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FGO Jeanne Alter Photo ShootFGO Jeanne Alter Photo Shoot

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Hi everybody! This is Gyoza signing in. It's been a while since I've posted on My Figure Collection. What did you guys think about Mr. Arigato's New York Comic Con after report? I wasn't personally able to go to NYCC, but I loved hearing all the stories from you guys and fellow staff who had the opportunity to go!

As for me, I am slowly getting used to life at the office and am learning to balance work and personal life in Tokyo. I am spending my free time after work watching anime, drawing, singing, and playing mobile apps: Revue Starlight ReLIVE and Uchi no Hime-sama ga Ichiban Kawaii are my current obsessions. What are some mobile games you all are playing?

Speaking of mobile games, we have new photos we wanted to introduce to you all of Jeanne Alter from Fate/Grand Order that our good friend, Gale XV Photography, took for us to share with you all!


The setting perfectly resembles that of Shinjuku with the screens and banners that can be seen behind Jeanne.


Despite the casual clothing, you can still display her with La Pucelle as shown in-game in Epic of Remnant.


We spent a long time on the folds in her clothing, and you can tell the details of those folds clearly with the lighting used on Gale XV's set!


We also covered Lancer in the past. What other FGO photo shoots would you like to see next?

* Motorcycle and items seen on set are not for sale.

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See more of Gale XV Photography’s photos by visiting his Facebook.

- Gyoza
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Yorokobe Shounen..

Sorry had to do it --her pose reminds me of Kotomine XD
Nice pics and great review!
4 meses atrás
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