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Now that my collection has grown so much, I thought I'd write a blog about it! I can hardly believe it's been over 6 years since I joined this site and officially started collecting. Time really does fly. This won't cover my whole collection, since I have figures elsewhere, but it's most of it. Also apologies for the grainy photos, I don't have a decent camera. ;-;

Here's my main shelf, where I keep the majority of my video games and scale figures. It used to be completely dedicated to video games but alas, figures took over.

Aside from the Fairy Tail trio, these figures don't really match so it's more of a general fighter shelf with a darker color scheme than the Vocaloid rainbow below it.

My Vocaloid shelf! I finally obtained a complete set of Cryptonloids last year with the beautiful Hanairogoromo set (thank you Stronger!), so I'm pretty happy with this shelf at the moment. I may squeeze in another Vocaloid at some point (possibly Tianyi ITEM #669760 depending on how she turns out) but we'll see!

Not much to see here except my Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts. Kingdom Hearts is easily one of my favorite video game series (if not my absolute favorite) and I actually love these things. They're so cute! I would've liked to collect them all but I only have so much space. >.<

The bottom shelf is where I coincidentally keep some of my oldest figures, but that doesn't mean I love them any less! Shiki (ITEM #77886) was actually my very first scale figure, followed by Black Cat (ITEM #41656). It was a magical time. :')

Moving on, here's my alcove-ish area, with a dresser and another (much smaller) shelf. I'm planning on putting some floating shelves above the dresser eventually.

My Love Live! Birthday Project figures are the centerpiece here, LL is just so important to me for so many reasons. The Alter figures are beautiful but I personally love how bright and happy this set looks, plus I like the song and the meaning behind it. I was initially planning on only getting my two favorite pairings (NicoMaki and NozoEli) and Honk buut I’m thinking I may as well just complete the set now.

Here you can continue to see my obsession with displaying by color, and you can also start to see my Disney obsession. I freaking love DuckTales. Anyway, this area is meant to be more green/red/orange. Gumi unfortunately doesn’t fit well on my Vocaloid shelf but I really like her- the Vocaloid and the figure.

More Disney (I am very weak for Pooh and Piglet), a cute Pokemon keychain I got for Christmas, and some other things- including a very pretty LE of one of my favorite UtaPri songs, Lost Alice.

Moving onto the shelf, this is my PS4 shelf featuring Marie and Vault Boy. Marie is actually really nice for a prize figure!

Kingdom Hearts shelf, or I should call it my Sora-Donald-Goofy shrine haha. I just had to dedicate a shelf to my favorite RPG trio ever. <3

This shelf is a bit random, just where I keep some of my PSP games, my PS1 Final Fantasy’s, and assorted cute things. Sort of a work in progress but I think it looks fine for now.

My art books and doujinshi! I also had to display Majima’s (ITEM #520253) box as soon as I got him, it has to be one of my favorite box designs. And I’m hoping I can find a better place for my Tangled art book (another Christmas gift).

Last shelf!

Close-up of my monstrous corkboard. The saddest part is this isn’t even all of my straps. Straps are evil!!

Starting from the top, this is where I keep a big chunk of my Nendos. Choromatsu is adorable but he’s probably my least favorite, the stickers for the blank faceplate just don’t work and getting the glowsticks into his hands is a pain. :/

More Nendos and Tsum Tsums! These are unfortunately my only LL Sunshine figures. I was initially planning on completing the set like I did with the μ's Nendos, but I’m not as crazy about Aqours (outside of Dia and Ruby) so I might give Yoshiko and Riko away.

Sengoku Basara shelf, containing a portion of my Sengoku Basara merch. As unpopular as it is, I love this series.

The last two shelves are very nostalgic for me: Dragon Ball and Sonic the Hedgehog.

And here’s the last part that I’ll be covering! Since this is the basement, our second fridge is here, which allows me to display all my magnets! And I didn’t have anywhere else for my plushies, so on top they go. Can you spot the two Warios?

This dresser is much emptier but has some of my favorite figures and I’m saving a spot for GSC’s Erina (ITEM #324631). And on the wall shelf I have my Gift plushies and POPs (there aren’t many non-action figures of wrestlers, okay?).

This Kenshiro is easily the biggest figure I own. He’s amazing.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end! I may cover more in the future but that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!!
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Taskie131 ano atrás#47972360Very nice and organized collection indeed, I have to say though that it makes me a bit worried for your fairy tale figures (I think it was only them) on those very small cups! I would be far to nervous of them tipping over, just my personal fears for you!
Thank you! I can assure you that they're very stable, the glasses are very steady and the figures wouldn't suddenly tip over if they're centered on them. :) Although if the shelf wasn't in the wall, I'd be more nervous about someone knocking into it haha.
1 ano atrás
Talal1 ano atrás#47935084Nice collection but not my type of figures . All the best
Thanks! Out of curiosity, what type of figures do you collect?
1 ano atrás
Very nice and organized collection indeed, I have to say though that it makes me a bit worried for your fairy tale figures (I think it was only them) on those very small cups! I would be far to nervous of them tipping over, just my personal fears for you!
1 ano atrás
Nice collection but not my type of figures . All the best
1 ano atrás
Marshmallowpie1 ano atrás#47890357Your Vocaloid collection is great, it's nice to see so many different characters represented. And the fridge is awesome too.
Thank you, I was going for variety! Would love to see some other Vocaloids get figure treatment in the future. ^^
1 ano atrás
LoveChopper1 ano atrás#47881434love your setup, esp the straps section!! *feels with envy*
Haha I have too many. :') Thank you!
1 ano atrás
maraiatori1 ano atrás#47853882love your vocaloid collection!! cute setup :)
Thank you!!
1 ano atrás
evenstar881 ano atrás#47852656Very nice collection!
Thanks!! ^^
1 ano atrás
Your Vocaloid collection is great, it's nice to see so many different characters represented. And the fridge is awesome too.
1 ano atrás
love your setup, esp the straps section!! *feels with envy*
1 ano atrás
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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