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Review originally uploaded on the 4th of April 2019. Image hosting lost in December 2019. Fixed most of the image hosting on the 22nd of June 2020. If image hosting is (partially) lost again, let me know and I will look into fixing it again.

! There is a wall of text in the beginning! If you want to see the figure + pictures and not the background information, you can scroll down a bit. ;) !

Marked as NSFW, as there are some outfits that are bodysuit-like, which can be considered as so. Furthermore, there are a few tiny panty shots.

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a trading figure set called One Coin Grande Moeru Eitango ~Moetan~ ENTRY #93640 , which consists of three figures from the character Nijihara Ink ENTRY #3742 and three figures from the character Pastel Ink ENTRY #3741 from the series Moetan ENTRY #192 ! This set is made by Kotobukiya ENCYCLOPEDIA #7621 , from back in the days where scaled manufacturers regularly meddled around in the trading figure field. You will notice that these trading figures are a bit more expensive than the average trading figure, and at the same time, they are also a lot bigger and higher in quality than the average one. It's a bit similar to the 'premium' prize figures we have now, these 'premium' trading figures from 10+ years ago really stood for quality back then.

I will start off with telling some more about her background.


Moetan is originally a series of (joke) English learning books. If you want to see some of the contents of these books, you can look at this older loot blog of mine: BLOG #25997 . The popularity of these books, later also made an anime being made possible. The anime is a parody on the whole loli and magical girl genre and is very recommendable if you want a good laugh while looking at cute characters.

Ink is a young looking girl, although she is 17, and later 18 in the end of the series. She has a huge crush on a boy called Nao. When the chance comes around for her to become a magical girl and transform into another version of herself with different hair color and cute magical girl outfit, she grabs this chance to become close with Nao, without Nao ever realizing that this 'alter ego' Pastel Ink, is actually the Ink he goes to school with.

The reason why and how I got this set

I bought this set a while ago when I did a big group order, you can see the full loot in which I got these figures here: BLOG #40486 . I got them in the condition of 'all boxes opened to check which were inside, figures sealed'. I already owned a few loose Moetan trading figures and when I saw these for sale for a good price, I got very excited to pick them up and decided I would later think about my doubles and the few missing ones to complete the collection.


For people that prefer the box shots, first look and first shots of the figure as a video, please take a look at the inserted video below. For the people interested in pictures: keep on scrolling!

Parts of this video will also appear as gifs during this review!

The Box


The set was sold to me with the original sales box, which is used for store displays when the figures are sold individually.


The box fits 10 figures, of which mine is filled with the 6 original colors. This means that if you would have bought a full and sealed box, even if you would be so lucky to barely get doubles, you still need to buy at least 3 boxes to be sure to have all the different ones as most have 3 color variations in total. But realistically, color variations are mostly made in a lot lower amounts than the normal colors, so you probably would need at least 5 boxes for the chance of a full set. This is why the aftermarket for most high quality trading figures is quite big.

Image hosting of gif lost.





All of the figures in this set come in the same box, which makes sealed ones a surprise which one you are getting. There are 6 different figures in total, of which 1 is a secret. This review will be about all of the normal color variations.

The box is quite compact, shows all the artwork the figures are based on at the side and has a lot of cute colors!



The top has a piece of cardboard that can be easily ripped open to reveal the figure inside. The previous owner (or the shop), opted for opening the boxes at the bottom to keep damage minimal.

Figure #1: Pastel Ink bending forward and scolding Ah-kun ITEM #3039

Original art


On this figure, Ink actually looks a lot more serious in her scolding than on the original artwork. Unlike Ah-Kun, who is posed more cutely in this figure.


All figures are bagged in around 2-3 individual pieces and assembly only means that you have to put it on it's base. This one comes with Pastel Ink and a loose Ah-Kun.






Straight out of the box you can see a huge problem with this figure, and that is that it doesn't fit well on it's pegs and it started leaning forward very quickly. For the sake of the review, I did not make any changes to figures straight out of the box, but I am planning on making the peg holes in this figure (and others from this set) bigger later.


