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3 Pages of Figurines on MFC3 Pages of Figurines on MFC

OriginalRenOriginalRen10 meses atrásAsk MFC
After 6 years of hobby/figurine collecting, I have finally completed 3 full pages of (mostly) scale figurines on MFC's collection page. Truth be told, I guess it's not a huge accomplishment, but overall I'm pretty happy with reaching a point where I actually feel like the collecting I do has something to show for it.

So some questions for you:

1. What (if any) is a milestone you have reached or a goal you have recently accomplished when it comes to your personal hobby?

2. Is there ever a moment where you feel satisfied with what you own, or do you feel there is always more to be had?

3. Are there current goals/milestones you are still trying to accomplish in your hobby?

I look forward to some responses!
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Awesome collection! I am starting to approach 100 figures in my collection, and am already feeling excited about it.
10 meses atrás
1. I haven't had any milestones in my hobby just yet.

2. more to be had.

3. My goal is to own as many castoff figures as possible. that and, owning a rare figure.
10 meses atrás
1. I recently reached 5,000 items in my collection, for those listed in MFC at least.

2. Honestly, I felt more of burnt out than satisfied with that milestone.

3. I'm just hoping I will be able to fill in my collection with items I've been trying hard to get over the last few years.
10 meses atrás
Congratulations for your three pages !! ;D

1. Personal hobby level I do not have the feeling of having accomplished something special at the moment but each acquired figurine, is like a small victory for me! I choose them, or my best friend (who knows me by heart! <3) who offers me, with a lot of attention because money does not grow on trees, is not it ?! ;)

2. I think that as a real fan, we are satisfied with our new (and beautiful !!!) figurine but another will not be long in shining our eyes and we will absolutely! ;D

3. Not really ! I know that many make "collections" by anime but it is too expensive for me and it is complicated to find some figurines. So I take the ones that are most important to me and I try not to regret ... U_U ;) loooool

And hop, I hope my english will not be too bad ... ^^" Good luck to decrypt if not! Loooool x)
10 meses atrás
1) Completed collecting figures from every series that I've ever watched (and liked) / subbed within a ~3 month period (400+)

2) See #1

3) Clearing off my wishlist (the "few" stragglers remaining that I could not source / source reasonably)
10 meses atrás
1. I honestly don't have any real milestones.
I love my figures and I've tried selling the ones I don't want anymore.
Regardless, I still think I have too many but I don't keep track of when I get to 100, 200, 300 and so on.

2. I'm always pretty satisfied with my collection, but knowing my bad habits, I know there will always be something new I'll want to get my hands on.

3. I guess instead of milestones, all I have is the goals to one day finish my Little Tail Bronx collection or to get more or less everything on my figure wish-list. orz
10 meses atrás
1. Last summer I broke the 100 figure mark with ITEM #42054. I honestly never expected to get to this point, and it's still a little weird to think I have so many... (granted, a few of them are still at my parents' place, and the vast majority of those 100 are small trading figures... So, despite being 100+ figures, my collection takes up less space than you'd think!)

2. Right now, I'm a little of both... I feel satisfied with my collection and love it dearly--but now that more of my favorite characters are being made into figures (and i have space in my budget for them) I'm also still adding to it! I will probably keep growing my collection for a while yet, haha...

3. I have two long-term goals. One is to finally buy a nice display case or two so I can spread my collection out a little more. The other is to go through and decide which figures I'm less attached to, and weed things out a little bit. I did a LOT of impulse buying while I was on study abroad in Japan, and I could probably stand to declutter a little.
10 meses atrás
1) Simply aquiring some of my Grails, I guess.

2) I am satisfied with my current collection, but yeah, there's always more to be had.

3) First, buying a second Detolf; second, reaching 20 then 25 figures.
10 meses atrás
1. With the help of a late birthday present, I now have all the Seven Deadly Sins figures I wanted (this set of sins ENTRY #34312, not the other one)!

2. I don't currently feel the need to buy anymore, though that may be because I just bought a load in April and I've just got stung with two bootlegs from Yahoo Auction Japan, which puts a bit of a damper on the desire to spend more money :P

I'm sure I'll want to buy some more sooner or later, though I wouldn't mind if I didn't feel that way until next year!

3. I'm rapidly running out of cabinet space, so a new cabinet of some kind should probably be a priority. Otherwise, I'm thinking about acquiring some more Hyakka Ryouran girls, a few more BRS figs and maybe a Sansei Muramasa or two.
10 meses atrás
1. 50 figures! :) Also got some grails <3

2. Usually more to be had, but I appreciate what I've got

3. Having a whole room dedicated to figures/statues, garage kits, anime, and manga (which also means having enough figures to fill up a room tastefully)
10 meses atrás
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