March Loot - BNHA Makes My Bank Account Cry [My first loot post]March Loot - BNHA Makes My Bank Account Cry [My first loot post]Loot

darkinsanity13darkinsanity132 anos atrás
I've started to get more active on here in the past couple months, doing things besides just adding stuff to my collection, so since I received a couple medium-sized orders this week, I thought I'd give a loot post a shot! Be forewarned, I tend to go on random tangents and explain myself more than strictly necessary :'D Nothing TMI! I just take a while to get to the point sometimes, so, uh, keep that in mind.

(Also, I apologize that several images are landscape instead of portrait; the image host I use doesn't give an option to change that. I'll find a way to fix it later.)

First up, this month's Amiami order!



To be honest, I've been aware of Amiami's existence for years, but I only started actually ordering from them last fall, beginning with a preorder for one of the items in this box because I was not gonna take my chances on the aftermarket on it. Not entirely sure what it was that was putting me off from it besides a weird preference to buy things from NA stores or at cons. Anyway, I did have orders in January and February arrive, but they were both relatively small so I never bothered making note of them. This one, however, cost me a bit of a pretty penny (Canadian dollar, why do you suck so much ;-;) so here I am showing off my spoils.


Here be the box opened up. Doesn't look like much, but I'm super excited because I've been anticipating two of the things in here more than anything else I've ordered from Amiami!


First up is item/639343! I got into MHA and collecting merch for it a little late (I think I started the series in May or June of last year? But I didn't start collecting merch until I went to Otakuthon at the beginning of August), and I absolutely adore Kirishima, so when I found out there were little mini plushies, I was so excited!...And then I discovered that they were dang near impossible to find for prices that were not outrageous by the time I was looking OTL They did rerelease the top 3 most popular characters (Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki), but alas Kirishima and the other Nitotan plushies were left out of that rerelease. Thankfully they've since announced another rerelease, this time with ALL the characters, so I leapt on that pretty fast (also preordered Bakugou and Uraraka because they're my third and fourth favourite characters...also because I ship the three of them together but that's not important shhhh). Can't wait for June.

BUT ANYWAY, point is, I was pretty bummed about not being able to get that Kirishima Nitotan, and then I was checking the twitter of this fanartist I follow and discovered they were releasing these larger Nitotans. Needless to say, I was like "no way in hell am I missing out on this", and immediately ordered one. SO GLAD I DID HE'S SO CUTE. Completely worth the wait.


These Nitotan plushies are different not just because they're larger, but also because you can take their sports jackets off! Not terribly exciting, but I think it's kinda cute. Plus it means it's easier to dress them up in other clothes :D Though I've got a fanmade fantasy AU Kiri plushie coming that's even better for that purpose, but that's neither here nor there


"Woah, who're you?!" "I'm you, but I can give bigger hugs!" "Oh awesome, that's so manly!"


"I'll kill him." "Bakugou no, don't kill bigger me!"

Sorry couldn't help myself. Moving on!


Second thing is two sets of entry/143174! See, I really love ouendan outfits. I love their aesthetic, much more than regular Western cheerleading outfits because they're sleek and simple and don't give me flashbacks to high school. I kid. Mostly. I also like how they're all about enthusiastic shouting and waving about and banging drums, it's all very manly! Kiri you're rubbing off on me. Anyway, much like the Nitotan plushies, I discovered too late that there were these vinyl straps (ENTRY #121754) featuring 8 of the kids in ouendan outfits, and so finding a complete set for the original market price has been impossible. Then they announced these acrylic charms and I could not help myself. Had to have them!

"But Nell, why two? Do you love the set that much?" Weeellllll, see, I'm actually not really the kind of collector to keep doubles ("the less for me, the more for fellow fans" is kind of my reasoning for that), and for several years I've sold some of my old stuff at Anime North's Nominoichi, which - if you don't know what that is - is basically a flea market for used anime/manga merch. I didn't go to AN at all last year, and I've had trouble drawing people to my table to actually get rid of stuff, so right around the time I was ordering these, I got the bright idea "well, why don't I just get more things to entice people to look?"...Yeah, there's a reason I never went into business, buying stuff to try and get rid of more stuff is not a very solid plan. So with that "genius" plan in mind, I bought two sets, because I had every intention of keeping a complete one for myself. I have some regrets.


