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[NSFW]Takigawa Kotori - 1/7 (Kalmia Project)[NSFW]Takigawa Kotori - 1/7 (Kalmia Project)

Hey, fellow mfc-members and welcome
to yet another review! :3

This post will again be picture-heavy (well... duh)... Oh and NSFW, though the title should be an indicator already. x3

Today we'll have a look at Takigawa Kotori ITEM #454174, who is apparently a main character in the Nanairo Reincarnation VN. As you might've guessed already I didn't play the VN (nor do I ever plan to) and got the figure for looks alone. I really dig the mix of cuteness, sex-appeal and cheerfulness (but I'm getting ahead of myself...). (^~^)
The figure was made by Kalmia Project, a manufacturer I never even hear of before, but after seeing some pictures my initial doubts were blown away.

Anyway let's get to some actual reviwieng.^^
As usually I'll be starting off with the box. It is a fairly simple affair, see-through full-plastic (not that great when you have to open your package in front of the customs officer -_-), with just the name written on the front. There is a cardboard inlay inside the box featuring a yellow diamond-pattern on the inside.
The back shows a picture of the promo art the figure is based on.
This is actually one of the most minimalistic boxes I've seen so far and I'd almost venture to say that it is kind of negligent. But on the plus side it's very compact and won't take much space.^^
Of course the same is true for the blister, which does a proper job of protecting the figure. Kotori comes with an alternate 'bare' chest part which didn't get placed in the blister, but in a small plastic bag and an instruction sheet for switching the chest part. Tbh I'm can't say I'm fond of that decision, but since everything arrived in pristine condition I won't dwell on it.

Now for the first 360°...
You can already see that Kotori will look good from a number of angles. Her face, her chest and butt... she just looks pretty all around, so you're free to pick your favorite.

I'm strongly biased towards displaying her with her face visible, because it's just so cute and adorable with her cheerful expression and the big green eyes.

Now on to my biggest gripe, Kotori's hair. While I do think the sculpting is overall good. Especially the bangs, the different strands of hair in her twintails and how they look laxly tied in a cute way, there are quite a number of unclean spots. Granted you can only see them up close (just like the seam line above her bangs), but I'm a perfectionist. Even the fairly nice shading can't exactly redeem that impression. Besides those kinds of unclean spots can be found on the ribbons too, which is actually worse, because of the metallic paint. It just looks like the plastic needed some sanding down to even out those spots (can't really say though, since I'm not an expert). The headpiece on the other hand looks fine (both sculpt and paint), but not really remarkable (even with the shiny finish). It reminds me of a nurse's or cute bakery uniform though. (^・ω・^ )

Well speaking of ribbons the one tied around her throat is unfortunately no exception in terms of QC-issues and imo it also looks a bit lacking in detail. The part where her head separates from the body looks iffy too, but once you look at her from a bit farther away it's not all that noticeable anymore.
Kotori is wearing a ruffled bustier, that looks fairly nice, albeit a bit simple. I escpecially like the subtle golden glimmering finish on the pink part. Additionally the way her chest is bulging out seems natural, while not looking too uncomfortable and what's more it's really alluring. The only thing bothering me is that the gap where her chest part separates is a bit too visible.

Her cuffs fit the bustier and headpiece as they feature the same colors and types of frills. While they look good overall there are small scratches on one of them, wich I'm pretty sure I didn't create (didn't touch her there).
Another nice little detail are her sculpted and painted fingernails (though the paint is a tad bit blotchy).

I'm glad to report though that Kotori's bare body has some really nice shading and sculpting going for it and no flaws I could detect. Her belly and back just look drop dead gorgeous and I like how she is shapely instead of super-skinny. You can see that best looking at her belly.

Now for the cutest little bum (okay not that little x3). I'm usually not a fan of thongs, but there have to be exceptions somewhere and this is definitely one of them. First of all it's a cute one, adorned with the same type of decorated frill as the headpiece and cuffs, and another red ribbon (same complaint as for all the others though). Secondly and most importantly with a bum that well-rounded and shaped it'd be almost a crime to cover it more than necessary. (๑´ㅂ`๑)

Well her thong doesn't exactly look comfortable though, since under the ruffles it's a teeny tiny one.

Her legs are just as well-formed as the rest of her body and fit Kotori's overall physique. Subtle shading gives them a bit more depth (esp. at the knees) and the garter is a really nice addition to her outfit.

Taking a closer look at said garter there are a few small issues though. While the paint and creases look really nice, you can see some sloppy spots (again) like the seam between the red tie and the rest and the frills being a bit lumpy (particulary the white ones).

The shoes (mary jane's I think) on the other hand look quite good and the shiny lacquer finish gives them a really cute vibe. That the paint transition from skin to shoe isn't perfectly clean can be somewhat neglected, because you have to look really closely to see it.
Some might have noticed already that I didn't mention the base so far. It's just a plain semi-transparent circle with a bit of a wedge to attach Kotori, so I didn't think it necessary to dedicate a whole paragraph to it. It's just something to keep her standing, but doesn't add anything to the figure. I could also argue that it doesn't make your focus shift though. x3

Taking Kotori apart you exactly see how her chest part can be switched, which we'll obviously do now. x3

First let's do another 360° to appreciate her in her full glory...

