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schatzi321schatzi3218 anos atrás
Hello, figure fans~! Here, I've decided to compose a small list of my personal thoughts on certain companies. Remember, these are my own thoughts, and if you want to know my opinion on a different company that isn't on here (as there's very few), please tell me! Also, there's only 4 categories, so even if I do realize that two companies are completely different in skill and quality, they still may be in the same category. Also, as a side note, if a company is in two categories, that means that if there was a category in between the two it's in, it would be in THAT category instead of in both (in other words it could fit in either category, but it really doesn't, so it SHOULD have a completely new category made for it in between the two it's already in. However, that's not gonna happen as I believe that 4 categories is well enough to get my point/love/rating for certain companies across).

Thanks for looking, and please feel free to comment with your own opinion or anything of interest about certain companies or figures, etc etc. ^^

This list is ONLY for scaled/static figures! ^^ I don't have any knowledge with action figures to be honest with you. ^^;


✰Really Good Companies 〜(・▽・〜) (〜・▽・)〜;
•Max Factory
•Good Smile Company

✰OK and Cheap Companies (Companies that are just OK, and cheap (TO CLARIFY, I mean cheap as in quality, NOT price!!), however, they give you what you expect) ☆⌒(>~≪);
•Takara Tomy A.R.T.S
•Square Enix

✰Not Very Good Companies (。-_-。);

✰Awful Companies ლ(ಠ益ಠლ;


It will be updated as more companies are added. If you want more information, I've had more direct experience with the Takara Tomy A.R.T.S, Bandai and Kaiyodo companies, as I have some of their figures (as seen in the collection section of my profile).  ʘ‿ʘ
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Which, out of the companies from the first category, is your favourite?

12%Max Factory
18%Good Smile Company
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Well voted for Alter of course. :) However I also think you should add Yamato to the really good ones. They may have been so-so in the past but all of my Yamato figures (which are 4 up to now) are fantastic! :) especially ITEM #61519 and ITEM #7984
8 anos atrás
Going to agree about the quality of the Kaiyodo Bome figures: my first "real" figure was this one and she's still one of my favorites. ITEM #227

About Squeenix: while they make figures, their target audience isn't those who call themselves figure collecters per se. The ones they're after are fans of their various franchises. About, oh, 90% of their fans would be happy with the quality of their figures although I've been hearing some grumbling of late.
8 anos atrás
Although I have more Kotobukiya... But for the love of NATIVE and Tama-nee MaxFac I voted Max Factory...

@ schatzi321: You might as well add SEGA Prize figures...
8 anos atrás
Strife212 Original Blue
Voted Volks because well, it's the best.

But for more mainstream companies, Alter/GSC/Max are my favorites.
8 anos atrás
schatzi3218 anos atrás#1120749Really? Oh, if you remember please do tell me! I'd be interested in hearing anything actually negative about the GSC, as I haven't seen anything yet and I really do like them myself~
one of their latest problems is with this nendo ITEM #73637
they had to send replacement parts to everyone www.goodsmile.i...
there was also the issue when they sent ITEM #66010 via surfacemail instead of EMS www.goodsmile.i...
and and we can keep going for a while :P
8 anos atrás
Shinigamiyoko heart reinforce
I don't have too many Alter figures right now, else I would have voted them. The 2 recent figures I bought from them are of spectacular quality.

I voted GSC because I love this girl (ITEM #78406) and their Madoka Magica 1/8 scale line was what really got me into collecting figures.
Recently though, the Snow Miku incident is making me second guess myself...
8 anos atrás
Maakie8 anos atrás#1120561I think you can add Eikoh to "Not very Good" or to "Awful". Here is an example of one of their figures: BLOG #3568
You could add "Native" to the "Very Good" list. Just look at the quality of details in their figures!
~In my opinion.~

//looks at the figure you linked to//

Yeesh... that company is definitely going into the Not Very Good category.

Some other people have suggested Native as well, it must be a good company. I'll have to decide for myself though after seeing more about them. ^^
8 anos atrás
Alexia8 anos atrás#1120151Hmmmmmm...
Megahouse merged with Bandai in 1997, so ... Bandai is the mother company of Megahouse, isn't that make Bandai not a bad company? :)

I didn't know that! Wow. ^^ I should've done more research.

Though, to be honest, figures that are labeled MegaHouse and figures labeled as Bandai... I still find their quality to be completely different when compared to each other. Interesting how it's so different, even if they're merged. I never said they were bad persay... but I did say not-very-good. xD For example, even though I have figures by them, I don't hate the figures just because it's from Bandai, I really love them actually because it's from a series I really love. ^^
8 anos atrás
mintbunny8 anos atrás#1119901Bome figures are Kaiyodo, I only own one, but it's the furthest thing from awful. Maybe the Bome line is good, but everything else is bad.
I'm a bit biased, I have a few Bishoujo statues, so my vote goes to Kotobukiya. I'm sure if I had an Alter one, it might be different, but I don't have any. ;~;
Sega makes decent quality, but cheap in price figures. Don't have Banpresto ones to compare to though.
It's not a figure review, it's their own personal review of companies. I see nothing wrong with that.

Ahh, is that so? I might have to buy one to see for myself, that's interesting!

Ahaha, it's ok, I think everyone can be biased at times. ^^

Thanks for sharing. o w ob
8 anos atrás
AstralFrost8 anos atrás#1119761I pretty much agree with your list but I'd add Yamato and Orchid Seed to really good companies and Griffon to OK companies. The list also seems to be for scales only but you might want to mention that.

I added that it's only for scaled/static figures, and I will add the companies after finding out more about them. ^^
8 anos atrás
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