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Mahou Tsukai no Yome Mag Premium Vignette Collection - GeneiMahou Tsukai no Yome Mag Premium Vignette Collection - Genei

broken-Toyboxbroken-Toybox6 meses atrásReview
Hey, fellow mfc-members and welcome
to another review!

This post will be very picture-heavy, quite a few will be used to that by now, but it's even 'worse' this time around... |ω・`)

Today I'll be breaking my routine a bit since the subject for my review will be a trading figure set instead of the usual scale. And what better to pick than a figure set from one of my most beloved manga (and by now also anime) Mahou Tsukai no Yome ENTRY #127144. Manufacturer Genei doesn't seem to have a lot of experience under it's belt at least that's what I'd surmise looking at the small number of MFC entries. However they also made the only scales for Mahoyome (I missed the pre-order period for those twice ;_;) as well as the only company so far to make any Mahoyome figures. Seeing how I couldn't obtain the scales it was really a no-brainer for me to buy these trading figures (I would've gotten them anyway even if I had the scales though), despite the steep price-tag. Now, I've been putting this particular review off for a while, because I thought there wasn't any interest in it (not that that'd have ever deterred me in the past). Well, let's be honest after some time I simply forgot until a kind user reminded me that I said something about doing this. x3 Anyway there are 8 little cuties to look at and while I couldn't really reduce the amount of pictures (I tried my best even if that doesn't amount to much) I'll do the text-parts a little differently this time. Ok then, enough with the little chit-chat let's get started already.^^
  • The (outer) box is plain white with some dark-brown ornaments and writing on it, not all that appealing imo.
  • Features a big window to see the individual boxes of the figures.
  • After seeing this promo picture View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Kaneel1511368864.jpeg I can't help but think that a design reminiscent of an old leather-bound book would've been way more fitting (and pretty) with or without window.

  • Individual boxes are colored in differing shades of brown, also decorated with ornaments.
  • They have a big front window and the sides show pictures of all the set's figures.

  • Each figure even comes in a blister (just like a scale), which gives the set a somewhat higher-quality feel as it's unusual for trading figures.

  • The base(s) are all similar, round and sculpted to look like a cobbled street.
  • Some have peg-holes, some peg(s) and others don't have anything, which seems pretty inconsistent (just picked one with peg-holes as representative randomly) and that inconsistency bothers me.

  • The figures actually all come put together already, but I'll show them disassembled (as much as possible), since it helps illustrating how some parts are supposed to go together.
  • Elias comes with his staff and base, the head can be detached to allow for his staff to be put in his hand.
  • The base has a peg to insert into his foot, which is the most sensible decision made for this set as you'll see.

  • You can clearly see the part where Elias's veil-thingie 'billows' to make room for his staff.

  • Pretty nice and detailed for a trading figure, especially parts like his horns and his outfit.
  • Paint is a bit rough in some places, which is understandable considering the size though.

  • 'Regular' Chise comes with her staff and while it isn't really necessary to detach her head to get her to hold the staff it's still possible.
  • Pegs are under Chise's feet effectively eliminating every possibility to display her without the base.
  • The bonus keychain can be found in her box (for those who ordered the set from Amiami).

  • The green cloak shows a nice amount of shading and the modeling of her boots it's great for her size.
  • Chise's head can be fully rotated if you want (though I didn't take a picture of it).

  • Again some unclean paint, on her necklace and collar in particular, but some really nice sculpting too.
  • The staff looks really good, I like the shimmering paint they used for it's eyes.

  • Will-o-Wisp's head can also be detached (which is true for all of the figures except Watamushi) and also be rotated to some degree.
  • No peg holes or pegs on the base, so he just rests on it.
  • His arm needs to be detached to make him hold his staff (but you have to figure it out on your own, since there's no instruction sheet).

  • The intertwined branches look really good and detailed enough for a trading figure.

  • Unfortunately the light-blue paint bleeds a bit into his black face, which is quite visible due to the contrast.
  • His feet are really cute. <3
  • I love how they went the extra mile to give him a nice-looking base, with the grass and little mushrooms.

