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Hello everyone, I'm in the process of attempting to move from the U.S. to the U.K. to be with my partner. I sent off my collection to my partners home in the U.K. a month ago in 2 large boxes and bubble wrapped my figures all in great shape in their original boxes and paid a good $100 - $200 per box to ship them. Both boxes have about $1300 - $1500 worth of figures in them. I sent customs a detailed list with individual prices and my customs form also explained they are personal belongings.

Me and my partner have been emailing Parcelforce back and forth and only get the same person. They now state I need to provide "proof of purchase" for my figures. Some were gifts, others were bought at conventions, and the rest from Ami Ami over about 5 years of time. I don't think I should have to provide proof of purchase for items that are not new and not intended to be sold and do not have proof of purchase for everything I own. I also doubt they would accept how Ami Ami stores purchases as proof of purchase and would have to go through years worth of orders.

I just want my collection to be released. Can anyone provide help with dealing with this situation? They are stuck in Conventry by Parcelforce. I've been stressed to tears. I sent 8 large boxes of personal belongings and my partner already received 2 of them without issue. It's my figure collection that has encountered the biggest issue and was the first set of boxes I even sent. Please help us if possible. Thank you.

UPDATE: Here is the follow up article on how things were solved: BLOG #43638
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This sounds like a nightmare and I am so sorry you have to deal with it. I can't even put into words how livid I would be if some chump customs service was keeping me from my stuff. I wish I could help but I had no idea they even did this to people. I am glad I know now in case I ever move internationally, though. Good luck!
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I’ve no advice to add that hasn’t already been said, but I will say: screw Parcel force. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with them.
Sorry you’re having to go through this hassle!
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Oh and I thought the Greek experience was the worst. Hope you get you collection back soon
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I agree with sending as much documents as you can to them. Sometimes you're better doing that than try to argue the point with Parcelfarce, yea I don't like them either lol
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I’m very sorry that happened to you, that is awful, I hope you can get your figures back. You could also try printing off any purchase confirmation emails about your figures.
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The large value claimed, if you claimed a large value for insurance purposes could be reasoning. When I lived in Japan for school I had bought over $6000 CAD in items. I shipped them in 16 packages, the packages with a claimed value of over $500 were held until proof of purchase was provided. I eventually got my items released to me though
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Hello! Do you have digital pictures of your collection? digital pictures are good proof because you can see the date taken. I hope you can resolve this, good luck!
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I can already see that this is about U.S and U.K postal service and it's definitely a clusterfuck. It's a shame you're in this kind of situation. Hope it works out for ya
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C2Queen Maji Tenshi ❀
I appreciate all of the responses so far. I have to get some rest for work but will look at all of the recommendations/advice given and hopefully work on it this weekend while I'm off work. So keep letting me know anything you can. I'm really grateful for the time put into some of these responses! Thank you so much ♡
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Hi C2Queen,

This does sound like quite the hassle. But please, don't worry, you WILL get the figures at some point. I understand that it looks really grim right now and your reaction is to be expected. But I'm sure it will sort itself out. Here's my suggestion for you:

My recommendation would be to do as they say, but do it in the most optimized way. That would include describing how you pulled all of the e-mailed order confirmations you could find and that you spent quite the time doing it.

Here's what you do:
Download something like this, it's a free Attachments downloader: gearmage.com/ma...

What you do is set up a filter in the application, put in your e-mail and password and then you search for a known good text string. Could be something like order confirmation. Or you could search for the AmiAmi e-mail address that usually sends you your order confirmations. Then the program will download the files to your folder of choice in a jiffy.

Let the postal office do their job and go through the pdf's. If you ask me, I personally wouldn't mind if you sent a few other pdf's along by mistake since you're basically forced to dig up ancient e-mails and it's their job to go through it.

Again, I would go out of my way to beg and plead them to understand that finding all of the documentation for your purchases are impossible but that you at least pulled attachments from all the sellers you know you had purchased figures from online. Hopefully the majority of orders will be contained in your mailbox in some form.

Also, don't mention that you used a tool to do it, just let them think you spent ages on this so that they will be a little more understanding about that some things might be missing from the attachment dump you send them.

I'm sorry you have to go through this but try out the solution as it seems the most optimal.

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