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Its been a little more than 2 and half years since I started collecting, from spending all my savings and food money in the first year to...... yeah that hasn't changed but I definitely slowed down a lot from my spending streak. still mostly the same collection but I had to move a lot of the figures around to best utilise the tiny room of mine.


bought a new mattress, new PC,new chair, and of course, new figurines.

On this shelf I have a few unopened figurine because I somehow want to keep my shelf full and always have a figure to open if i wanted to. I know I'm pretty retarded. But I am saving the Katou figure for the whole collection in hopefully 3 years. release dates are getting more and more ridiculous by the day.


Close up look of Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum(underrated, must watch)and edge lord himself.


my growing NGNL collection with a dash of Aoba and Ikaros


I hate dusting so I cover everything up with acrylic sheets and boxes so I don't have to dust them as often

my only RGB bling in the room, didn't want to go overboard


I try to keep figurines from the same series together but have to make exceptions since I have to consider both space and aesthetics


My PC set up, Kaguya Sama was one of my favourite so I had to update my old mat(was clockwork planet). Mai best girl


they wouldn't fit in any cabinets, have to dust these every 2 weeks such pain

I tried my best fitting 10 figures in this section, would look much better with more risers but I ran out so it looks very clustered.


Although I love the Goodsmile Saekano set, however I think the MaxFactory set thats coming out absolutely destroys in terms of dynamic poses and detail


some Date A Live figure, adore both of the Broccoli figures, wish they released more 10/10 would give them my lunch money


wanted to put Erio on an angle but it was too hard so I gave up. C.C was a prize figure I think but it looks better than most scales imo.


I got this kuroyuki hime from Japan, couldn't find it on MFC so I think its a garage kit?


My Detolfs contains my theme collections, Monogatari, Fate, To Love Ru, AOT etc.


I stopped buying Nendoroids a year ago, I guess I lost interest in them.


My proud Monogatari collection. still praying for Arararararagi.


Kara no Kyoukai 10/10


Childhood in one picture, Lala best girl

I actually got Eren just a few days ago from a MFC user, would definitely buy off this community again. had to Eren because season 3 part 2 was too good

My Holo collection, Revolve Holo is coming in a few days and Goodsmile Holo is too damn expensive, last time I found one on Amiami it was 43800Yen, the one in the middle costed me 26800 Yen had to sell my kidney..... its one of those pray for re-release


some random figure from Dog Days, K-ON, Strike the Blood and Baka test.
some canvas and wall scrolls, I think Ane Naru Mono is my new religion.

I culled quiet a bit of figures mostly prize figure and garage kit, rest in peace(stored in a box in the garage)

Overall I'm pretty happy about where my collection is going, probably going to move in 2-3 years to a bigger house and until then I have to keep using the tiny brain of mine to utilise this space to its maximum potential without compromising too much aesthetics.

thanks for reading!
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NemsEngelAceSasu1 ano atrás#64760377Nice collection.
How is the acrylic sheet attached to your right IKEA shelve?
blue tac
1 ano atrás
damn this has to be one of my favorite collections i've seen based on all the good taste in this room. Really awesome stuff!
1 ano atrás
Nice collection.

How is the acrylic sheet attached to your right IKEA shelve?
1 ano atrás
Really nice collection, but is your Good Smile Shiro figure okay? She seems like she will fall each moment
1 ano atrás
where did you buy those plastic case above?
1 ano atrás
very nice! allow me to draw inspiration from you when I get my own place
1 ano atrás
this is really awesome,really like how you use those acrylic boxes to keep the dust away from the figures
1 ano atrás
Cloudberry1 ano atrás#64733219Very neat collection! I'm impressed you managed to collect so much goodies in about 2.5 years.
I have a question, where did you get those acrylic boxes?

they are plastic, got them off amiami
1 ano atrás
Very neat collection! I'm impressed you managed to collect so much goodies in about 2.5 years.

I have a question, where did you get those acrylic boxes?
1 ano atrás
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Your good smile Shiro looks like its leaning a lot which might mean shes not pushed onto the peg as far as she should go. The heel of her shoe should go to the curve on the metal peg.
1 ano atrás
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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