  • Ariel's head can be detached as well, but not really rotated (only small adjustments are possible) as her wings get in the way
  • And again no peg (holes), which is especially bad in her case since she falls over easily (the weight distribution isn't ideal with her big wings).

  • When viewed from straight on you can't really see her face, so she's better off displayed up high.
  • Details like her feet/claws(?) and wings are really impressive both in terms of sculpting and paint.

  • It's a real pity her face can only be clearly seen while looking up at her, because it's beautiful.
  • The mischievous expression and the sculpted eyelashes are a real highlight.
  • The hair looks lovely as well.

  • Silky's head is detachable and can be rotated a full 360° (just be careful with her ribbons).
  • Just like Chise she has the pegs under her feet (really... just why...),which I'm obviously not happy with.

  • On a brighter note, she looks really great from her hair to her clothing and to the teapot.
  • Both sculpt and paint are well done, though the lines one her bonnet could be tad straighter and the details on the roses a bit crisper (but that's being REALLY nit-picky).

  • Once again we see a detachable head (full rotation is possible) and a peg under Ruth's foot (...).

  • Ruth by default has a real dark design with lots of black parts.
  • He also seems quite a bit less accentuated than the other figures (his grim form in particular).
  • The details are less distinct and there are some 'ugly' seam lines.
  • Additionally there are some spots on his hair were the paint seems a little too shiny for no reason.

  • His grumpy expression fits really well and I like the details on his clothing.
  • Unfortunately his grim form has some excess paint and plastic near his ear and the eyes do look somewhat mismatched (might just be the angle though).

  • Watamushi's (or 'Wooly Bug''s if you will) head can't be detached for once and the snowman is also attached to it. I find this quite sensible since it'd just topple over otherwise.
  • The snow rabbit(?) however comes separately, allowing for some options in displaying it.
  • There are no pegs this time so you're free to display the figure without the base or just put it on it.

  • I really like that they went with glossy paint for the eyes and wings making them really stand out.
  • The color gradient from blue to white looks especially good (on the snowman and rabbit too) and the woolly body looks adorably fluffy.
  • Together with the closed eyes the figure gives off a fairly relaxed and sleepy vibe.
  • Little details like the tail are another nice addition.

  • The little feet are also cute and while the paint-job isn't perfect, the 'flaws' are mostly in places where you won't 'normally' see them.

~◦*◦✾◦˚°˖*゚✲*❁*✲゚*˖°˚◦✾◦*◦~Last but not least comes Wolf Chise
who was only included in the made to order Box Set.
  • Her head can be detached like for most of the figures (rotating the head, while possible, isn't advisable though).
  • The rest of her parts however come separately (2 apples, 1 snowman and the snowball).
  • Again there are no pegs and combined with the separate parts this really baffles me. You can put it all on the base how you like (if you manage to fit it all that is), but the snowman likes to topple over and just touching the figure will make the construction collapse anyway (the apples are prone to roll around too).
  • Only the snowball is rather stable (well at least compared to everything else) due to the hole under it (which would make more sense if there was some sort of peg either on the base or under Chise's paws).

  • They kinda just recycled the face from regular Chise, albeit with a different line of vision.
  • Despite all that she just looks too precious.
  • The sculpt and paint is fairly detailed, with small flaws but still good (remember this is 'just' a trading figure).
  • Rotating her was still a royal pain though...

  • Her wolf pelt in particular looks great and the bright turquoise eyes create a beautiful contrast.
  • The ribbon under her chin adds another level of cuteness.
  • Well and as you can see the snowman stays in place best if you just let it lean on Chise.

And here they are all lined up together... ✿(′ॢᵕ‵*ॢ)https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/broken-Toybox1529837780.jpeg

~◦*◦✾◦˚°˖*゚✲*❁*✲゚*˖°˚◦✾◦*◦~I also made size comparisons to put the them into perspective.https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/broken-Toybox1529837866.jpeg
  • Chise next to ITEM #604007 and ITEM #604014, both are really tiny and only reach up to about 4,5cm including the base (yeah, I know the description says 3,5cm, but measuring myself I found that to be inaccurate).