In addition to having a great butt, Kotori is also quite busty (not overly so though). But if you pick a full frontal view her chest looks quite enormous (fortunately not balloon~isch).
Overall her chest looks quite soft and realistic, with the slightest of sags (reaching a certain size that's only natural if there's no silicon in it). I just really like the way her breasts seem to spill out of her bustier. Her nipples complement the 'soft' impression, while still being detailed enough (the light pink looks really good too).

Last but not least let's do some size comparisons (though my choices are still quite limited). Kotori is listed as a 1/7 figure, measuring 23cm, without the base she reaches 22,5cm, making the listing is fairly accurate. This would make her a 157,5 cm tall girl (though her posture is a bit bend), which while not knowing the character itself seems to a normal height for a lot of VN or anime girls.
As you can see she looks good next to other 1/7 figures, judging by the face proportions and her height, though obviously Nero dwarves her (not only due to the parasol). I'd say she is a fairly average 1/7 figure even if she looks a bit smaller (again I'd ascribe that to her bend pose).

Placing her next to 1/8 figures, it's more obvious that she is not such a small 1/7.

That being said it always depends on the figure. Placing her in my Detolf she doesn't look out of place with the other girls (in my eyes anyway), though it's a mix of 1/7's and 1/8's.


Okay, after taking a closer look there are quite a few details I could complain about and by rights I should. Those can't take the enjoyment away from me though. I dearly love this figure, the bright expression the right amount of sexiness and cuteness and the color-scheme, the more realistic bodily proportions, they all fit right into my preferences (even some I didn't even know of before). I also feel a slight pity for this little cutie, because she didn't get the all love she deserved (I mean just look at that box, what's that supposed to be...), so there you have it. x3

That's it for this review! Thanks for reading! ^^
Since I strive to improve my reviews and writing
I'd be really happy about some constructive criticism. :3
Of course any thoughts on the figure are very welcome too!^^
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Thanks for this review, she is so cute! <3 I especially love her thighs and until your review I did not notice how nice those wrist cuffs were!
1 ano atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
sledgehammah (1 ano atrás) #34490702Great pics and review. Thanks for sharing! :)
Thanks! Glad you like it. :3
I always have a lot of fun writing reviews too.^^`
1 ano atrás
Great pics and review. Thanks for sharing! :)
1 ano atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
atunafish (1 ano atrás) #34450044snipThank you! I'm quite happy with it too (who would've thought Shinobu would also fit that well with the others). :3
Most of those QC-issues are rather small not easy to see, but the number alone is a bit disturbing. It's really a matter if you can/want to live with it or not, still a pity she seems to be somewhat 'unloved' by the maker (I still lover her though). :/
Yeah, I've seen and considered that one too, but just like you the reviews made me refrain from purchasing her. That and seeing Kotori's QC-issues it's very unlikely I'll drop that amount of money (real pity though, she looks gorgeous on the promos).

xTAZORx (1 ano atrás) #34478783snipShe sure is and I'm really glad I caved and ordered her! :3
1 ano atrás
xTAZORx Diane Lover
I fell in love with when I first saw her, and once she arrived to me I confirmed she's utterly gorgeous!
1 ano atrás
i actually think she fits into your detolf very well!! .

she's really adorable, just sad that to see that it has so many QC issues :/

never heard of this manufacturer before, but thanks to this review i found a figure that i thought was interesting - ITEM #397121 (though the reviews for it isn't exactly promising.....)
1 ano atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
victorviper (1 ano atrás) #34414187snip
That's certainly one of the reasons I wanted to bring a bit of attention to her ever since I decided to order her. (^~^)
Well, nothing wrong with picking up a figure for looks, though ofc that depends on how much of a 'visual-type' you are.^^ Some googling a few weeks ago told me that she is a deredere-character though, which is cute (I guess x3) and it'd also fit the vibe the figure gives off.
I totally get that, I love those happy looking figures (I'm a simple girl after all, figure looks happy -> me looks happy). x3
1 ano atrás
Thanks for reviewing this figure, as I think she has been largely overlooked. I too picked up this figure not really knowing anything about the character or her origin; I just liked the way she looked.

The shiny red shoes are one of the first things I noticed when unboxing this figure, and her frilly outfit is really, really cute. I also like how she looks so happy!
1 ano atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
FigyourEd (1 ano atrás) #34407254snip
Thanks! :3

She sure is, I could imagine it's because she is not an original character so people with a 'I only buy characters I like (or original ones)'-rule aren't likely to get her (dunno how popular the source material is though).

I'd say it depends on the visibility of the seams, but I'm more biased towards removable parts too. You do have seams even with removable clothes and apart from the clothes sometimes just sort of hovering over the body, there are also possible paint transfers to consider. So interchangeable parts seem somewhat 'safer' to me.
1 ano atrás
Great Review!

I nabbed this little cutie a while back on amiami's pre-owned for a good price and agree that she's tragically underrated.

Actually, for the most part, I'm more partial to cast-offs with switchable parts as opposed to removeable clothes because the clothes fit the curves better and looks more natural whereas the removeable clothes on most cast-offs tend to just kind of rest over the body, like cheap, molded plastic just draped on top and the closer you look, the more obvious it becomes.

It really all depends on the sculpt for the most part. I've seen examples of both where the seams were really well hidden or where the clothes hug the body better but there are also a lot of figures where the seams are readily visible. In this figure's case, I'm glad they went with the interchangeable parts.
1 ano atrás