Ah-kun really looks adorable and his paint is almost flawless. There is even some shading on his beak and tie even though it's such a small figure.


Ink's scolding face is a combination of angry and cute and that small pointing finger packs some more power to the pose!


The clunky and oversized shoes this character designer is well known for, are painted and sculpted very well.


There is a minor paint-letdown at the top of her sock and a minor gap between her leg and the attachment to her lower body, but overall this is not too worrisome for the age, price and size of this figure. Her bodysuit shows quite some wrinkles sculpted in that are also shaded well.


The big ribbon on her back also has a high amount of shading.


Her hair goes from light blue at the top, to dark blue at the bottom. Her small pigtails are looking cute as well.

Figure #2: Nijihara Ink cosplaying as her alter ego Pastel Ink ITEM #28148

Original art


Ink's pose is quite different in the original artwork, also she looks a lot more confident in the figure. The only similarities are the small eraser-mascot and the outfit itself. What's very fun to point out about the outfit, is that it's a handmade cosplay from our normal Ink Nijihara to look like her magical girl version, Pastel Ink. You will see that the hat is a piece of folded cardboard, and the actual bodysuit is just her school swimsuit with a few details sewed on. She also wears the sleeves of her regular school uniform.







This figure is just simply adorable! I always loved this artwork of Ink cosplaying and I really like having a figure from it now!


The eraser-mascot (of which I can't remember if he has a name) appears throughout the book and also has a short appearance in the anime. He is sculpted and painted well for such a small piece.


Ink's adorable face really wants you to pinch those cheeks! There is also a crease sculpted by her winking eye. Her hair is pink with some yellow shades here and there.


The detailing here is quite well done for it's size.


What I really like in the original illustration and what is missing here, are the big sewing lines that are supposed to show here from her bathing suit to the white fabric. I think it was a bit too much detail for such a small figure, still I appreciate those little wrinkles at the top, indicating that this wasn't made by a professional seamstress.


Her boots and socks are also from her school uniform, but in all honesty, they are very similar to the boots and socks of her magical girl version, so it makes sense for Ink to have chosen this. The shading and paint in general on the shoes is very nice.

Figure #3: Pastel Ink in a bunny suit ITEM #3038

Original art


This is one that looks very similar to her original illustration when it comes to posing! The only difference is that the artwork looks a bit more to the side with her eyes than the actual figure.







This is another figure in the set that has a huge issue with her feet not fitting well into the pegs, which needs some alterations later.

When I saw this figure for the first time, I thought she was a bit bland compared to the rest of the set, but shortly after unboxing I fell in love with her! The color combination looks so good on her!


Pastel Ink looks so happy and confident in this outfit! The small carrot hair clip is also so cute looking on her!


The bunny suit itself is quite simple, but I really like the small bunny-detail and the overall color and shine of it.


There are a few small mishaps in paint on her shoes, but overall they are very well done considering the size and price of this figure.


At the back she also has a cute and big bunny tail!

Figure #4: Maid Pastel Ink with eraser mascot ITEM #4723

Original art


Another figure where the original artwork is very different in posing, but the outfit the same. We have Pastel Ink in a cute maid outfit!







Something very noticeable is that the posing of this figure looks very decent and reserved, which is quite a change compared to the bunny figure I just unpacked before this one! The maid costume looks a bit old-fashioned to me, but not in a bad way. It reminds me of an older figure- and merchandise-line where I used to own some items from, called Maid Cafe Collection ENTRY #10677 .


The face of this figure looks a bit derpy with the mouth being so high, but it's still cute. There is also a lot of shading to be seen in her hair and a lot of wrinkles sculpted in her outfit.


The gloves with the ruffles are a really cute part of the design.


The figure has some slight issues with the pegs, but not as bad as earlier figures in the set. The pencil-mascot (of which I also forgot if he has a separate name too) is very well sculpted and painted for his size.


Figure #5: The secret figure from the set, Princess Ink ITEM #4782

Original art


As far as I know, there is no official artwork of this outfit in the books and this outfit was especially designed for the trading figure set.