  • Here we have her next to a regular Nendoroid Petite, Irisviel reaches 6,5cm, while Chise still seems a tad bigger (only by a few millimeters though).
  • 'Off in the distance' you can see the legs of these beauties ITEM #549458 & ITEM #549455 just in case you were wondering (and yeah about 6,5cm is indeed small x3)

So first things first, despite everything I had to criticize about this set I absolutely adore it. I love the source material ever since I picked the first volume up by chance and these trading figures are so precious. However some design choices are more than odd and partly unprofessional (at least in my eyes). For one there is the whole peg/peg hole/none at all stuff, pegs on the bases are fine and should've been the norm as they'd still allow for the figures to be displayed w/o their respective bases (the weight distribution for most figure of the set isn't or shouldn't be an issue). Consequently pegs under the figures feet are a real no-go and I've got no idea why they did that. Not pegs... I guess that's fine, but not really practical in some cases (Wolf Chise or Ariel would be the first to come to mind). Nevertheless I'd rate the assembly as 'still easy' most things are self-explanatory, though it took me a few minutes to consider detaching Will-o-Wisp's arm in order to attach his staff. The long necks combined with the ball joints allowing most heads to be rotated are a nice addition, none I didn't particularly needed, but still. I also do think this set is really well-made (if you disregard the peg stuff), the paint is great especially considering the size and the sculpt and detail even puts some scales to shame. The price however is steep (I mean you can get scales for less than that) and will definitely hurt your wallet (unless it plummets in the future). But I for one don't consider a single Cent spent on this 'ill-spent'. A quick search also yields that while the set is sold out in quite a few stores Amiami for example still carries it. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

That's it for this review! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! ^^
Well, I can't help it if you didn't after all unless you give constructive criticism.
Speaking of criticism I'd be really happy about that. :3
I'll also include a little poll, because opting for notes instead of a plain old running text is a new thing I wanted to try and I'd like to know which you prefer.
Ofc, as usual, any thoughts on the figures are very welcome too!^^
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Maakie (4 meses atrás) #40676105This is a really nice review, trading figures need some more love and reviews! :D Thanks for sharing!
Their quality is pretty nice, so I would say the steep price seems worth it. :)

Thank you! :3
While I definitely agree about the love part (I really like having lots of "layers" in my display and a more cluttered look, not to be confused with "messy"), reviews are something that can get out of hand imo. I don't think every single little trading figure 'needs' a review, but sets are a different matter.
The quality is really good, but things like the pegs bother me, but those are no quality-issues. If you're a fan of the series the set is definitely worth it! :3
4 meses atrás
This is a really nice review, trading figures need some more love and reviews! :D Thanks for sharing!

Their quality is pretty nice, so I would say the steep price seems worth it. :)
4 meses atrás
broken-Toybox (6 meses atrás) #38923564

I guess that just shows how plain it is.

The one with the birds has a pretty ok size, the table, and seat, plus all the extra work pretty well with a nendo, just a little hard to seat them on the chair. It's a little oversized maybe, but it fits the nendo stylised chibi form. I'll see if I can take a picture or two.

I actually really love the food themed ones, even though I know they'd be too big in allot of cases... but I just adore these miniature foods. Luckily the Orcara cake/fruit stories are pretty ok in size. Never got the whole set for either, since they were sold individually online.
I've been thinking about getting the Slovenly room one, but I'm not sure if it'd fit, and I got allot of other stuff I need to save up for rn.
I really hope that set fits, it's cute! ^2^

There's so much bullsurrounding figure manufacturing. I understand why, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make me sad. Like, tbh, I often feel bad for other people who want figures from their series, but don't get them.

That's be cute too. There's just so much that could be done. *sighs* And the bases... ohhhh so much potential

Yeah, a good view would be a must have for such a bathroom for me. Especially for winter. There's something lovely looking out the window, when everything's covered in white.

I've had bad experiences with things, so I'm just worried about these things in general. I mean, what if I get a defective replacement? If I pay allot of money for something, and it comes with a defective part, and then I get a defective replacement...

I just really don't like it when stuff shakes around in the boxes. Even if I'd pack it up nice and safe, I'd be anxious about it breaking, or falling out.

