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A bit late but oh well~
At the end of May I visited Japan (for the first time) for two weeks. I went with my mother (we did a group travel together) and of course I did buy a lot so let me show you.

Prior to departing I marked a lot of shops I wanted to visit on google maps and I also arranged a pocket Wifi which really came in handy to look up stuff to visit and making my friends jealous by sending them a lot of Snaps ^^ For my purchasing goals I had three: Boku no Hero Academia merch, the May Chang chibi figure ITEM #74254 I was missing from a set and maybe a nice scale.

We arrived in Tokyo and we were there for about 5 days (but one of the days we also did a trip to Kamakura and the big Buddha statue there). Let me tell you, 4 days for Tokyo is NOT enough. I feel like I didn't get to spend enough time in Akihabara (I didn't get to visit all the stores I wanted, like the Kotobukiya store (I wanted to see if I could buy those Fullmetal Alchemist rubber straps there)) though I did manage to get some good things. In Akihabara I had a fun time browsing through the Mandarake complex store and I bought a blanket with Mordred on it (was only 1000 yen so I thought why the heck not) and a coaster with Gudako on it.

There was also this small shop that had a lot of Fate/Grand Order acrylic keychains that were really pretty:
I had a hard time choosing and then I went around and discovered this really nice clear file of Okita Souji! Eventually I didn't buy any keychains but I did also buy a T-shirt of Artoria Pendragon that had the same design of one of the keychains. It is a few sizes too big but that doesn't really matter :p

On the last full day in Tokyo we went to Ikebukuro because I wanted to visit the Mega Tokyo Pokémon Center and the big Animate shop there. The Pokémon Center was really nice, it had those enormous statues of Charizard en Mewtwo and some others. I bought the cutest Lapras plushie, some keychains and a blind box of the Pokémon Desert Plate set. I was also looking for some more stuff of my favourite Pokémon Absol, but they only had a Ditto version plushie of him and a Ditto version gacha figure (which I ended up getting from a gacha machine in three tries). Loot pic:
I also found some FMA stuff in the store next over but it was all Sanrio collab stuff and to be fair I really don't like that style :/ It's too similar to baby toys.

Next we visited the Animate store, which was a huge building of at least 8 floors I think? Anyway I walked in and they had a display case near the elevators and I saw this:
And I thought "heck yeah I want that" so I hurried to the 5th floor. Turns out these where blind packs of course so I had to figure out how many to get. There weren't any I didn't want but I definitely wanted Todoroki and Bakugou so I bought four of them and hoped for the best. During lunch I opened all of them and I felt really lucky when Bakugou came out of the first pack and Todoroki emerged from the last one!

While in Tokyo I did ask about three different Mandarake if they had the May Chang figure but I didn't find her.

The next day we left Tokyo and after a stop at a wasabi farm we arrived in Matsumoto, where we visited the castle of course :) During sunset the castle is lit beautifully and you don't have to be a professional photographer to take some beautiful photos with a subject like this!

Next day we went to Takayama and stayed there for 2 nights. We also made a trip to Shirakawago from there. My mom bought me some chopsticks with my name engraved on it but I didn't take pics of it sorry. We bought chopsticks for my brother as well, he was very happy with it!

Next up was Kyoto! Of course we visited some famous temples and shrines but I also did some shopping. I only knew where the Animate store was (where I bought a clear file of Mordred) but when we walked we stumbled upon a second-hand shop called Galleriapart. After some browsing I asked the owner if he had the May Chang figure I was looking for, and lo and behold, they had it. I also bought two Eevee figs.

The Mordred clear file:

I also visited the Pokémon Center there (didn't buy anything) and tried to find the Shounen Jump store but although it's still listed on their website that they have a store in Kyoto, said store has closed down and doesn't exist anymore :/

After Kyoto we stayed at a monastery on Koyasan. Walking around at the stone lantern-lit cemetary was very peaceful although it rained. We also got a taste of their vegetarian cuisine, which was nice (not everyone in our group like it as much though! During breakfast we got a pickled plum amongst others, but you couldn't see at first glance that it was pickled so some put it in their mouth whole only to be nastily surprised by an incredibly salty taste.)

Finally our last days were spent at Osaka. I still had some money to spent so literally all I did in the evening and day I had left was shopping. After we arrived we went shopping around Osaka station where I visited the Shounen Jump store, a Mandarake and an Animate, where at the latter I bought a keychain of Prisma Illya and two Fate/Grand Order wafer cards. Was hoping for some cool servants on the cards but I got Hans and some well-endowed scarcily-clothed caster I didn't even know :(

The next day I visited the Pokémon Center and caved in and bought the Ditto/Absol plushie there.

After that we went to Nipponbashi where I had also marked down a lot of stores like Jungle but then I spotted K-Books and spent almost an hour in there contemplating what I wanted because they had A LOT of merchandise. I was looking at the Fate section first (they had some nice art cards? Or what are they called) but then I dropped (almost) everything again when I discovered the Fullmetal Alchemist merch. Finally, some good fucking FMA merch!
I really like the Princess Cafe collab line of FMA so I was happy to find some of it at K-Books :) I also got a hanger of Riza Hawkeye:
Then, just as I was about to go to the counter I spotted this Pokémon plushie and left with it as well:
And of all the Fate stuff I was looking at I only left with this clear file because it was dirt-cheap:

After K-Books I also took a quick look at the Animate there and some other store right next to it, and then just as we started to walk back to the station to return to our hotel (we had our last dinner planned there) I spotted a Kotobukiya store like I wanted to visit back in Akihabara but didn't get to it. It was nice to see some figures they had on display and after I asked the staff where I could find FMA rubber straps (because I couldn't find it myself) I bought three straps and got Ed, Al and Roy :)

So that was basically my Japan loot, here is a pic of everything (minus the T-shirt):

I'm pretty happy with what I was able to buy, especially since I was able to get that May Chang figure and some very nice Bnha merch :) I'm sure I'll go back to Japan sometime, maybe visit wonfes? Who knows!
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Nicely written, Josine :3 Gotta love the Mordred stuff
2 anos atrás
ayyy those keychains
2 anos atrás
Beautiful photo of Matsumoto Castle!! and thanks for sharing about your trip. I really enjoyed the read! :-)
2 anos atrás
Nice loot!!! envy!!!
2 anos atrás
gave spulletjes :)
2 anos atrás
Vaiyoretto2 anos atrás#38469838Wow I'm surprised you didn't find any more BnHA merch. I thought that series was popular over there?
I did find more, I just didn’t buy more. (Also second-hand bnha merch can be quite expensive so that’s part of the reason, another is that I am not really a merch collector and I was satisfied with the acrylic hangers I bought :) )
2 anos atrás
nice loot,... need that shuten douji
2 anos atrás
That Saber shirt is really a great loot.
2 anos atrás
Ah nice loots!!! I especially liked your FMA goodies!! :D Congrats and thanks for sharing! :D
2 anos atrás
Wow I'm surprised you didn't find any more BnHA merch. I thought that series was popular over there?
2 anos atrás
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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