This was the only one in the set of which the bag was opened which was a bit strange to me. I thought at first that it was maybe done because of how prone to breaking this figure might be, as there was also extra protection added for her crown.

I tried to put the bigger part of the skirt in place on her legs, but I couldn't get it to fit. So I looked underneath her shorter skirt and...



There were damages visible there that her previous owner did a forced cast off on her and re glued her legs back to the skirt.


There is also visible paint damage to be seen at the top of this skirt when looked at from up close.


With the legs being re-glued there was no way for me to carefully remove her legs again and place the skirt back. So the figure was stuck in this display option. Even though the figure also looks cute in the shorter skirt, I was quite disappointed by this and also a bit annoyed that the store didn't see this and sold the figure in this condition without a warning. Oh well, at least she now will look a lot different than my other color variation that I want to display together with her?



The only thing left for me now is to look at the figure by herself with the miniskirt and review that. I do own her blue color variation ITEM #10224 which is actually 100% sealed, but I don't know where it is in storage right now. When I later pick that one up, I want to add it to this review so at least this figure can be seen in her full glory.

Even with the skirt removed, the figure is quite cute looking. The only downside is that her neck looks a bit long from some angles.


The face of Princess Ink looks so cute and she seems to be really happy to show off her dress!


The small crown has been painted and sculpted quite well!


The dress has nice details and is painted with a good looking metallic paint.


If you don't know how this figure is supposed to look with the full dress, it's actually a fun dress design by itself!


Her legs are placed very gracefully and those small shoes are also very fitting with this overall look.

Figure #6: Nijihara Ink in her school uniform with backpack ITEM #4784

Original art


The artwork this figure was based on is the very famous artwork for the cover of the first book. However, when making this figure, they went for a completely different posing. There was also a small change made in the design of her clothes, which I don't really understand. On the figure she seems to wear an extra vest with similar colors on top of her normal vest. I re-checked a lot of book- and anime-artwork and screenshots of her outfit, but never saw it there. So it seems like the sculptor at Kotobukiya thought it was a nice addition to her outfit?







This figure is completely adorable. That poofy and cute outfit together with her big hair, big shoes and cute backpack is a great combination!

Unfortunately, just like with a lot of others in this set, her pegs are not a good fit and I can't get both feet in the pegs at the same time, as the other foot will pop out if I try to do so.


Her face is really adorable and the details in her outfit are sculpted and painted well. I think the shading and positioning of her hand is well done. In this specific picture you can also get a better look at the 'mystery' double vest.



There are quite some creases sculpted in the clothes. On the backpack, except for some silver clasps, the detailing is quite simple.


The buttons are well done and the skirt itself has a high amount of shading, with it being a bit light blue at the bottom.


She gives off a bit of a yandere-vibe if you look at her from below, though...


This is also the figure in the set with the most obvious panty shot, and Kotobukiya definitely knows that, as this one comes with the most detailed panties. Very frilly white ones with a small pink ribbon, cute!

Size comparison

As earlier mentioned in this review, these figures are quite huge for trading figures.


Here are two of them together with two of my POP Wonderland sets: Thumbelina ENCYCLOPEDIA #25821 (reviewed here: BLOG #40142 ) and Little Red Riding Hood ENCYCLOPEDIA #25822 (reviewed here: BLOG #40292 ). As you can see, Ink is almost double the size of the Wonderland girls!


Here they are next to some older scaled figures and one prize figure from character designs of the same artist. These scaleds and prize are about the same scale. The trading figures are a bit more than half the size of the standing prize figure displayed here and are about the same height at the sitting/kneeling scaled ones.

In summary: These girls are huge for trading figures!

The Points


- High quality figures
- Very big!
- Really good value for your money

- With the huge amount of variations, it will be a lot of work if you ever want to complete this set.

- Huge issues with a lot of the figures in this set not fitting well on their pegs, so later on some alterations have to be made to them.
- Specifically for my set I had someone that did a force cast-off with a figure and damaged the figure in such a way I can't repair it to it's original state.