Here's the unpacked set! Love 'em to bits.


The colours are rather pretty, plus I like the clear designs; I find they add an extra bit of pop to the charms!


I especially like how you can put Kirishima, Bakugou, and Kaminari together, with Kiri and Kami on either side of Bakugou facing either way, and their poses fit together quite nicely! This was likely the intention since they all have matching red hachimaki and tasuki (the sash around their shoulders, which ordinarily is used to pull up kimono sleeves to avoid them getting dirty/being in the way while doing things like housework but can also be used for decorative purposes like in this instance), but considering the other matching "sets" (white for Deku, Iida, and Todoroki; pink for Uraraka and Tsuyu) don't seem to have the same cohesion I just like this little bonus.


Uraraka's gungho pose is also very fun!


Last part of the order is entry/143889! This also kinda falls under the "buy shit to sell shit" impulse buy, though I thankfully reined myself in and did not order two sets of this (almost did though), mostly because I'm only keeping 4 out of 11 of them rather than the entire box. (Also, I also nearly had a heart attack because I opened the box for these charms and didn't find the exclusive Bakugou in it, but then I looked in the shipping box and it was there. Whew!)


The four I'm gonna keep! I was initially just gonna keep Kirishima (because fave), special Bakugou (because third fave and I love how violent he looks), and Yaomomo (because she looks so damn cute), but I changed my mind and decided to keep Uraraka as well. These are honestly just so adorable, Yaomomo especially! I like the rainbow that's in the background of all of them, it adds an extra bit of colour and fun to them! The rest of the charms are gonna be sold at the Nominoichi.

So that's it for the Amiami order!



I discovered the joys of proxy shopping when I stumbled on someone on Tumblr who had a Kirishima itabag with one of the ouendan BNHA vinyl straps I mentioned before, and I had to find out where they got it (because, as stated above, I really love the aesthetic of ouendan outfits). They kindly pointed me to Otamart and Yahoo Auctions Japan, and those two sites have been my saviours and downfall since.


So there's four orders consolidated in here, and I'm pretty excited for most of them! (That kinda sounds like I've been dreading something in there but it's more like I'm not as excited for it.)


First up, a continuation of the ouendan saga. When I first went on Otamart hunting for the vinyl straps, I didn't have much success, but I DID find someone selling an almost complete set of the chibi rubber straps (ENTRY #133373) which - at the time - had been released recently; the only one missing was Todoroki. Back then, I didn't really care, because while I have nothing against Todo he's not really high on my list of faves, and looking around he was being sold for at least twice more yen than the rest of them, so I figured I'd get him later. Fast forward to the beginning of this month, where I saw someone selling a bunch of Todoroki merch (strangely it showed up in the Kirishima tag on Otamart), and they were selling two of the ouendan chibi straps for only ¥750 each! Not wanting to miss my chance for having a complete set, I nabbed one of them. The only catch was that the seller wanted a set of these Jump Shop buttons bought alongside it, but I went ahead with it figuring I could resell the set. Worth it. I'm happy to finally have the complete set!


Ta-da! Kiri's missing because he's chilling on my itabag, but the gang's all here! Corkboard needs to be reorganized; my original arrangement didn't account for a sudden explosion of BNHA merch, so I no longer have room for both my collection of charms/keychains/rubber straps and my collection of buttons/can badges.


Second order (lol) of business. I had ordered three packs of the fantasy straps (ENTRY #143017) from the TOHO Animation store in hopes of getting at least Kirishima, Bakugou, and Uraraka. I got Kirishima, I got Uraraka, I did not get Bakugou. I was a little salty, because at least if I'd gotten Bakugou but not Uraraka, I would've been able to find Uraraka for cheap. Same happened with the can badges (ENTRY #142750) I also got (twice the salt), but a couple weeks after I found an auction selling five of the badges including Bakugou for just a little over the original market price, so huzzah! Finding the rubber strap was a bit more difficult. Luckily, I did find an Otamart listing including it for a relatively small markup, and the only stipulation was also buying something else from the same listing. Of the items available, the only thing that caught my eye was the Froppy+Sirius can badge (ITEM #632466), so I went for it. Happy I did! Now I have a complete KiriBakuUra fantasy trio in both the badges and the straps :D On the fence about keeping the badge. It's cute, but I'm not sure if it's cute enough for me to keep. Likely going on the Nominoichi pile, and if it doesn't sell then I'll keep it.

