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A couple of months ago I wrote an article about how great of an idea cloth goods on figures would be. I still stand by this statement. So let's review The DamToys Pocket Elite Series SAS CRW Breacher and Assaulter! Now I really shouldn't have to explain the SAS to anyone but if you never heard of them before they are a specials forces group employed by the United Kingdom and work in Special Operations, Counter-Terrorism, Reconnaissance and of course cleaning up after the Royal Corgis. You could say they're the OG spec-ops. But you don't need a history lesson. Let's look at those boxes and package inserts! But before I start I want to apologize in advance for the weird lighting in the pictures. They come off as a lot more bright blue than the muted navy blue.


So I normally don't spend a lot of time on boxes due in part to, well, being boxes (METAL BOXES!?!) but these boxes are pretty neat. They're small, around the size of a standard Figma box with a nice clear window. The back is a little history lesson on the SAS and also gives credits to the figures designers. So if FF, Clint Lin and Chong Waitak are reading this nice job on the figures guys! The packaging inserts are multi-layered and that's also nice. Good boxes all around.


So out of package and Christ these guys come with a bunch of stuff. The Breacher includes,
-MP5A5 Submachine gun
-MP5A5 Submachine gun alternate stock
-RB70 Shotgun
-P226 Pistol
-2 P226 Pistol Magazines
-Large crowbar
-10 Hands
-Part of ladder
-Slip of paper for the sleeves
-Two Gas Grenades

As for the Assaulter he comes with,
-MP5K Submachine gun
-2 MP5K Submachine gun magazines
-MP55D submachine gun
-4 MP55D submachine gun magazines
-MP55D submachine gun alternate stock
-P226 Pistol with extended magazine
-2 P226 Pistol extended magazines
-10 hands
-Part of the ladder
-Three Gas Grenades
--Slip of paper for the sleeves


Now on the topic of accessories you have the little radio which slips into a pouch on their sides with the little, um, end bit hooking onto their collars. The problem, while the wire is bendy thankfully it's also fragile. It snapped off on my Breacher right out of the box and I had to re-glue it. Not the end of the world or ruins the figure but annoying.


So the articulation is something interesting I wanted to point out. Seemingly the entire has a very similar articulation scheme to Body-Kun. The arms and legs are double jointed, the head and neck seem to be on ball joints, doesn't feel like there is a butterfly joint in the arms at the shoulder but you still get good rotation. Overall, the articulation is solid and doesn't feel fiddly in the slightest unlike a few Mezcos I have where I'm worried I might snap them in half. The clothes also move rather smoothly with the figure and don't feel like I'm going to tear them either. Also their hoods can go up and down, I like it but can make their heads look a lot bigger. However, the boots don't have any ankle rockers. Ankle rockers is a term for a joint at, you got it, the ankles that allows the feet to have a wider range of movement. The SAS lads don't have this and instead it's a similar joint to their hand joints. Ball and peg, but with the peg attach to the boots. So to get more dynamic poses you have to fiddle with them.

So, since I mentioned it, how do they scale with Mezcos?

Not well!

Will it is Wolverine and he's, um, short Mezcos and these DamToys don't really scale all that well on account of Mezco being designed with a more "heroic" look and DamToys being more realistic. But you know who they scale well with?


Weirdly enough these scale well with Figmas, even school girl Figmas... well, if you assume they're at least six feet tall. I would argue they have a better articulation scheme featuring the double jointed elbows and knees but at the end of the day can still pull off some dynamic poses much like their Figma friends.

And yes they can hold TomyTec Little Armory guns with ease.

So you might be wondering why I'm reviewing these even though they're not allowed in the database (Chinese Company and non-anime characters). Why the fuck not is my response. And also in that previous article I did say I was going to make a post about them. And that's what I'm doing. Just a review instead. So that said it's pretty clear I like these figures. They're nice and solid and I'm excited to see what DamToys will offer in the future (the increased price, not so much). Recently there has been an influx of military or military-styled figures with cloth goods by companies like Crazy Toys, Vortex Toys and of course DamToys and I have to say I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Price is high, but these figures are stocked with accessories galore so I don't mind. And unlike someone they didn't take two fucking years to come out! They just... were on pre-order for a year. I don't have luck with military action figures, do I? In conclusion, if you want some cool looking figures that can fit in well with your Figma or Figuarts, these guys can do the trick. If you don't like cloth goods or don't really want military figures these will be an easy pass.

Well, that's it for me today. I'm ZF2, signing off. I don't have a GIF today. Sorry.
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gundamuk1 ano atrás#58334878Nice. I'm a fan of DamToys 1/6 zombies and hoping their 1/12 line takes off and we get more smaller figures from them.

Well they are planning a Vietnam line that just so happens to look like the cast of Platoon. Personally I’m excited if we get more spec-ops from them. So have the SAS have been really solid figures.
1 ano atrás
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Nice. I'm a fan of DamToys 1/6 zombies and hoping their 1/12 line takes off and we get more smaller figures from them.
1 ano atrás
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