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Happy August everyone, and welcome to my July loot! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

(If sports bois aren't your thing, then my loot will probably be very boring for you!)

This month, I had a two day vacation to San Francisco and took the opportunity to go to Japan Town and browse through the shops, especially at Kinokuniya! The first wall I saw when I walked in was full of goodies from the Animate shop and I was in heaven. I saw a bunch of Kuroko and Haikyuu stuff that I really wanted but I resisted, since I already spent a bunch of money earlier. There was a keychain of Fukutomi from Yowamushi Pedal that almost made me cave though. Buutttt I did end up spending way more at Kinokuniya than I thought I would.


I couldn't resist picking up the Haikyuu art book and also some Daiya no Ace stuff <3 I found a box of the Tenipuri keychains and crossed my fingers for luck that I would get Yukimura, but I wasn't that lucky this time! I also looked around to see if they had the DnA official illustration book in stock, but they didn't. The girl at the counter ended up ordering it for me online and then they shipped it to me and....


I got it in the mail today!

I also stopped at this beauty shop and picked up these two really cute things. One is a strawberry flavored chapstick and the other one is an eyeliner!


I saw these keychains in a shop (not in Japantown) that I'm sure was completely full of bootlegs other than the Funko Pops they were welling. I did not get any but I took a picture because Gaara looks like he wants to die.


I also passed by this really cool display, did a double-take, and probably gave some bystanders whiplash at how fast I went back for a picture of it. One Piece used to be something I would watch Saturday nights on Toonami but I'm very very very behind on it (by behind I mean I haven't read/watched anything OP related in like 6 years). This collab is super cool, nonetheless!


Before I left on my trip, I did some shopping on Mandarake and they all came in the mail when I was away.


I haven't taken the shirt out of the packaging, but it's a Japanese medium so I'm sure it's way too small for me. I just like to have it anyways though ;v; The Ryoma Cu-Puchi was 1000jpy so I bought that too. I paid more than I would've liked for the Tezuka mochimochi only for them to announce DAYS LATER that there were be a rerelease of all the mochimochi OTL. (Still preordered all of them tho, no regrets.)

Next is the first order(s) I placed with Suruga-ya! I used White Rabbit Express as my proxy and I'm very pleased with their quick responses and just their service overall! I have a few more orders placed through them already so I'm looking forward to that!

My box arrived a bit squished but everything inside was in separate little bundles wrapped with bubble wrap so everything was fine!


I mainly decided to place an order from Suruga-ya because I really wanted the Tezuka birthday necklace, but as we all know, it's probably more worth it to place a big order. So I did. And I kinda got out of control. Oh well.


The necklace I wanted! I'm also hoarding tons of bromides at this point now lol.

I thought I was ordering a set of clearfiles, but I clearly read wrong and I ordered the notebook in the center instead! #rip The long thing is actually a holder for stick posters so I'm pretty hype about that. I'll actually have to look for the set of posters that matches this album though! I couldn't pass up Tezuka and two Yukimura's because I think their pictures are the most beautiful ones in the Kutsurogi collections. Also had to get that door plate bc unf.


I think one of the best deals I got was all of these Daiya no Ace keychains for 350jpy total! I'm super happy with them and I can't wait to add them to my hoard. I also picked up this plushie of Tezuka in his school uniform. Tezuka's omochatomo was something I was looking for a good deal on for a while now, and I finally snagged him for a decent price.


One of the items in my order that I was most excited about was the Whistle! acrylic stand, but it's one of the biggest disappointments in this order. ;w; I didn't realize it was so small! It's barely bigger than the Ryoma One Coin Grande I got. On the other hand, one of the biggest surprises for me was the acrylic stand of Haruichi-kun from Daiya. It was less than 200jyp and way bigger than I thought it'd be. I also got the Yukimura Cu-Puchi for around 2000jpy, which was much cheaper than what I found it for on Mandarake.


On top of spending money bc proxies = freedom, I've been spending a lot of my time on Toreba lately. I just started reading Yowamushi Pedal (more than halfway done now) and Toreba just put in a machine with Yowamushi Pedal plushies. I took it as a sign and won Imaizumi and Naruko. I haven't seen the Midousuji one in the machine but I'm not too pressed about winning him since I don't really like him.


And that's all the loot I have for July! No picture with all of the stuff together, because I have no room on my floor ahhhh.

My wallet at the end of all this:


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LOL!!! Damn that Gaara .....ur so right, and rightfully so too....nuts!!

congrats on all your awesome goodies though, got some really cool looking loots there!! thanks for sharing it all with us (and Gaara...I got a kick out of that). LOL!
2 anos atrás
solluxcaptor2 anos atrás#38291304Really nice loot! This makes me want to check out more sports anime so badly... the merchandise is so nice and very pleasing to the eye.
The part about the Gaara keychain looking like he wanted to die really made me laugh, he does.

Sports anime is my life so I definitely recommend checking some of them out! <3

Lmao I almost cried when I saw him and had to secretly snap a photo of it.

Echizen-Momoko2 anos atrás#38291806Amazing loot! Of course I like the Tenipuri the moist!è especially my hubby xDDD
poor Gaara anyway xD

Hehe of course you'd like your hubby the best!
2 anos atrás
Echizen-Momoko Echizen Ryoma's Wifey
Amazing loot! Of course I like the Tenipuri the moist!è especially my hubby xDDD

poor Gaara anyway xD
2 anos atrás
Really nice loot! This makes me want to check out more sports anime so badly... the merchandise is so nice and very pleasing to the eye.

The part about the Gaara keychain looking like he wanted to die really made me laugh, he does.
2 anos atrás
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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