Continuing on to the third and last Otamart order, but not the last part of this package! As I previously mentioned in this article, Kirishima is my favourite BNHA character, with Bakugou and Uraraka being my third and fourth faves respectively. Who's my second fave then?


It's Amajiki Tamaki, a.k.a. Suneater! If you've only watched the anime, you don't know who he is yet, but I love him to bits. My sweet Anxiety Sasuke. Of course, since he's currently a manga-only character and relatively minor, he has next to zero merch of him. To be honest, I wasn't really expecting anything of him for a while since it's unlikely he's even going to show up in the third season of the anime, but then Jump Festa happened and the Jump Shop released an exclusive set of can badges...which included one of my boy Suneater (ITEM #651590). Needless to say, I was like "GOTTA HAVE IT", but alas, because it was both exclusive to JF *and* came in blind packs, the few people selling him were putting massive markups on him. Sad :( I decided to be patient and wait, hoping that maybe there would be a general rerelease or the prices would start dropping, and my patience was rewarded; Jump Shop recently made the buttons available for general sale - still in blind packs, but at least accessible to more people - and some wonderful soul on Otamart decided to sell several of the badges they bought for the original market price, and I swear I just about cried from joy.


They also had fantasy Kirishima (ITEM #651584), so I decided to take that too. They did have the condition that two other "unpopular" buttons had to be bought with Suneater, and another with Kirishima, so I chose Jirou (ITEM #651585), Uraraka (ITEM #651582), and Tsuyu (ITEM #651583). I'm gonna keep Jirou and Uraraka, but I don't think I'll keep Tsuyu. I like Tsuyu, she's adorable, but I'm not a huge fan of her fantasy outfit and she's not that high on my list of faves. Jirou, on the other hand, has risen on my fave character ranking thanks to the latest arc in the manga, and I do like her outfit and her aesthetic in general. Uraraka is kind of a given, though by keeping her I'm tempted to hunt down the fantasy Bakugou from the set; FML.


Not gonna lie, I wasn't suuuuuper invested on hunting ENTRY #141430 down, but there's someone I know on Tumblr who does group orders for factory extras (I know, factory extras are kind of a grey area in terms of whether or not they're bootlegs, but let me finish) that had Kirishima from this set available, and I thought "why not, event exclusive, I had my fun (not) hunting down the JF exclusive KiriBaku Nitotan plushies, so a couple won't hurt". Unfortunately Bakugou and Uraraka were not available, which since I've been on a crusade to make a Kirikacchako itabag, made me want to hunt them down. Then I came across a auction selling the complete official set for ¥5000, and I was like "welp". I recieved the factory extra just last week, so I'll be keeping that one (since I'd feel iffy reselling it) as well as Uraraka and Bakugou, and the rest are destined for the Nominoichi.




I am a sucker for artbooks. I don't have a whole lot of them, but generally if I'm really into a manga/anime series, I want to get the artbook to admire all the illustrations and see the comments the artists have on them all. I came across the first Pandora Hearts artbook by coincidence; I had gone to get something from my dorm room between classes at college one day, and I walked back into the college building to find a crowd of people and several tables of artbooks and how-to-draw books lining the hallway. Intrigued, I looked around, and then my eyes fell upon it. At the time, my brother and I were both into the series, my brother moreso than me since he's a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. So immediately I texted him telling him what I'd found, saying I was on the fence about buying it. He replied with "if you don't want it, buy it for me and I'll pay you back", to which I was like "screw it I'm buying it for me". So I did. Wonderful purchase, Mochizuki Jun's artwork is breathtaking, and all things considered I think I appreciate it just a sliver more than my brother would have. He's not really an artbook guy.

