf looks great; the figures you put together really suit each other!

You are right about rearranging a detolf, though; it is a lot trickier than you would first think. I am lazy lately and haven't moved stuff around in mine in a long time, but this post sort of makes me want to? Even though it'll be a pain in the butt, ahah...
2 anos atrás
you've got some really cool figures! the Struggle is real to find display cases and stuff, but the way you've used the detofs is really good! i love the backdrop on the last picture!
2 anos atrás
nice setup. I have also recently start packing and manage to squeeze one little space for some of my figure. still trying to determine who to go in though.
2 anos atrás
Plams2 anos atrás#31504396Thank you all for the kind comments! ^_^
The new Natsume figure is this one: ITEM #656936

OHMYGOD how did i miss that what the heck!! I’m so excited bc I’ve been in love w the series for so long. Now to wait for it to be painted :’))
2 anos atrás
FandomTrash2 anos atrás#31479619Woww, that was beautiful!! Wondering if you could link the new Natsume Aniplex figure, though? Thanks!!

Thank you all for the kind comments! ^_^
The new Natsume figure is this one: ITEM #656936
2 anos atrás
I love the way you've organised your display! I try to do a similar thing with mine, either by series or by colours.

and I know the pain with trying to plan these things out and getting display cabinets. I would love a custom one at some point too, like there are so many options with built in LEDs and non reflective glass, but I've also just gone with Detolfs for now lol
2 anos atrás
Woww, that was beautiful!! Wondering if you could link the new Natsume Aniplex figure, though? Thanks!!
2 anos atrás
Josine2 anos atrás#31477678You did a good job matching the figures that go well together :) Like it!
Though I'm missing an overview picture?

Thank you! And... Yeap, the overview picture went in the super-ultra-crappy pictures category as I couldn't take one decent enough. Sorry! >.<
2 anos atrás
I love your figures and how they are all arranged. Gorgeous!
2 anos atrás
My favorite is the pink/white shelf! I love that they're all different characters but fit together so perfectlyyyy
2 anos atrás
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