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Rising of the Shield Hero Pins - Diary Entry #2Comentários • Rising of the Shield Hero Pins - Diary Entry #2

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    I have been loving the series too ! It's still bitter-sweet what are you going through, but I can relate through you story and the Shield hero.
    As for the merchs, I think we need a bit of time, I won't rush and trying to find some merchs right now, in a couple of months we get the Wonder Festival Summer, I'm pretty sure we are going to see some Raphtalia and Filo figures (I love them so much :c definitely a must buy for me) and some merchs.
    Also by making your own merch with your own art, this is great, you will get more satisfaction and also more proximity with your merchs, cherish them :p .
    28 dias atrás
    Congrats on getting some designs manufactured! I've been interested in getting some designs myself, but I'm not comfortable enough with my art to do something like that just yet. Maybe in a year or so! Haha. It's always cool to see new pin makers pop up. Hope it goes well for you, and hopefully you'll be able to get those other designs made down the line!
    28 dias atrás
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