I just don't see the reason why something would be made super exclusive. Limited edition? I get that. But exclusive seems like a cheap move.

It's the All Might finger Ryu's planning on making. Though I got help from someone here on MFC on how to do it when the time of pre-orders gonna happen, so that's fantastic.
6 meses atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Iskana (6 meses atrás) #38807475Guli guli guli guli guli ram sam sam
I never even heard of that one before. X3

Ah, I've been eyeing the one with the birds too (won't really have room in any of my next orders though...). I got only these sets ENTRY #89730, ENTRY #107911, ENTRY #147772 (I love it) and ENTRY #122539 (sure taught me a lesson not to go for the food sets, they're wa to big for nendos). I like more neutral sets too, but I recently ordered this one anyway ENTRY #160870, because I really hope it'll fit with my Yuru Camp Nendos.^^

It sure is popular, but even as a Fate fan myself I would prefer for some other series to get love too (not that less Fate figures would automatically equal more figures for series x you or I like). Some series however might have licensing issues or simply not enough pull to get manufacturers interested in producing anything and that's kind of a hard fact people can't seem to stomach. Even I have a lot of series I adore but that'll never get anything. Am I sad about that? Sure, but companies first and foremost want to make money.

Awww, that'd be so cute, an alternative would probably be a crouching position, but that wouldn't be as charming.

Actually I have windows near my bathtub and it sure is nice especially in winter, but it doesn't look nearly as pretty as in the anime (not to mention that the view is really lame).

I've never actually seen people do that (because I usually don't care), but that sounds so ridiculous and stupid (I have no problem believing that though). I totally get why you're upset about bs like that.

I'm actually not all that afraid of my replacement parts breaking or getting lost (never had a problem with our local carrier), though I've preordered a scale from GSC's shop and I know their packing for those is shoddy at best (EMS can't compensate for that in terms of 'security'). The only Nendo replacement I ever got came in a bubblemailer, but that was actually sufficient.
Repackaging... well, if it's a small bonus I'd simply opt to put it in the box (behind the blister), then again that only works for small stuff (like the fps from Koto or the usual GSC bonus). I don't think it's that much of a problem to do that, you can add some bubblewrap for extra-protection after all.
I've seen bonuses not showing up on the EU site at least (and they're way behind with adding items and the like anyway) and I never wanted to take chances of a bonus I really wanted to sell out.
I've heard of those super exclusives too, but there wasn't really anything I wanted yet so I didn't look into it. But somehow there's always a way to get around that and some local shops sometimes get stock of them too, which is actually kinda weird.
Wow, that sounds super annoying, which figure is it? :O
6 meses atrás
broken-Toybox (6 meses atrás) #38805470Wip wap WOOOOSHHHH

Not sure, Samsung Neo or so. I got it second hand... Got it from my mother, when she got a new one, since I didn't wanna get a new own. I remember her telling me she got it from a Tschibo.

I've never seen the Sangastu no Lion set... but now I want it... it's so cute. I only got the one with the birds, ENTRY #147771 since it had allot of miscellaneous items, and I prefer neutral sets, since they fit with more figures.(Like my Ocara cake story, and the fruits.)

I guess Fate is just very popular, and "easy" to produce, since it's such a versatile series, and has a huge varied fanbase.
It just kinda rubs it in the face of people who aren't into it, or like other series more, and are bleeding for figures from other series, and never get anything.

Oh, I like a good size difference any day. I just found the thought funny to have it as a figure. Maybe he'd have to carry her Bridal style, so she doesn't get overshadowed next to him.

The bathroom was so nice. Idk if this is gonna sound stupid, but I really love it when the bathtub is right next to a window. Sometimes I just wanna soak in hot water, and have a cool breeze touch everything that's not underwater.

Food metaphors=best metaphors

My biggest pet peeve is honestly the people who will then try and sell only the bonus, for almost double what was asked originally. What makes them think I'll pay 30 bucks+ shipping, for a bonus that originally cost 15 bucks extra to the original price of the figure?

