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This review will be on the Nami SCultures Figure Colosseum Wedding Version figure by Banpresto. It is based off the wedding dress Nami wore when she was to be force-married to Absalom during the Thriller Bark arc.


This figure was my last figure received in 2018, I had spent quite some time looking for her - she's very sought after despite being only a prize figure, probably because this is currently the only Thriller Bark wedding Nami figure in the market.

So I managed to snag her off Mandarake (mint and unopened, yay!) - again, if you want to see this figure's popularity, just watch how fast she gets sold off on Mandarake everytime she comes up available. It was a complete nightmare trying to snag her fast but I finally did it.

She arrived end of December by way of registered SAL, uneventfully.


THE BOX: 7/10
The box is small, standard prize figure box. The front of the box features images of the figure itself against a black background, probably in keeping with the haunted atmosphere of Thriller Bark. The gold Toei sticker is over the top flap, lower right corner.

The sides of the box are also quite unremarkable - one side shows the enlarged image of the figure, and another side shows the different figures featured in this Figure Colosseum series. And I guess I will be getting only Nami for this series, the others do not interest me.

https://i.postimg.cc/W327rFrX/vq4h1u.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/rsZgqVDg/ehywbb.jpg

The back of the box again features an image of the figure and her sculptor I am guessing.

The box design overall is quite plain and very typical of prize figure boxes - small, compact, thin and with multiple images of the figure plastered over all the surfaces. Nothing very significant.

The packaging is also pretty standard as for all prize figures, there's a taped stiff cardboard compartment that holds all the parts of the figure to one side (which is sealed in a clear plastic). Simple, but it does its job - the figure came without any damage whatsoever.

THE BASE: 5/10
This is definitely one of the plainest bases I have ever gotten - again, as is typical of prize figure bases.

The base is black but is actually translucent so when you lift it to the light, you can see the words (which I don't know the meaning of - probably something along the lines of Figure Colosseum?). There's two holes for both her feet to fit into.
https://i.postimg.cc/PrcKcqs5/2hn5nya.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/tJ420Z4Y/315n4lc.jpg

The figure comes in 4 parts: the upper torso, lower half of the body, the weapon (comes in 2 small parts), and the base.

Again, no rocket science needed to put this figure together, just join the upper half of her body to the lower half and you have Nami pretty and ready to go. I do not know if this is an issue with my figure in particular but she does not jam down all the way, and I can feel there's still some space between the upper and lower half of her body - which causes her hand to just float above the spot she's supposed to hold on to her skirt (will show in the later pictures).

Her weapon is also pretty simple to put together, just join the separate parts together after slipping one end through her right hand.

I quite like the sculpt of Nami's face here, as we always get figures with Nami smiling and happy, and rarely do we get figures of her with a battle-mode face. So this one here is quite refreshing. The paint on her face isn't top-notch, as a prize figure. Her hair is also done quite well, the individual strands sculpted nicely.
https://i.postimg.cc/85KL6yTz/1499tu0.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/VL3BgHnS/w5n6d.jpg

Her wedding veil is a nice touch. It is made of soft PVC and semi-translucent, so it really gives off the impression of being soft and flowy. And hints of her hair can be seen underneath - I thought that was pretty neat. They peppered the top part of the veil with rough dots (probably for a 'pearly' effect), and this is seen throughout her bodice too - does not really do much but it does not take away anything from the figure so that's fine.

The necklace is painted on and is not movable from the figure. Earrings are red and plain. I guess the pearly texture is quite good so the figure does not look so plain in a simple white gown - you can see it lining the edge of the bust.
Her chest is ample enough, not lewd.

The figure cannot stand on its own without the base - both feet have pegs to fit to the base and they fit in quite smoothly without problem for mine. Shoes are shiny white and very good.
https://i.postimg.cc/T1sjZts4/34pgzux.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/63YfhWfw/2j64xtt.jpg

The dress is shiny white and glossy, and it really looks good from afar. But on closer inspection, the PVC especially in glossy white, comes off very cheap on the eye. The skirt folds are sculpted well, and gives off a nice sense of motion to the skirt. They even sculpted the corset of the bodice well, finished off with a tied ribbon.

And this was what I mentioned earlier about her left hand not fitting well to hold the dress. See how the left hand hovers above the skirt fabric that is supposed to be held in said hand? I don't know if it is an issue with only my figure, or if I am doing something wrong. Any advice or feedback would be very welcome.

THE POSE: 9/10
I love this pose, it's probably the best battle-ready pose you could have that showcases the full extent of her wedding dress and veil. The figure looks dynamic at every angle, and I thought it was really quite good.
https://i.postimg.cc/NMf1Lhqn/2e0qxhx.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/8kZZRHZW/2reis8z.jpg

https://i.postimg.cc/yNKh4gfs/xdsh7p.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/Z5pPMFxw/n9qgp.jpg

I thought this Nami prize figure is really quite pretty with a good dynamic pose - and she IS the only Thriller Bark wedding Nami in the market currently.

What I would change would probably be the size - as a fan of 1/8 scale figures, I would have preferred if she was a little bigger - she's not far off but a height of 21-22cm would have been really nice.

The base is also really plain for a bridal design figure.

But otherwise, she is really pretty decent, especially for the price! If you are looking for only one Nami figure for your collection, I would not recommend this one. But if you are a fan of her or of the Thriller Bark arc, then you will like this figure. I would rate her a 7/10.

- Dynamic pose (rare to get a Nami figure in battle mode)
- Wedding dress and veil prettily done
- The only Thriller Bark wedding Nami figure (and highly sought after!)
- Cheap price

- Terrible base
- Upper and bottom halves of body not an accurate fit
- Quality not so refined at all as it is a prize figure
- Smaller than 1/8 scale
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Maakie1 ano atrás#57487586Was interested in this review, but it seems like your hosted pictures are not working anymore. :O
Oh dear, seems like it. Will rectify it once I am back from vacation. Thanks for the heads up!
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Was interested in this review, but it seems like your hosted pictures are not working anymore. :O
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SakuraUchiha1 ano atrás#50402011Haha well you got beautiful figures of Nami though. <3
Thanks! :D
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evenstar881 ano atrás#50398763Actually she's not my favourite female character in the series despite my owning several of her figures XD
Her figure range is very extensive given her huge fanbase.

Haha well you got beautiful figures of Nami though. <3
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SakuraUchiha1 ano atrás#50397449Haha you seem to love Nami alot <3
Actually she's not my favourite female character in the series despite my owning several of her figures XD
Her figure range is very extensive given her huge fanbase.
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Haha you seem to love Nami alot <3
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