July and August Loot! (Fate and Picture Heavy)July and August Loot! (Fate and Picture Heavy)Loot

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My very first loot post! I've been collecting anime merchandise for a few years now and have been on this site for just over a year (I think). It's been something I've been meaning to do for such a long time so hopefully my loot will be interesting!

Unfortunately a couple of figures I was expecting to be able to put into this loot post were delayed. :( I was especially disappointed that Aniplex's Sakura Matou was held back until this month but at least it won't be too long until she is finally released! In any case I did get a few nice figures these last couple of months including what will probably be my absolute favourite of the year!


A little Yahoo Japan Auctions purchase! I've never bought a Q Posket before but she was cheap and incredibly sweet!


The Ichiban Kuji Cu Chulainn was the real reason I made a purchase. I absolutely love these figures and I'm always so happy when they do more Fate ones. They are a really nice scale and the depth of character selection is fantastic when you add in all the characters they made for Fate/Zero. I'd already bought casual Gilgamesh a little while ago but I think he was very pleased to have another dog to torment and battle with~


Overall I think I prefer the old, Unlimited Blade Works version with his cocky little smirk but this is a great alternative with the first becoming more of a challenge to find for a good price.


Soon after I received what will likely be my absolute favourite figure of the year. Cu got a figma!


I didn't have too many pictures taken of him since I'm sure that a lot better ones have been put out before now, but I am still absolutely in love with him. I kind of regret not buying a second to have one to play around with since I always get so nervous about breaking figmas, but I'd absolutely recommend him to any Fate fan! Now he just needs his nendoroid to finally happen and I will be satisfied haha!




(I've been waiting to try out Gil and Cu in each other's outfits for a good, long while now~)

Now for prize and trading figure galore! I've become addicted to just how fun it can be to find cheap, ebay auctions and this is the result!


I recently rewatched Evangelion and immediately went looking for some new figures to go with the lone Rei I bought right when I started collecting. I must admit that I really adore the little teeny Shinji. There really aren't enough figures of him.


Little, old trading figures are too much fun to collect!


Not my favourite of Sega's several Rem figures but it's another for the club!


I'm still not entirely sure about his face. Hopefully Sega will keep making more Persona 5 figures and he will get a nicer one at some point. But for the price I bought him for I was pretty pleased.

However it was my Fate prize figures that I enjoyed receiving most!


I have to admit - I really don't like Kirei very much. Despite this being my second figure of him, I've never wanted to get it too much and I don't especially go out of my way to buy stuff of him in general. These Ichiban Kuji figures are really nice though and I wouldn't say no to another, older version of him if they keep doing them for Heaven's Feel (please do the actual main character first though haha).


I was more impressed with this than I thought I would be! Last Encore was, honestly, a bit of a hot mess but I've been pleased with the merch they've brought out for it even if I wish that Robin Hood was getting a prize or a figure of any kind.


Taito did a fantastic job with Frankenstein!


I'm always really happy when they announce new Fate prize figures and this is probably my favourite of the ones they have brought out so far (I'm so excited for Drake and Alice though!) Since most companies seem more interested in her summer version I guess she'll be staying out on display for a while.

I was hoping that the Kazuma nendoroid would be here in time for this loot post but unfortunately he was delayed too. :( However, I did get one nendoroid over the past couple of months - Feena from Yoake Mae yori Ruri-iro na.


I'd only recently watched this anime but when I saw an auction for a pre owned nendoroid I just couldn't resist. She's incredibly sweet!


And then the last figure of the loot - Scathach!


As much as I like Scathach in herself, I have to admit that I bought her mainly for Cu's sake.


I was surprised that the figma boxes have been shrunk too!


In some ways I was a little underwhelmed by her. She doesn't come with much in terms of faces and accessories. But she goes with perfectly with Fate's best dog and in that sense I wasn't disappointed.

I also received a massive amount of merch and small goods these past two months!


(Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of Chansey by herself)


Some random plushes! I was really pleased with Ryuuji - he's incredibly cute! Hopefully they will continue with the rest of the cast in these since I'd love to get Haru and Goro too.


One of my favourite items of the loot but probably the one I regret most in some ways haha. Now I'm thinking about getting more and more of them since the size and quality is so nice. But I was very happy with Caster Gil even if his Archer counterpart will always be my favourite.

And then I bought a lot of keychains, straps, badges etc!


First my small amount of goods from non Fate series. I really love buying little things like this to sort of remember series that I enjoyed without committing to large and expensive figures. Or to just have something of characters and series which don't get much in the way of figures. I especially love the straps of Luck from Black Clover and Kenji from Bungo Stray Dogs!

And then the Fate avalanche!


I found this doujin on an ebay auction and Gil was pretty enough that I couldn't resist it~ It was very nicely illustrated!


