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Fate/Grand Order - Saber Lily - 1/7 (Licorne)Fate/Grand Order - Saber Lily - 1/7 (Licorne)

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Hey, fellow mfc-members and welcome
to another review!

*insert something or other about this being picture-heavy and such* (●´⌓`●)

This time I’ll be reviewing ITEM #549592 Saber Lily (or Artoria Lily if you will) from Fate/Grand Order in her third ascension made by Licorne. Yup, another Saber… and oh boy have I been eyeing this one for a while… I didn’t preorder her initially because…. Well, I didn’t even know she existed and then the aftermarket was kinda meh, plus I had some preorder heavy months. Shortly after ITEM #464744 got announced too, so I wanted to wait how the painted prototype looks. Now to me, this one looks more charming so here we are now, after my darling best friend SERANIS gave this beauty to me as a present (thank you!). (๑♡3♡๑)
So, without further ado let’s take a look at her. :3

Saber comes in a pleasantly compact cardboard box featuring a simple, yet elegant marble design adorned with lilies and gold ornaments framing the windows. A large one spans the top and front of the box while you can find a smaller one at the back. The sides show pictures of the figure with her 2 display options on what almost looks like cameos decorated with lilies. The bottom features the usual warnings and product information.
The blister just like the box is compact but does its job well.

For this Saber we have 3: Main figure, exchangeable hand with Caliburn and the base (no instruction sheet).

Speaking of the exchangeable hand it sure looks nice, especially the shading on the white glove, adding more depth. Caliburn too is painted and sculpted really well, no flaws to speak of and the engraving being actually… well “engraved” sure makes a good impression.

The base is a marble-like looking disc with a circle of gold ornaments decorating the rim. A simple and classy choice imo, very fitting for this figure and with a diameter of roughly 12cm not a terrible space hog.

Now for the (first) 360° overview….
With her holding her hand to her face it's a bit hard to display Saber Lily in a way that lets you see her cute face properly. Additionally, some angles might seem weird seeing how her legs are aligned. It looks a bit like she's falling over to one side, Yet she looks great from the intended display angle (and a number of others imo), which is more than enough for me.

I just love her facial expression. Her smile looks cute and pure, yet also somewhat playful, especially with the way she's holding her hand. You can almost those pretty green eyes twinkle bit.

The shading on her hair is spot-on, the sculpt too looks nice though if you look closely you can see a few excess bits of plastic at the fringe (still nothing that catches your eye at first glance). The seam at the top of Saber's head looks clean and the hair going into her ponytail shows a nice amount of detail. Said ponytail too looks decent, though I'm not a fan of the seams and the glued-in strand of hair. About the bow I have no complaints, the way it flows along with the hair adds a nice sense of movement to the figure.

Going further down, we can see that her collar and ribbon look fairly nice, with the sculpt adding depth where shading couldn't be applied.

The dress has a subtly pearlescent finish and accentuates Saber's body nicely. You can even see signs of her rib cage beneath it. It also retains a strong sense of realism with the folds suggesting heavy fabric, while still clinging to her body. We can also see more than just a hint of her chest at the sides since the dress is cut very low there (somehow not in an indecent way though). At the back the great body sculpt continues with the shoulder blades and the soft shading applied there. It's also noteworthy that her skin has a soft finish similar to certain Alter, Stronger and Amakuni figures.

A few excess bits of plastic can be found on her gloves, but they look good otherwise, the shading in particular (again).

Her skirt consists of two layers fluttering around and those are painted and sculpted very well. The lower layer with the ruffles in particular. My only minor complaint would be the seam between the rim and upper layer on the front which looks a tad uneven.

Now for the obligatory look under Saber's skirt and at her legs (ofc under spoiler since it's slightly NSFW)
View spoilerHide spoilerWe see a pair of simple black panties that goes well with the garters and stockings. The lilies on the garters are a really nice touch and make the whole get-up look kinda classy.
What a cute bum she has~♡

These are some damn fine legs if I may say so with proper definition in the right places. The shiny finish and shading on the stockings sure reinforce that impression.

Fitting for the simple yet elegant overall design the shoes are plain black pumps. Not particularly remarkable but the shiny finish does look nice.

Now for the second spin-around with Saber holding Caliburn...
I do think this combination looks good, but I personally won't display her like this (for now). I like the simple and cute allure of the figure without the sword more and the pose doesn't exactly scream ready for battle to me either.

Last but not least some size comparisons...
Saber Lily reaches a height of roughly 21,5cm considering her stated character height of 154cm and the fact that she's supposed to be a 1/7 scale figure she feels a tad too short. Yes, her pose is a bit bent but she's wearing heels. Well, I suppose putting her next to other figures is more convincing.

Next to 1/8 figures she looks bigger but ITEM #141 comes surprisingly close in terms of face size and proportions, ITEM #78585 too if you look closely.

These 2 make a nice pair for sure, but ITEM #287683 is a bit bigger after all, while also being 1/7 (and average one in terms of size).

Anything bigger than 1/7 shows that Saber Lily is just that a 1/7 figure, albeit on the smaller end of the scale.

I had some minor complaints here and there but overall the figure is really executed really well. For a relatively new company this sure is a way to set the bar. Now that I have her, I fell in love pretty quickly, the simple yet elegant and pure design is so hard to resist (not that I wanted to). :3

That's it for this review! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! ^^
If you don’t mind, I’d love some constructive criticism,
but if you don’t feel like posting any your thoughts on the figure are also very welcome. :3
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
SnowZelda (29 dias atrás) #55016497Nice review! It makes me want to get her - I love the marble looking base too that is a really good touch haha I actually don't have a lot fo constructive criticism because I think you did such an awesome review!Thank you! :3
Well, the aftermarket isn't exactly kind if you want to get her (the initial price was high already), but you might get lucky if you check on her regularly. I do like it too and while the lily base of ITEM #464744 looks nice as well, I do prefer this (not that I expect Aquamarine to pull it off perfectly anyway).
"Not a lot" means you do have some, don't be shy with it, I still strive to improve after all (pm is fine too). ^^
29 dias atrás
Nice review! It makes me want to get her - I love the marble looking base too that is a really good touch haha I actually don't have a lot fo constructive criticism because I think you did such an awesome review!
29 dias atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Josine (29 dias atrás) #54976543Nice review! I have her too, she's really a great and elegant figure! Thank you ! :3
She really is and I'm such a sucker for this type of figure. <3
29 dias atrás
Nice review! I have her too, she's really a great and elegant figure!
29 dias atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Sakura0055 (1 mês atrás) #54911439Amazing review! Loved the photos and the explanaitions, great gob!^^Thank you so much! :3 I'm glad you like it.
1 mês atrás
Amazing review! Loved the photos and the explanaitions, great gob!^^
1 mês atrás
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
evenstar88 (1 mês atrás) #54896234Really loving how clear the pictures are :)Thank you! :3
I recently got a new phone with a vastly improved camera (still have to figure out how to properly use it though).
1 mês atrás
Really loving how clear the pictures are :)
1 mês atrás