[NSFW] Ping-Yi - T2 Art☆Girls - Skytube Premium(Alphamax)[NSFW] Ping-Yi - T2 Art☆Girls - Skytube Premium(Alphamax)Review

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Hello collectors!! I'm going to share my thoughts on Ping-Yi ITEM #457060, my first T2 girl. I had waiting for a chance to buy T2 girls for many years. I skip all Shinning merchandises, looking for something special. And I met Ping-Yi. Chinese dresses=deal maker.

This girl comes with the instrument, 2 left arms, one pulling the hemline, the other one is for insertion. Each of them works with a specific hemline parts which can be attached by magnet. Plus an alternative bottom body part.
And an orgasm expression. XD

As the rival of Jin-Lian, Ping-Yi has opposite characteristics.
Pure like water, the one you always desire.
Kneeling, holding an instrument, looks embarrassed,trying not to have the pantsu being exposed. She pulls the hemline really tight.

She looks innocent, harmless but desirable, again, just like water.
Hair ends are translucent, matches with the see-through under skirt.

White pantsu, the thing you can only dream of, is on such a cute girl.

Ping-Yi literally means the vase, the floral print is a reference to traditional Asian ceramic vases.
Put that instrument aside so I can have a better view.

The base itself is an art piece with stunning embossment.
In order to hold Ping-Yi on the base, a L-rod is required to be install on to the plate. It's not very noticeable as the rod is transparent.
Without the rod hooking her leg, Ping-Yi might lose balance.
Just be careful when you're installing the rod, don't apply too much pressure on it.

-Castoff Fever-

The packaging is ideal for displaying inside the box.


The letter "M" for marvelous

You can cut the hemline showing only the under skirt to taste her butts. :P
"figure lickin' good."


Sculpting: 8/10
Overall finishing is superb, hair accessories and earrings show great details. Wrinkles on the dress look natural. A faithful recreation of Tony's art especially the posture is sexy. Her expressions are also well made.

Painting: 10/10
painting is flawlessly done with pearl white as the main color. The outlines and prints are precisely,delicately and carefully painted.

Posing: 8/10
The kneeling post is so tempting but the drawback is also obvious. Sometimes the girl falls off showing some problem on balancing. Might rely on the hook to keep her safe on the base.

Base: 7/10
The plate looks stunning but in terms of functionality, the design is questionable that the base needs a extra part to hold her position. With that being said, the little L-rod can be easily damaged and it couldn't support the girl firmly.

Packaging: 9/10
A hard shell case with a big window on the front, really ideal for displaying inside the box. And side windows is a good feature as you can enjoy peeping.

Enjoyment: 8/10
It shows Alphamax's capability to delivery product quality. Ping-Yi sets a high standard for castoff figures and I hope the later releases can be as good as her. Technically speaking, Ping-Yi is a simple design, well handled so doesn't look too boring. The instrument looks good but lack substance inside as Ping-Yi can't carry anything heavy. Although she struggles on balancing, the posture is faithfully recreated. This is a give and take, I say yes!

Who is this figure for?

Skytube Premium has put so much effort on their products if you like high quality castoff, this one is a good choice.It's for the fellow Tony fans and/or Chinese dress lovers.
If you have high expectations on figures this one won't let you down.
She is a typical Tony girl design but with higher quality than ever before.
The plain design might break the deal but I believe she is a good add-on to your collection.
Just be patient as there is a continuous speculation going on.

I hope you enjoy your time with Ping-Yi.
Feel free to leave me comments and share your thoughts.
Maybe check out my profile for more.

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Heavenly_Otaku1 ano atrás#49584502Thanks for your review of this figure. She was reviewed by another collector sometime earlier.
BLOG #40986
I see that your are china dress hunter, allow me to suggest some figure of this taste, apart from your wishlist.
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Thanks for your comment again.
I m impressed by your hard work, mate. Really appreciate it.

Matabei has an amazing costume; Kataigou dresses up nicely as well.
and I should start picking up a Chun-Li figure, thanks for reminding me that one.

2019-2020 is gonna be the China Dress Year I see many related figures pending. Let's see what would be announced in the upcoming WF.
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Thanks for your review of this figure. She was reviewed by another collector sometime earlier.
BLOG #40986

I see that your are china dress hunter, allow me to suggest some figure of this taste, apart from your wishlist.
ITEM #763
ITEM #967
ITEM #42445
ITEM #19598
ITEM #349077
ITEM #26574
ITEM #457123
ITEM #261133
ITEM #331579
ITEM #360
ITEM #93240
ITEM #234543
ITEM #549184
ITEM #61786
ITEM #99020
ITEM #2453
ITEM #121
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