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Saturday was a sunny autumn day here in Siberia. After some essential shopping (boring stuff like catfood etc.) my husband and I decided to go for a walk in our local botanical garden. It's a nice shadowy place with lots of beautiful trees and flowers, already quite solitary when we arrived there around 6 p.m.

So we went for a walk through this empty yet beautiful garden...when we found this cute tiny jizo statue:

Seems that someone already left a manju as an offering to him.

So we thanked him for guiding us and went off. And I bet it's this tricky nyanko who charmed us because right after leaving him we noticed that the whole place was inhabited by tiny Nyanko spirits!

No wonder, little road god seemed waaay too mischievous!

And so were the spirits! Just you look at those little drunkards!

Chillin' under the tree..

Snoring in the grass..

Sleeping fast in a rose ^^

We saw a tiny spirit taking a hot bath while enjoying the sunset:


I still envy him :3

You never know, who's sleeping in the grass, but once you have a good look around, you may discover someone exceptionally cute:


However, not all the spirits were so peaceful!

That's one angry little kitty!

The angry spirit almost jumped at us, so we ran for our lives.. and discovered this forgotten path...

Who's there?

Looks like long forgotten jizo Nyanko!

So, we left an offering for him and suddenly behind him we saw a path...to the hidden rose garden of spirits! The sun almost set and little spirits were about to sleep in their sweet-smelling rose beds:


Smiling peacefully at the sunset..


I bet this one smiled at me!

So we walked calmly through this enchanted garden but it slowly vanished with the dying sunlight. We found ourselves at the garden gate as if we woke up from a sweet dream..
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Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
Nyanko Ponta~ this photo series made my day :3
8 anos atrás
Sweet story and pics...adorable, really!
8 anos atrás
Shinigamiyoko heart reinforce
Very nice pictures! Nyanko-sensei is so cute~
8 anos atrás
Such cute kitties and sweet story about them!
8 anos atrás
marukawa I DO WHAT I WANT!!
adorable! *squee*
8 anos atrás
sooooo cute X3
8 anos atrás
Super freaking cute love it! :D
8 anos atrás
Cute shots and nice story :)
8 anos atrás
very nice article.

maybe I wil do the same thing like u in someday.
8 anos atrás
jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
Absolutely adorable and extremely captivating! Well done :)
8 anos atrás