The Scores

Sculpting 8/10
I can point out only a few small flaws in the sculpting, but they are very well done.

Painting 9/10
Painting is almost flawless, with a big amount of shading for them begin trading figures.

Posing 8/10
Even though a lot of the artworks show similar posing, Kotobukiya did very well to let the end products look very different from each other.

Base 6/10
The bases themselves are very compact and have a nice overall look, but I have to give a lot of points deducted for them having pegs that don't fit well with the figures. A lot of them had pegs on the base that are too big to fit into the holes of the feet of the figures. So you need to alter your own figures to make them fit correctly.

Packaging 8/10
Cute colors and good size, above average looking for trading figure boxes.

Enjoyment 7/10
My enjoyment was a bit spoiled by the secret figure being forcefully cast off by the previous owner, leaving me with one figure of the set that can't be restored to it's original looks. I was also a bit grumpy about multiple of them not fitting well on their bases, which leaves me with some work to do in making alterations to them. But, those two big complaints aside, these figures are cheap, big and definitely high quality! It's like having a mix of a scaled and a trading figure. It really makes me wish that Kotobukiya and Alter would still be making figures of this type! Note: Kotobukiya still makes trading figures, but smaller pieces and prizes.


If you are a Moetan fan this set is really a must-get, good prices, good sizes and high quality! If you in general like some 'older looking' designs or there is a specific outfit type of the set that intrigues you (like the bunny or maid for example), I would also recommend to pick up that figure loose. They are so cheap and easy to get, that you won't regret it!


The regular color versions of these figures are regularly in stock at well-known second hand places and cost on average 250-500 yen a piece. The normal color variations go for 500-1000 yen a piece on average. The special color variations I don't see for sale much, but will set you back at least 1500 yen for each one of them. If you're okay with the normal color variations, you pay about 3K for the full set of those 6, which is really a bargain for what you get.

And to finish it!

I decided that for now I will display these figures together with the other older scaled and prize figures from POP I earlier mentioned:


Soon I will take some time to fix their pegs, especially 'scolding Pastel' seems ready to fall down. I hope it won't be needed that I glue them.

For those who read all this way, thank you! My next review will be about Ballerina Style Asuka made by Kotobukiya ITEM #48844 .

I hope you enjoyed this review, you could also check my other figure reviews when interested! Here are a few of my recent ones:

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All pictures in high resolution and some extra pictures not used in the review will be uploaded here later today: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this review!

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...



See you at my next review!
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As I'm combining part 1 and 2 of this blog, here are the comments from part 2 copied:

victorviper1 ano atrás#56635705These are quite detailed for trading figures, and I wish there would be more larger-scale trading figures like this.

Maakie1 ano atrás#56984429Yeah, it really makes me nostalgic. I guess the market for these bigger/more expensive trading figures wasn't really there? They probably got replaced by prize figures getting more easily available and cheaper in the last ~10 years.
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Stalking1 ano atrás#56346215Ahh, it's nice to see that these are still making people happy. I used to have the whole collection, slowly sold almost all of them (kept the school uniform one). Really cute little things. Nice review!
Oh, and too bad (but kind of good) that you had the mini-skirt mishap. Given that you also have the blue variant I think it's nice to have this "custom" version hahah.

These are so big and good quality for their prices! 0 regret in getting them! Do you think you want the whole set again at one point? With some of them I was doubting how much I would like them (especially the maid and bunny one), but seeing them in person...oof, I want to keep them all for sure!!

Yeah, luckily I have the recolor of that one, as that makes it more like I have a 'variation' of this figure. ;) Still it's a bit surprising to see such an custom, I mean, there are lots of forced-cast-off customs, but partially cast-off? Strange!
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Stalking Loli hunter
Ahh, it's nice to see that these are still making people happy. I used to have the whole collection, slowly sold almost all of them (kept the school uniform one). Really cute little things. Nice review!

Oh, and too bad (but kind of good) that you had the mini-skirt mishap. Given that you also have the blue variant I think it's nice to have this "custom" version hahah.
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