Those small bags/blisters would be the death of me. I've gotten several replacement parts from GSC for my nendos. (Some nasty paint scratches and the likes) Always come in tip top condition, but it's literally just a small cardboard box, and some bubblewrap. I'm always terrified they'll open on their way, and the contents will fall out. My postal service got some problems when it comes to stuff going missing.
The thing I think would seem to be really annoying though, is ... how do you repackage it? The bonus' doesn't technically come with its own place in the box, and I'd not take the chance of just wrapping it up, and throwing it in there either.
Don't Kotobukiya bonus' count for all branches? Like the Euro/US sites too? I never really bothered to check.
Well, I know that some countries get like super exclusive figures, you only can get if you actually live there, or got a proxy. I think there have been a few Nendos who only got sold in China, and one was a S-Korea exclusive. Even the BnHA figures were supposed to be Japan exclusives for some reason. Though I'm still not sure if that's true.
The problem with the figure I want is that it doesn't ship outside certain places in Asia, which excludes Japan/China/S-Korea. The manufacturer got licensing issues with most of their figures, so they're limited, and only sold in very few countries.
6 meses atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Iskana (6 meses atrás) #38795912A ram sam samJust out of curiosity but what kind of phone are you using? X3

I'd buy both Nendoroid more sets and some from Re-ment (still regret not getting the ones from Sangatsu no Lion ;_;).
While I also like Shouto I do adore the girls and Aizawa too I'd love for them to get made before any side characters though, because I personally don't care all that much, but in the end I just want more of the cast.

I get that too, while I do like a lot of Fate characters (don't care about Re:Zero though) I'd have loved some smaller series to get merch to (I'd gladly butcher my wallet for Wotakoi Nendos or a Rerelease of Hozuki's Nendo and some others from the Hozuki no Reitetsu cast, not to mention some other series). At least with Fate they expand the range of characters (though Saber is still too dominant for my liking).

Well, but even with the size difference it'd look lovely, alternatively something with Chise and Elias in his true form would be great as well (who am I kidding I'd take both), there are just so many nice possibilities but in the end someone has to make use of them. :/
It's a really great house, do you remember the bathroom from (i think) the first episode, that's actually my dream. <3
That's actually a very accurate way to put it and in the end getting something to make you happy is also important (once in a while), but if you can't really enjoy it because you feel that's incomplete that thought will always be in the back of your mind.
I noticed that Mandarake used to sell those bonuses separately some time ago, but ofc I came too late for that. -_-
Funny that you mention saving on boxes when Koto only makes a small separate plastic blister for their bonus parts unlike other manufacturers. But yeah, why make essential parts bonuses from the get-go? They could just charge a bit more and offer it to regular shops (I just really don't get the business strategy behind that if there is one)... Well if the BnHA figrues turn out good and actually come with bonuses I'll probly need to proxy them again, but we'll see.
Aren't country bonuses a bit different though an
6 meses atrás
broken-Toybox (6 meses atrás) #38791545 Bibiti Bobiti Boo

I get the feeling that my phone just got fucked over when I downloaded a flashlight app once, because my real flashlight was broken. Though the bad pictures pre-dates the app.

Nedoroid-more with some props from BnHA, and maybe a set with extra faceplates? Like how the Umaru nendo got extra faceplate blind boxes. I'd really want some of Izuku's AM merch.
Or just some miniatures of the BnHA hero merch and the likes general. (Get Re-ment to do it, and we get some proper sets.)
I really adore the series, some of the arcs just warm my heart.
Oh definitely, the girls. Funnily enough, I like Ochaco, and Tsuyu almost a little more than Shouto, but I always add him to the list because everyone else wants him. Aizawa can be part of the list too... and just for the lol's make a Mineta petite. (and then a regular Momo, and Kirishima, and Denki, and Jirou, and Mina and blah blah blah, just saying, no matter who they'd make, there'd be a decent amount of people who'd get them)

I hope it stays that way. I'm always nervous when it comes to merch, and the popularity of a series, because I sometimes feel like good merch is getting buried under a host of other more popular series. Like Fate, or Re:Zero. Nothing against them, but it's a little dull when you spend several Wonfes, and months begging for some figures, and then you just get a keychain, while Fate gets another Saber, but this time she's got a slightly different pose.

