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Girls und Panzer collection journey part 7Girls und Panzer collection journey part 7

fc_deanfc_dean1 mês atrásDiary
It’s been a while since the last update to this journey. Well, a lot have been going on.
In part 6, I compared GSC BT-42 with Tamiya BT-42. Finding that GSC version was more true to Girls und Panzer, I decided to stick with GSC version.

No new tanks will be talked about here although I AM currently working on M4 Sherman and Type 10 tanks. They are in building phase and yet to be painted.

I was also busy with painting a garage kit: Kay, Naomi and Alisa from Saunders high school. It was my first ever attempt at painting a garage kit and it was an utter whackjob. I didn’t completely fail though. Alisa came out okay-ish. Kay and Namoi came out worse.
You can read the whole ordeal here.


And I found a good spot to put tanks. I think it’s a good spot to display them. Chances are that it is going to be not enough if I put all tanks in, but quite frankly, dedicating a bigger spot for these models is going to take some serious cash as well as dedication.
Personally, I am not willing to go that far but who knows. I can put most of tanks on this top. I can add 2 more at least. M4 Sherman will go there and one more tank.


You can also spot Volks 1/16 Yukari kit in the photos which comes mostly painted. I chose not to do fine touches on it in fear of messing it up. I may finish it one day in the future though. I just don’t feel confident enough to pull it off at the moment.
You can see my review of the kit here.


So, so far -
===== Completed ones =====
Panzer 4 – Yukari
Tiger 1 – Maho
CV33 – Anchovy
Ami – Type 10 in WIP
BT-42 – Mika
T-34 - Katyusha and Nonna
Churchill MK 7 – Darjeeling
===== Work in progress =====
Type 10, M4 Sherman, Alisa, Kay, and Naomi

===== On its way ======
KV-2 (Russian tank)
P40 (Italian tank)
M2 Locust (Amerian tank)
Semovente M40 (Italian tank)
Amie-Grand Pravda high school team 1/16 scale kit (3 characters)
Medicom Miho


The collection is coming along. Actually, I am starting to think that it’s getting out of hand. I mean it’s getting huge now. And, with me taking my hands at garage kits, the possibilities have expanded.

Amie-Grand Saunders school kit gave me Kay, Alisa, Naomi which, in return, allowed to me get M4 Sherman and M2 Locust.
Meanwhile I’ve managed to track down 1/20 scale garage kits of Orange Pekoe and Fukuda. This means that I can acquire 2 more tanks. One is Type 95 Ha-Go. The other is yet to be decided but probably Cromwell tank for Pekoe.

Until next time, Panzor vor
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rogue_g (1 mês atrás) #55092161Stuff

Thinning paint was something I got to learn first when I began airbrushing tanks. Yeah, for new people, this is the first thing they must get a hold of.

I used painter's tape to mask parts. But it seems some parts (like shoes) do not need to be airbrushed to begin with. This is something I am going to try with the next kit when it arrives if ever. I hate SAL.

I do have very thin brushes. It seems, though, that paint brand matter. Tamiya paint proved a lot more reliable.
1 mês atrás
Thanks for keeping the updates going, it's fun to see the process, especially given the few times I have thought of going this route for a GuP set myself. The usual laziness and anxiety sets in, so all the more power to ya to keep pressing forward!

Little advice I can suggest for what it's worth:
- Have you tried masking parts instead of using tape before? Works a lot better to keep clean lines, and a lot more guaranteed to do its job vs tape, especially at this scale.
- Look into possibly getting ink washes, cut with water and apply to jackets or boots for better depth. It can get messy, thin brush would work best.
- More of a reminder given your experience, but to anyone else reading: THIN YOUR PAINTS!

That's all. Looking forward to the Pravda team attempt after your lessons learned from the Saunders team.
1 mês atrás
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