Making nendoroid doll clothes.Making nendoroid doll clothes.Diary

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I wanted clothes for my dolls and since it's cheaper to make it myself, I started to learn how to sew a few months ago. I was lucky enough to have some sewing tools and threads left from my late mom. I did venture out from my cave home to get more tools and some fabrics. It's only recently I felt somewhat satisfied with my sewing skills to share this.

I recently made a pair of yukata and a jinbei/hippari. I struggle a lot with the yukata and the pink one is my third try. With the basic structure I learn from making a yukata and a YouTube video, I made a jinbei.

I made some pants and shirts too.

I highly recommend people that wants to make doll clothes to learn back-stitch. It's the strongest hand stitch and very useful. Learning from YouTube and other online sources is useful but I feel having a sewing book help me a lot.


These book are in Japanese and are sized for obitsu dolls but the photo instructions are easy enough to understand and they fit nendoroid doll body just fine. The second book has three sizes obitsu 11, pure and picco neemo.

A few of the clothes I made in the past few months. The first few wasn't great and I did made a few failures.View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/09/17/2299591.jpeg
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ICantBelieveIts1 ano atrás#67822633OMG this is too cool!!! I love the pink bunny yukata <3 my dear madoka nendoroid needs one hahaICantBelieveIts1 ano atrás#67822634do you sew these by hand, or with a machine??

Thank you! I hand sew them.
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do you sew these by hand, or with a machine??
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OMG this is too cool!!! I love the pink bunny yukata <3 my dear madoka nendoroid needs one haha
1 ano atrás