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This review is for the Dark Souls 3 Firekeeper statue released by Pandora-X studio. The figure measures around 28cm tall and appears to be 1/6 scale.


Figure box is a standard brown cardboard box with Pandora-X logo printed on, along with a chibi style Firekeeper sticker attached.


A document (probably a certificate or thank you letter) is enclosed inside and sealed by wax, which is a nice touch.


Figure itself is protected by stackable sponge protection padding. Main body in 1 layer, and arms + stand in second layer.





Sculpturing and painting of the main body is done very well. Alot of patterns were sculpted into her clothing, especially the scarf-vest around her shoulders (similar to the patterns on Prime 1 Lady Maria's jacket) . I did wish the scarf-vest and necklace were casted separately to the main clothing though, but its a minor issue. Gold/silver trimmings were mostly painted well, there were some slight overuns here and there but nothing major.




Face and hair

The face and hair are both painted very well. The facial skin flesh tone is just right, and the lips are finished with a realistic shine which is a nice touch. The only minor issues are that the flesh paint on the nose was abit thin, and gives the nose a slight whitish hue underneath the mask (depends on lighting condition), and it would've been nice if the green jewel on the mask was an actual clear resin piece instead of just green paint.







Both arms are magnetized at the elbow joint and slot into the sockets in the main body. I could only get them to fit when in the "clasped" position, and couldn't get them to stay in place in the "holding fire" position I've seen in some promo photos. Both hands are painted well, care was taken to paint the fingernails accurately. However, the texturing on the forearm bandages was quite flat and I wish they did some layering and weathering to give it a more realistic look.



The stand is sculptured to look like the flooring inside the Cemetery of Ash Bonfire area, and is painted very well. The statue rests freely ontop so care must be used when moving the set as to not let the statue fall off causing accidental breakage. The stand also has a metal numbering plaque on the bottom, which is a very nice touch.


In summary, I'm very happy with this statue, she has a few minor flaws but is overall a beautiful figure and looks amazing on display. I purchased her for around $260 USD excluding shipping, so she is about the right price for a custom 1/6 statue. Will be looking forward to more releases from this studio, hopefully they have more Dark souls characters in the pipeline!
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Is it still possible to buy her anywhere?
3 meses atrás
Love her so much as a DS3 character !
1 ano atrás
Looking amazing! Thanks for the review!
I'm so wanting one of those, but it's really hard to get =\
1 ano atrás
Haha yea Ikr, a version of her in the bowing or giggling poses would've been so cute XD
1 ano atrás
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Wow, she's gorgeous! The flaws you mentioned are unnoticeable imo. Only problem I can see is that they didn't make her in her cute laughing pose, hehe.
1 ano atrás
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