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  • "And yeah, technically she does not really approve of my collection. Yeah, she sees it as a huge waste of money. But apart from all that there is also this aspect of it, where while not truly understanding my collection my mom is actually pretty curious about it. Which I know is a bit of a contradiction, but still true.

    Whenever I get a new figure she always wants to see it and comment on it. When I got my display cases and while they were getting put together my mom was actually more excited than me to see how they are gonna look. She could not imagine how a fully lit up and arranged display case will look like, so when I finally put all the figures and installed all the lights, she was twice as excited as me. She said that the whole thing looked interesting and unique. And she even joked that she should start to charge neighbors an entering fee when coming in to look at my figures. She also said that my room looked like a museum. Museum of wasted money, but still a museum.

    And believe it or not, my mom actually has favorites among my collection. As I said she does comment on every single one I get, as she sees all of them the moment I get them. And her opinions are pretty interesting, despite not knowing or understanding anything about anime figures in general."

    It's funny because it looks like you're actually talking about my mom, she's acting as yours. She's always there when I get my new figures and comments about them. As a huge Naruto fan, I began to order figures from that anime (mostly Xtras from Tsume at that time), then she thought that all the figures I was getting were from Naruto...
    When I got ITEM #617333, her reaction was "WOW, she really has big boobs. Is she Naruto's girlfriend?" when I agreed she said it was obvious and Naruto sure knows what he's doing haha
    I remember her admiring ITEM #189856, which was the first scale I got (and she laughed at me when I was struggling to close his jacket...). She likes ITEM #166977 and ITEM #166978, saying that the motion impression is great. She also likes my Nastume Yuujinchou figures, saying they're giving a peaceful feeling. As a huge animal lover, she loved ITEM #331503 for his fox, and was excited to see ITEM #636745 as she remembered me watching Pokemon all day long when I was young. But her favourites in my collection are ITEM #595161 and ITEM #595162 because she thinks the transparent susanoos are cool and showing the brothers together is great.

    My dad isn't here when I get them, but sometimes he comes to my room to see my new acquisitions. ^^
    2 anos atrás
    My parents went through different stages

    S1. Excited to a certain extent [Ohh you collect these cute stuffs, look nice, etc...]

    S2. Indifferent when the amount of figures increases [Huh? Another one???]

    S3. Frowning now [When going to sell, so many figures already??]

    now usually is between S2 & S3, kinda sadden me abit as they see my figures as an investment, something to earn money out of. They dun see the me treating them as treasure part.
    2 anos atrás
    Pinokkio Want to be free!
    If you cant win, than join them. Maybe you mother will one day also collect figures ;P
    2 anos atrás
    Thats really awesome, I feel like your mom will not be against it at all in the future. Or maybe she already isnt :) I live with my grandparents.

    My grandpa silently supports, doesn't have anything positive or negative to say to me, but takes my side when someone says negative stuff (i.e. its her hobby, there's nothing wrong with it)

    My grandma is the one who says negative stuff lol. She thinks its all junk and a waste of money. When I get figures sometimes she says i need to stop and I'm wasting my money and being silly. I don't mind, I'll keep collecting.

    I'm just slightly nervous because I just recently purchased a pretty lewd figure. I mean, I have native's Aoba displayed (with the leather pants thing still on tho ;n;) and while she did comment and make a face it was nothing serious so my anxiety is probably not logical. I'll just display it and maybe she won't notice it or make a scene lol
    2 anos atrás
    I've been actively collecting since purchasing my first Nendoroid ooh...back in 2012? I was barely starting highschool that year, so I didn't have a job yet. All of my birthday/Christmas money was saved and spent on anime merchandise (mostly figures) and of course, my parents didn't enjoy the fact that I was "wasting" my money on this "useless" stuff. I was super into figure photography back then, so I kind of made them see the light with that, but eventually the complaints stopped after they realized how serious I was about not stopping, lol.

    Fast forward to senior year, when I actually got a job and started using my expendable income (what was left of it, anyways) on bolstering my hobby. Can't complain if it ain't your money, right? But for the most part, they've always been supportive in one way or another of my collection, and I'm glad for that! Your mother's story reminds me of my own and my grandmother (who legit just thinks they're all cute and for some reason thinks all the girls I have are related, lol).

    Thank you for sharing :)
    2 anos atrás
    Really liked to read this story, it made my smile-of-the-day! :D
    It seems your mother likes your figures more than she'll ever admit xD
    Would be pretty curious to hear about the repair story too!
    2 anos atrás
    Ahhh I'm jealous, I wish my mom was that cool with my collection (I also have a very large collection). She says that she doesn't mind, its my money, my space, so I can do whatever I want with it. But I constantly see the eye rolls, the hardcore side eye and slightly snide comments when I have my figures delivered. It's come to a point where my sister has started to help me out when I get packages, and I never even asked her to do it, she just took it upon herself because my mom complains so much about my hobby to her behind my back. My sister usually is home when the packages are delivered, so she hides them right in my room discreetly so my mom doesn't see. I think what bothers me the most is that my moms words and actions totally match up.
    My dad is no better, he doesn't say much, but usually goes for snide comments when I get packages. But he always loves to throw my collection in my face if I'm worrying about expenses and money from time to time. Like recently, I had to buy new glasses to upgrade my new prescription and I was commenting how expensive it was to pay for the two pairs, and as usual, he makes a snide comment along the lines of "Well don't buy anymore figures.. blah blah blah". I guess I just hate how my parents pass off my hobby as something that is frivolous, and almost make it out to be a 'phase' for me. It's disheartening because anime is such an important part of my life; I've been in this overall hobby for almost 15 years now (it's not a phase!).
    But bless my sister, she is like your mom. She has absolutely no interest in anime, collecting, etc. But she actually takes the time to listen to me rave about my new figures and collection, and is genuine in the interest she takes in learning about it, always asking questions etc. etc.
    2 anos atrás
    it was great to read your story about collecting and the influence your mom had on your hobby! i see several simmarities with my mom! hopefully you will be able to tell the repair story! :)
    2 anos atrás
    Your mum is nice even though my mum isn't fully supportive because she says again and again to stop wasting money on the figures. She has her own preferences like the Vocaloids over my other figures. However, she doesn't dislike any of them, well as for now...
    While my dad just says they're toys and rubbish! xdxdxd
    2 anos atrás
    You have a great mother. Even though she voices her initial disapproval, the fact that she actually pays attention to each of your purchases says a lot. I just checked your profile, and you have hundreds of figures. For your mom to check out each and everyone of them, or at least the ones you have on display shows how much she cares about you, and is in her own way understanding your point of view. That's something a lot of collectors would like from their parents. Me included. My Aunt (who's my parent/guardian) just told me a few hours ago to stop buying toys, and invest in something else (She said real estate) and it really sucks.
    2 anos atrás
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