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Hora Dekita! Choco Banana Kit Japanse sweets walktroughHora Dekita! Choco Banana Kit Japanse sweets walktrough

MaakieMaakie6 meses atrásReview
Hello everyone! A really short and simple blog today, I'm going to look at the Japanese DIY kit "Hora Dekita! Choco Banana". The set is meant to make candy versions of the chocolate bananas regularly sold in Japan at festivals.



100% cute packaging! Bright and colorful as always with simple instructions already shown on the front.


The backside shows some more extensive instructions and food information. Don't worry, these are really old pictures I still had saved on my computer, I did not eat expired candy.

The contents


The set comes with:
- Plastic tray for dipping
- 6 soft banana candies
- Package of sprinkles
- Package of liquid chocolate
- A wooden skewer for the bananas

Making the kit


This is one of the more simple kits I've done and reviewed. You simply pin the banana on the skewer and dip into the two compartments.


The chocolate was a bit hard to work with, as it wasn't that liquid. I expected/hoped the consistency to be more like Nutella, but alas.


The sprinkles easily stick on the chocolate and make it look very cute!

Repeat this 5 more times for the other bananas and that's all there is to this kit!

The taste

I was really hoping the bananas of this set to taste a bit like Haribo Bananas (I love those things!):


The banana taste however was a bit more bland. As for the chocolate, it also has a more bland chocolate taste than most other liquid-type chocolates I have tasted. The sprinkles were regular sugar, so not much to mention about.

So in conclusion, the taste was not bad at all, but I think if you would buy Haribo bananas (which already have sugar coating) and then dip them in chocolate bread spread, you are going to have a 10x better taste.


It is fun, cute, easy to do and cheap. So it's definitely not a waste of money to get this set. Just dont expect and extraordinary taste or DIY experience!


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I have gotten the question in multiple blogs if I could translate the ingredients of the food I review. This is not possible for me, as my Japanese is not that good. If you are interested in helping me out with translating, please shoot me a message!

Thanks for reading my blog! My next blog will be an either an loot blog or my walktrough of my Hitotsubashi Yurie ITEM #26495 Garage Kit!
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Jaou (6 meses atrás) #36855168Interesting to see a review on such a thing here! Thank you for sharing :) I have tried a few of those kits before and they either taste horrible or bland from what I have came across, is that just me? They sure are fun to make and it's nice to know that there are more simple kits as well

I actually have quite a bunch of reviews like this on the rest of my blog profile/Maakie/... if you are also interested in reading those. Both of more simple and more extensive sets. :)

And yeah, my conclusion is the same at almost all of those kits their final score, tastes are on most of them rather bland or they are way too sugary that it hurts my teeth!

Anyway, my fun in making these lets me keep on buying ones I haven't tried before, although I know that in the end, I don't even eat everything of the set, lol! It's my curiousity and because I like fiddling with this stuff that lets me keep on 'wasting' my money on these. ;)
6 meses atrás
Interesting to see a review on such a thing here! Thank you for sharing :) I have tried a few of those kits before and they either taste horrible or bland from what I have came across, is that just me? They sure are fun to make and it's nice to know that there are more simple kits as well
6 meses atrás
victorviper (6 meses atrás) #36800309A relatively simple kit compared to some of the others :).
I didn't know Haribo Bananas were a thing, as I'd never seen them before. I'm trying to cut back on sugar, but if I run across these somewhere, maybe I'll try some :).

True! This one feels rather aimed at kids or people that want to experience a DIY kit, but more simple and cheap. :)

Those bananas are very common to find in stores here in the Netherlands and Germany, but it could be that they are not as widely available in other countries. I hope you can find them, because I 100% recommend them! but with the high amount of sugar, they are so..so bad for you. ;)
6 meses atrás
A relatively simple kit compared to some of the others :).

I didn't know Haribo Bananas were a thing, as I'd never seen them before. I'm trying to cut back on sugar, but if I run across these somewhere, maybe I'll try some :).
6 meses atrás
Gabmag10 (6 meses atrás) #36773093Cute! I might have to try this one with my younger cousins :)

Oh! I am sure children will love this one! :)
6 meses atrás
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Cute! I might have to try this one with my younger cousins :)
6 meses atrás
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