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Thoughts on Ikea HEMNES?Thoughts on Ikea HEMNES?

damedanbodamedanbo6 meses atrásAsk MFC
Hey folks. Today I bought a ton of manga which I have no room for, which I'll have to stack on top of my books which I have no room for, on top of my full shelf. My shelf is filled up! I've actually already started laying books horizontally atop the rows of vertical books to take up as much space as possible; short of booting all my figures off the front of the shelves and arranging things two books deep, I'm out of space.

TLDR, need a nice, sturdy, relatively affordable option for shelving! Something I can put a ton more books and figures on on the other side of the room. Something like the Ikea HEMNES!


This is the model I've found that I'd like to go for, but I've actually never bought from Ikea before (there isn't one in the state) and so I have no frame of reference for how sturdy, durable, or easy to assemble an Ikea product might be.

TLDR2: Anyone here have a Hemnes and want to tell me about it? Or another Ikea product? (I'm interested in bookshelves/cases only, not detolfs atm.)

I've just had a hell of a time finding something that I can order, that will be reliable and sturdy and not fall apart after a couple years. I'm willing to save up for the shelf and the shipping, it's just a matter of... is it going to be worth it?
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What kind of bookcase do you use?

  • 10%Hemnes
  • 60%Billy
  • 9%Vintage/antique shelving
  • 16%Whatever's cheap and available!
  • 2%Solid wood
  • 3%Besta
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- HEMNES is good for manga
- BILLY is good for figures

That's my opinion.
[I'm a big fan of IKEA and have had a lot of things from them, never disappointed. You just need to remember the max. weight they can hold and all. BILLY one could have lasted more if mom didn't cut it in half for other purposes]
6 meses atrás
We use two Hemnes shelves in our collection room and they’re really great shelves!! Compared to the Billy, they feel really sturdy and can hold quite a bit. When buying furniture I wanted stuff that would last and I definitely think the Hemnes is the right call in that regard. The construction also just seems better - on the Billy you can easily tell how it was constructed, but the Hemnes looks more seamless and less cheap. I can see liking both but definitely love the Hemnes I own!
6 meses atrás
My two cents: When it comes to storing/displaying heavy stuff like books, it's a worthwhile investment to get solid wood shelving. It will still be sturdy long after you've spent three times its cost replacing particle board shelves that buckled and fell apart.
6 meses atrás
PanchitoMatte (6 meses atrás) #38738617Pardon my intrusion... but, this simply isn't true. The materials of two similar looking HEMNES and BILLY shelves are clearly stated on their respective pages. It is without doubt that the price gap between the two lines is due to one being made from solid wood and other from paper, particle board, and wood veneers. They might look the same, but to those that care about more than just appearances, BILLY and HEMNES are not comparable.

This is true.

I may be helpful as I have had both. I used a Hemnes with glass doors to display my figures for some time, and I've had about 5 different Billys, maybe more. Hemnes is STURDY and stands very well on it's own. A Billy definitely needs to be secured to a wall, and is much flimsier. The Billys fell apart after moving 2-3x, which I guess can be normal for a particle board piece of furniture. My manga collection completely destroyed them, along with disassembling and reassembling. I recently got 3 new Billys for my manga collection and extra shelving stacked 1-2x deep and it hasn't even been a year and I can tell the shelving warped a bit (if I get a manga out from the middle of a shelf there's definitely less room than on the sides closer to the edges of the shelf). I can't notice it visually, but my fingers can tell when I reach for those volumes! My Hemnes I stored some HEAVY artbooks on the bottom shelf and it seemed fine.

Ultimately, the billy costs less, and is lesser quality, but is more adjustable and feasible if you want to pack a bunch of manga into a space. You can just have basically a tightly packed double-layer brick of manga on your wall. For the hemnes it's sturdier but I'm not sure you'll find it's as adjustable. I had to sell my hemnes when I moved and chose the billy upon relocation because though it's not as good, the sizing and range of mix n match made it easier for the room (also I plan to buy a house in the near-ish future and I'm just going to ditch the billys and have wood shelves built in). If you're not going to relocate with it, it should work fine and if the shelves warp over time you can buy more at $10-12/ea I forget which.

If the hemnes was the same as a billy but wood, and I had all the same adjustment choices, I would choose wood. Hemnes is also rather deep for manga. Billy can stack regular VIZ sized manga with 2 layers per shelf, but some other series are larger (berserk, VIZ signature, Vertical) so you can't double stuff. Some artbooks can't fit in the Billy, but I also have an expedit so that's where the large stuff lives.
6 meses atrás
citanes Pantsu Authority
For figures, I switched from Detolfs to Billy shelves with Morliden doors and I have never looked back. I also use Billy shelves for heavy books and I have never had a problem.
6 meses atrás
Kuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
My sister has a Hemnes in black for her books, and its really nice and deep! I have Billys for my figures but they're deep enough to hold two rows on manga
6 meses atrás
I use the tall wide Billy's for my books/Manga. Buy 2x extra shelves and you can fit a massive amount on them, they are deep enough to have 2 rows of most manga/books as well.
6 meses atrás
kyoshinhei (6 meses atrás) #38740003Also a Billy user, I can vouch for their durability. The tablets don't show the slightest sign of warping after 8 years, even with double stacking on some.
You can check my pictures to see the kind of treatment they can be subjected to.

Thanks for the pictures! These are helpful--and wow, what a manga collection you have!! Super cool.

Thanks everyone for the replies so far. I still really like the Hemnes but I think a Billy might end up being the better buy for me, for now, while I'm still finding my place in life. Seriously, I appreciate the help in figuring out shelf stuff.
6 meses atrás
Also a Billy user, I can vouch for their durability. The tablets don't show the slightest sign of warping after 8 years, even with double stacking on some.
You can check my pictures to see the kind of treatment they can be subjected to.
6 meses atrás
mirberry 絶対可憐
I can't speak on behalf of the Billy, but I have a dresser from the Hemnes line and if their bookcases are anything like their dressers, then I'd put my money with Hemnes. Solid wood construction means that it probably has a higher load limit--perfect for books that might cause thinner particle board shelves to bow in the center.

I'm also partial to the Kallax, with its wide range of customization options. The best part is that if you do get a furniture piece in white from either range, it'll match any other IKEA piece with the same finish. (I'm mixing and matching Hemnes, Kallax, and Brimnes at the moment!)
6 meses atrás
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