Ditto... now I really want a figure of that. Don't make cry, that'd be such a cute figure. The size difference would probably be a riot though. Elias is like... 3.50m tall? He always seems to change a little, but Chise seems like about at least half his height.
Elias basically lives in a house, I'd wanna live in. Small, but big enough for at least 2, maybe people, close to the woods, with a nice small garden filled with flowers, and herbs, and still close enough to the road that you can walk places.
Of course, what I mean it's basically a "necessity" for the figure to feel complete. Like, you can bake a cake without frosting, but it'll feel like you're missing out on some good stuff, especially when you know you could have gotten said frosting if you had just gone to the more expensive shop across the street.
I genuinely had wanted Mako's extra face, and Ryuuko's mini scissor blade, and I actually thought they were gonna be part of the set, until I actually checked the MFC page. I was so disappointed.
Koto... ugh, can't they all just stick with post-card, and keychain bonus'? I'd even pay an extra few bucks if they'd just have these extra parts, be part of the base figure. Heck. Save money on the boxes, or whatever, and give me those stupid extras.
(Probably still got an acc there, in case their BnHA scales got body/face-plate bonus')
Don't get me started on country exclusive bonus' though. I swear, that just kills it.
AND ESPECIALLY, don't get me started on Proxies. I've got my eyes set on a that AM figure Ryuu-studio is gonna make, and I still haven't found a single proxy shipping, or even a rentable storing unit from one of their available countries.
The pain of figure collecting. End me now.
6 meses atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Solarstormflare (6 meses atrás) #38771468I'm suprised you didnt think there was demand to see this review; i for one really wanted to see how they turned out as i also love the show, so thanks so much for the effort and time it must have taken to put this together!!!
Glad I could be of 'help'! :3
Putting it together wasn't all that hard (already uploaded the pics after getting the set), by now I sort of have a routine doing reviews (the new formatting was very time consuming though, but something I wanted to try anyway).I just thought there was no real interest, because there was literally no reaction when I mentioned doing it in my loot post (guess we all need some encouragement from time to time ^^").
Btw do you like how they turned out or do you think the price is a little too steep for what we got?
6 meses atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Iskana (6 meses atrás) #38762492schnubbedibu
I've had that happen with one of my older phones too, but I dunno it that's how it was supposed to be or if it was just broken af (both are entirely in the realm of possibility x3).
Yeah, but doesn't that go for a lot of Nendos? It hurts just a bit more for the BnHA ones because the hype is definitely there and because I love it so much (I guess you do too). Heck, I'd even take some sort of extension set with all the stuff you mentioned. Compared to Nendos in general I don't think the accessories are that much less, but I want more anyway. _._
I sure hope there'll be some more from the cast soon, not only Toshi/All Might, Tomura and Shouto but also Ochako, Tsuyu and some others.
Even if they're late with more Mahoyome merch, as far as I know the manga is pretty popular so I don't think tales would be that bad (unless they charge some unreasonable amount of money).
Oh, that'd be so cute I'd love for the wedding scene from the anime to be turned into a double figure. <3
I really love that too, also this kinda relaxed and nostalgic vibe of the whole story (even during the serious parts).
Well, it's not like I had to buy the bonus (real necessities are stuff like food etc.), but I wanted enough to just grit my teeth....
Mako's bonus was something I totally wanted to, but I only knew that after the PO period already ended (didn't kow about bonus bs before) and even now I always roll my eyes at the extra costs for small items (it's not only the higher price, but also VAT...).
That sounds awfully like Koto with their exclusive fps (for scales), which is awful too, but nothing I didn't buy already (looking at you Yumeko and Reinhard >.>). I totally get what you mean and every exchangeable part gives you more options for the figure (I became a real sucker for that), props to every scale that comes w/ non-exclusive exchangeable parts.
6 meses atrás
I'm suprised you didnt think there was demand to see this review; i for one really wanted to see how they turned out as i also love the show, so thanks so much for the effort and time it must have taken to put this together!!!
6 meses atrás
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