Comentários Xenoblade 2 - Hikari - 1/7 - Good Smile Company - Review

  • Thanks for reviewing these two! They really do look amazing together. I missed out on getting them, but I might end up picking up KOS-MOS. Here’s hoping she ends up being the best of both worlds!
    2 anos atrás
    ive seen people say that they find blonde figures to have very flat hair. while that might be the case in other figures, i find that the hikari figure has a nice golden variation which is pleasing to the eye. and again, i love seeing them together as if in motion lol.
    2 anos atrás
    They do look very well together, great duo, badass and dynamic, the only drawback I could give is the base, they could had chosen a better one. Great addition to your collection for sure.
    2 anos atrás
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