Some random FGO bits. I bought the lot mainly for the Drake keychain. I do miss Bellfine making FGO merch though - it'd be great if they could make some more keychains with some of the recently added male servants.


Some other random bits and pieces! The Policeman Robin was another Yahoo Japan Auctions buy - I'm so happy that Fate's very best Englishman has been getting some nice merch lately. Hopefully he'll be getting a strap or even an Ichiban Kuji figure if they decide to do another beach themed one!


Heaven's Feel might not be my favourite route but it's been fun seeing (and buying) merch for it. There's a few characters in here which I kind of bought for the sake of having (not much of a fan of Archer, Medusa or Illya) but they are nice for the collection at least!


I did pick up some boys that I am definitely a fan of though! I'd already bought the Gil Ichiban Kuji strap a few months ago so it was nice to get the Lancer to go with him! And I adored the scared (good) Shinji much more than I thought I would.


Some Extra merch! The Shaft acrylic badges are great and I thought the picture they chose for Robin was a really good one. I was also really happy to get some Iskandar things! He's a nice and cheap character to collect for since his popularity seems to have dipped a bit since the Zero days but with a lot of attention even still from Extella.


I also bought some Apocrypha goods! I'm not sure why I felt compelled to buy a Spartacus strap really haha.


My favourite Apocrypha bits! I was happy to get some more Achilles and Horse Dad goods and it's always nice to get some more Semiramis!


Of course it wouldn't be right not getting some more Gil and Cu goods~ I think my favourite is the pinched Caster Gil. Compared to his Archer version I don't have too much for him so it was nice to rectify that a little!


I found these on ebay for an absolute bargain (I would have gladly spent more on Gil alone). I've been looking for him particularly for a while and he's absolutely adorable - such an evil little brat!


And then to finish things off, my last Yahoo Japan Auctions order of the two months.


Again, it's really nice to have some Semiramis merch and the Aniplex Ozymandias and Gil are really cute. They've just shown a Heaven's Feel set with Cu so it looks like Ozy might have to be moved on for the pup to stand next to Gil, but they do work really nicely as a pair.


I have to admit that I was majorly disappointed with these year's selection of characters for FGO Fes. I'd set aside a fair amount of money to buy some, expecting Gil, Cu, Robin, Ozymandias, Anastasia..., only for them to come out with a bunch of characters I don't have an awful lot of interest in. But I did crack and ended up buying for a character I don't have much merch for at all. Arjuna looked great though and was easily my favourite male design of the event.


Only this little rubber charm could finish off the loot post! I was so shocked and so happy when they showed off the goods for the Sugar Pochette Ichiban Kuji. I'd sort of resigned myself to the fact that my other favourite boy would just never get any nice merch, since he is much less popular than a lot of other characters, but he did and he is so adorable! I think the whole set was great but this little Billy will always have a special place in my collection.

Thank you for reading - I'm sorry it got so long! I was very happy with the items I had over the last two months and hopefully I will do some more of these in the future!
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Liberty2 anos atrás#40113613wonderful read, thank you!
lots of new additions :)

Thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!
2 anos atrás
Solarstormflare2 anos atrás#40113723Cool loot! I especially liked the bungo stray dog keychains and fate doujin!

Thank you! :)
2 anos atrás
Cool loot! I especially liked the bungo stray dog keychains and fate doujin!
2 anos atrás
wonderful read, thank you!

lots of new additions :)
2 anos atrás
Jellygem2 anos atrás#40099327Nice loot! :D I don't know much about Fate but that Arjuna stand is really nice, I love that artwork.

Thank you! :) FGO Fes always has really nice merch made for it and Arjuna looked too handsome to resist.
2 anos atrás
kin2 anos atrás#40097253Looking hella nice! Been contemplating on buying the Cú figma too but the price wasn't justifiable (and because the rise of costs I've been buying less) and I'm just waiting for Cú's figure. That Rin figure from LE looks really pretty! I'm a huge fan of Umizo so to see other people buy their work too is always great :D The Iskandar merch is cute ;w; I'm not big into buying merch but I'd have definitely bought those cute keychains.

Thank you! :) The Cu figma is really nice and I had to get him since he is one of my very favourite boys. But figma really have been going in price lately. The doujin is lovely!I found it for a really nice price so I just couldn't resist. And I really loved the Iskandar merch. He has some really nice little straps and things!
2 anos atrás
Nice loot! :D I don't know much about Fate but that Arjuna stand is really nice, I love that artwork.
2 anos atrás
Looking hella nice! Been contemplating on buying the Cú figma too but the price wasn't justifiable (and because the rise of costs I've been buying less) and I'm just waiting for Cú's figure. That Rin figure from LE looks really pretty! I'm a huge fan of Umizo so to see other people buy their work too is always great :D The Iskandar merch is cute ;w; I'm not big into buying merch but I'd have definitely bought those cute keychains.
2 anos atrás
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