Then recently while looking through MFC trying to find an idea for birthday presents for my brother since it's coming up, I discovered that a second artbook - ITEM #297005 - was published ("Hey Nell, what kind of rock are you living under?" How 'bout you stfu), and, well, I couldn't help myself. Ninoma said they had it new, the price was reasonable, so I bought it. Ended up getting tickets for the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra for my brother instead mostly because I also wanted to go since the show in Toronto happens to be the week after my birthday, so it's kinda an early/late happy birthday to myself too, and now I have both of the Pandora Hearts artbooks.


That's it for now! I don't know when I'll next make one, if at all; maybe I'll combine April, May, and June since I'm bound to spend a bunch at AN at the end of May and I've got smaller Amiami orders coming in for each of those months. Hope my rambling didn't annoy too many of you :'D If you're interested in any of my extras and you're gonna be going to Anime North, come check out my table at the Nominoichi! Reservations don't open until April 8th, so there's no guarantee I'll get a table, but I've gotten in every other year I've gone and decided to sell, so I have high hopes. I'll be posting my full inventory on the AN forums once I get my table number, but feel free to message me here if you'd like to reserve anything to be picked up. If I don't sell everything, I'll likely start making ads here on MFC and other places, though bear with me because I've never sold anything online before, so I'll have things to figure out @_@
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Nice haul, everything is so cute! I love Bakugou's AmiAmi bonus for the pita charms and the whole set really. I ended up pre-ordering them through Animate for Todoroki's exclusive version so I can't wait to get them!
2 anos atrás
Ahh all the Hero Academia merch! I'm SO mad at me for not getting the training attire Kirishima plushie (only pre-ordered Bakugou and Midoriya) but seeing how cute he turned out has me jealous! I've also pre-ordered the pita rain collection keychains, that exclusive Bakugou is adorable! Really excited to get my amiami order~
2 anos atrás
the merch looks so great! i’ll be at anime north this year, hope you’ll get a table!! :)
2 anos atrás
Yesssss MHA merch breaks my bank also... I adore Bakugou, but getting him is a pain. I loved the set with them in the cheering attire, but since I legit only wanted Bakugou, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a box T-T Jealous of your haul!!
2 anos atrás
darkinsanity132 anos atrás#31817048I am not in any discord like that, so funny coincidence! It's not a weird question at all, because now it has me curious about this discord :o I'm pretty new to the whole itabag thing, so I'd be interested in seeing what bags other people have and what kind of discussions go on.
It's a public discord but I'll PM you :D
2 anos atrás
solluxcaptor2 anos atrás#31816982Nice loot!
Are you by any chance in the itabag discord? Hope that isn't a weird question but someone there posted a bunch of the same items today that you posted and you did mention your itabag, but the pictures were different. If it's not you, apologies and nevermind! Just curious. If it is, I'm the Kaiba itabag girl.

I am not in any discord like that, so funny coincidence! It's not a weird question at all, because now it has me curious about this discord :o I'm pretty new to the whole itabag thing, so I'd be interested in seeing what bags other people have and what kind of discussions go on.
2 anos atrás
Nice loot!

Are you by any chance in the itabag discord? Hope that isn't a weird question but someone there posted a bunch of the same items today that you posted and you did mention your itabag, but the pictures were different. If it's not you, apologies and nevermind! Just curious. If it is, I'm the Kaiba itabag girl.
2 anos atrás
hicks162 anos atrás#31816610Loved all your loot! If you're ever interested, there's a BNHA Selling Group on Facebook! There's lots of people who sell BNHA merch and it's easier to buy from them then through a proxy and they have exclusive merch also like the JF can badges you showed!
Oh, I'll check that out then! Thanks for telling me!
2 anos atrás
Loved all your loot! If you're ever interested, there's a BNHA Selling Group on Facebook! There's lots of people who sell BNHA merch and it's easier to buy from them then through a proxy and they have exclusive merch also like the JF can badges you showed!
2 anos atrás
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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