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Collection/Room Tour 2019Collection/Room Tour 2019

chiisai-himechiisai-hime1 mês atrásDiary
Collection tour 2019

I've been hard-core collecting for quite a few years now, and my space is running really thin, so I thought I'd show you guys what I've amassed in my 5 years!

Warning: lots of pictures (some are in spoilers so you're not overloaded)


This is my main shelf. Above and around that shelf is my pokemon plush collection which is another bag of worms XD By the way, anyone know what the model of this case is? I think it was from Ikea way back when... and I really want to add a glass shelf in the top middle for smaller things like my boxed nendos.

And let's break it down to see the changes!
My childhood area XD This hasn't changed much from 2 years ago. However, I did have fate stuff on the upper shelf instead (Lancer is now boxed because of his scale >_<). The only addition to the second shelf is Sesshomaru who I finally got at a reasonable price.
VS before
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/chiisai-hime1470789764.jpeg

Under that is my favorite shelf dedicated to Natsume Yuujinchou (hasn't changed much either even though I have a lot of merch from this series not displayed), along with Shounen Jump series.
Compared to before, pretty much no changes to the NY shelf and I've gotten more Naruto figures (don't even have room to display Kakashi and Temari right now -_-)
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/chiisai-hime1446514270.jpeg

Moving on to my Tales shelf which is also one of my favorites~ Things had to be re-arranged when I bought Sorey and Mikleo so it looks a little different.
vs before
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/chiisai-hime1470789768.jpeg

My middle shelf has changed a lot. I had Lelouch here before I decided to put him somewhere else. It has a sort of angel vs devil theme going on. There's still a good chunk of space above though so there's hope for expansion if I'm handy enough.
At one point my middle shelf was pretty bare bones like this and I had my pokemon plush there.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/chiisai-hime1470789762.jpeg

The left side is for more modern series. The top shelves are mostly idols & sports!
I don't have old pictures for this side XD

Below that is some more modern-ish fantasy. I wish I had room on the other side for Tourabu and random Hakuouki though. And you've probably noticed that I don't have any plastic risers! Yeah, I don't like plastic on a wooden shelf so I try to keep it to wooden pedestals/glassware, but Mikazuki and Red are on books (I love that Grandfather's Blessing matches Mikazuki's color so well). Okita is on an extra from the Saiunkoku Monogatari DVD box which functions as a bookend right now.

Next is my sub shelf. It's visible to all house guests so I try to keep it to mainstream series that even people who aren't anime fans would know.

Thanks for reading through most of my collection!

Some of my figures (mostly nendoroids/figma and a few scales/prizes like hugeass Deep Sea Miku) are boxed due to shelf space >_<
I wish I could find a better way to display merch because those are mostly hidden in plastic boxes, including my proplicas and wands. I do have a lot of related cups and plates etc in my kitchen cupboard though :P

Most of my manga, dvds, and magazines are tucked away in another closed cabinet that's not pictured. And lol, all my doujinshi is hidden so you won't be seeing those... ever XD
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Do you display all your figures?

  • 37%Of course! I plan it all out.
  • 15%Yeah, I bought enough shelves.
  • 18%Yes, I don't have that many figures yet.
  • 4%No, I don't want to.
  • 26%NoSpace.Iranoutalongtimeago!
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Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
Amazing! You got all the guys I like. Itachi, Garra, Sasuke....,FA brothers and Roy Mustang
And Tales!!! I like Vesperia the most, would want Yuri!
27 dias atrás
*filled with envy*
29 dias atrás
evenstar88 (29 dias atrás) #55090966I absolutely adore your collection! :D If I may ask, how often do you dust your figures?
I once attempted displaying my figures in open racks (because my Detolf can only hold so much) but gave up just 2 weeks into it because of how fast the dust collects on them in open air.

Thanks~ I dust them once every few months. I think it helps that I have a HEPA air purifier on if it gets too dusty! Haha, I'm all about reducing the work XD
29 dias atrás
I absolutely adore your collection! :D If I may ask, how often do you dust your figures?
I once attempted displaying my figures in open racks (because my Detolf can only hold so much) but gave up just 2 weeks into it because of how fast the dust collects on them in open air.
29 dias atrás
I plan on displaying my figures...someday
1 mês atrás

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