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Rising of the Shield Hero Pins - Diary Entry #2Rising of the Shield Hero Pins - Diary Entry #2

mezamizumezamizu1 mês atrásDiary
Hi anyone who's stopping by, thanks for coming to check this out ^-^ (And welcome back anyone who's coming to check on the update of my little stuff)
Also, Hello future me if I'm reading this later <3
This is just another update for my personal log on my little project~
as well as the start on the next chapter of life after that kind of stupid situation I decided to get myself into.

A small recap for anyone that's new:
View spoilerHide spoilerRising of the Shield Hero recently got an anime adaption, and I was very taken by the show. Early on in the running, there wasn't much merch for the show (at least when I checked mfc, there's a lot more merch now, so that makes me happy). So at the time I had decided to make pins, since I had began to dabble in drawing, and made a little Naofumi animation.

I resonate with the show and enjoy it a lot, so I look forward to collecting merch for it

Back to the topic of some life issues that lead to my interest in art. I was finally able to over come the situation I was forced into, and stop taking care of the relative I didn't have any plans to take care of. I won't go into too much detail about it, but I did not know the relative until they asked me to take care of them. I'm a little upset at myself for letting myself get into that situation. So I just hope that from here on out I'll be a little more assertive. My life is a lot better now that I worked up the nerve to just express my frustration over the subject and say "no".

I feel a connection to Naofumi, not as extreme as in his case, but I felt like the whole situation was just thrown on me and it felt like I did nothing to deserve it at all. Alongside having to take care of that relative, the same people who asked me to take care of that relative were blaming me for issues that arose regarding their health, when they were the ones refusing to let me feed them the correct diet the doctors recommended.

I'm glad that I'll be able to go back to just doing normal things again, and being an active member in the nendo split club again.

The project ends pretty soon. It's done surprisingly well! I don't really know much about how passionate I will be about art in a few years from now, but it's a very nice outlet for me currently, so I'm doing a lot of it in my free time.

I also got into needle felting a bit. It's a little hard, (And sometimes I'm clumsy so I accidentally stab myself) but it looks really cute when it's done.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get all the designs made. But I will get a Naofumi, Filo, and Raphtalia set, which is pretty cute (and a lot more than I could ever hope for). I wish other artists would start making merch for the show (maybe they're working on it now for cons, or maybe they just don't watch a lot of isekai)

There's not too much else to talk about regarding the actual project. So sorry if this was kind of boring. >~<

I also hope that I can maybe make my first ita bags. With the stuff I'm making, as well as with my Megumin strap collection View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/mezamizu1537068998.jpeg. (I recently got some more Megumin stuff from a kuji raffle set, they're really nice, I like the art and the range of Megumin designs they had). I'm kind of glad the art for those were nice, since I usually have a hard time finding acrylic charms of Megumin I like.

So thanks again for reading if you got this far! Have a nice day everyone~
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I have been loving the series too ! It's still bitter-sweet what are you going through, but I can relate through you story and the Shield hero.
As for the merchs, I think we need a bit of time, I won't rush and trying to find some merchs right now, in a couple of months we get the Wonder Festival Summer, I'm pretty sure we are going to see some Raphtalia and Filo figures (I love them so much :c definitely a must buy for me) and some merchs.
Also by making your own merch with your own art, this is great, you will get more satisfaction and also more proximity with your merchs, cherish them :p .
1 mês atrás
Congrats on getting some designs manufactured! I've been interested in getting some designs myself, but I'm not comfortable enough with my art to do something like that just yet. Maybe in a year or so! Haha. It's always cool to see new pin makers pop up. Hope it goes well for you, and hopefully you'll be able to get those other designs made down the line!
1 mês atrás
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