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  • You could try checking Yahoo auctions
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    Drizzyrissy1 ano atrás#49632457Thank you! I think the blue is sold out though but it’s good to know where to buy them
    Make an account and add it to your watch list. It will pop up eventually, you'll receive an email. Then have a deputy service ready to buy it. I've purchased more extremely rare items than I can count this way.
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    Venetica1 ano atrás#49605703Red www.suruga-ya.j...
    Blue www.suruga-ya.j...

    Thank you! I think the blue is sold out though but it’s good to know where to buy them
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    Is this Manda page the only indication you have that this figure exists? If so, there's a possibility it was never put up for sale and the variant was a special gift at an event or to investors or some other special situation, and there's only an incredibly limited number of them out there. If that's the case, the odds of ever finding out the specifics are pretty slim unless you can speak Japanese and do some JA-language web searches. If you're looking to buy it, your best bet is to set a Manda alert via the page you linked and stalk YJA using the most generic search terms you can. One may eventually pop up again.
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    Rajke Ca Fanatic
    I saw the figure in your link and the blue one is some kind of surprise. For now i only thought it is silver or gold painted. The blue version isn't in the MFC database either. Interesting fact is that the figure in the link you found is indeed blue instead of the silver one. Is it possible that the manufacturer used the boxes of the silver version for the blue version too? (Only saw this once with another manufacturer)
    I think that a hunt here on MFC with the silver version is something that could be helpfull in your search for this figure.
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