Koge-Donbo* loot part 9 - Haul for October (image heavy!)Koge-Donbo* loot part 9 - Haul for October (image heavy!)Loot

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After a month since the previous one it's finally that time again! I built up a fair amount of Koge-Donbo* items at the proxy warehouse and then finally paid to get it sent out to me on Thursday. It would have been delivered today, but I picked it up from the post office yesterday (it got there about an hour and a half after the cutoff time for it to have been delivered yesterday). I was going to make this article yesterday but then I spent quite a long time reorganizing my display shelves to make space for these new things that I ended up not having time. Takes a lot longer to get these articles together here when I get new items than it does for me to just post the photos in Discord servers and on my Instagram...

Anyway, let's begin. As always, images are under spoilers since they're large. Most of this haul consists of books, so we'll get non-books out of the way first.

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First up we have Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat on DVD. All of these came together in a Yahoo Auctions lot, I won it for just 1,000 yen (I was the only bidder, so that was the starting price). The first and fourth volumes are the versions with the boxes to keep the DVDs in, though they aren't complete. Volume 1's box doesn't have the trading cards included, for example. Volume 4 still came with the books that it's supposed to have though! Each box has enough space for all four volumes, to avoid either of them being empty I ended up putting other things into the box for 4 in addition to the books it came with.

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Next we have the limited edition release of the PC game Princess Concerto. I can't imagine this game would be able to run on my Windows 10 laptop, but it's a nice addition to my collection. Being the limited edition release, it comes with a fair amount of bonus items. Included is a manga by Akari Kita, a pack of Princess Concerto trading cards for the card game Aquarian Age, 6 large shiny stickers, and 9 postcards. I have some more in depth photos of these items in this Imgur album, though I didn't photograph things like the discs and instruction manual.

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Our next item is this little illustration card. From what little of the Japanese written I can make out, I think it was some sort of bonus item if you bought the third issue of Yomesan wa Moe Mangaka at Animate.

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Here we have a fan featuring artwork of hers on it. I had come across it on Yahoo Auctions and knew I had to have it, so I placed a bid and I won it! I like this piece featured on it a lot.

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We only have one Di Gi Charat CD being added to the collection with this haul, and that's this mini Drama CD that originally came as a bonus item if you bought a large box of trading cards.

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This here is a computer software she published under her doujinshi circle, Kogekoge House. I haven't tried so see if it will work on my laptop (I would think it should, it's only from 2006), but looking on the back, it seems to just feature select artworks of hers in a few different resolutions, perhaps intended to use as desktop backgrounds. I'm not sure what the policy is on MFC when it comes to doujin media that isn't books, which is why I haven't added it to the database. Does anyone know if a doujin computer software would be fine to add?

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The final non-book item for this haul is this cute little figure of Misha from Pita-Ten. She originally came in a large set of other chibi trading figures from various other origins, but Misha was the only one I wanted, so I was happy to find that someone on Yahoo Auctions had listed her as a buy it now listing all on her own!

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Here's all three volumes of Yomesan wa Moe Mangaka. I didn't know this series was all in color, so it was a pleasant surprise when I flipped through them.

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Here's Koihime Soushi, a one-shot manga she did in 2005.

Now it's time for the doujinshi I got in this haul, which is what the majority of this box consisted of. She's put out a lot of doujinshi over the years, and I'm hoping that I can get my hands on it all someday.

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First we have Yubiwa Monogatari, her 13th original doujinshi release

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Here's Kage 2, or "Shadow 2", her 14th original book. I think? According to the release dates in these books themselves, Kage 2 was released a month before Yubiwa Monogatari, but Yubiwa Monogatari is numbered as being her 13th original book while Kage 2 is labelled as being the 14th. Maybe Kage 2 was written after Yubiwa but released before it? A mystery. As such I wasn't really sure what order to put these two in for this article but I decided to go with the volume numbers in the end.

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The third doujinshi we have here is For Season, another original manga. This one doesn't seem to be numbered like the previous two were. I like the cover of this one a lot, less so for the art itself (it's nice art, but I like the cover art for Yubiwa even more), but because of the texture it has that reflects and shines in the light. It's a nice touch!

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Here's CLASSMATE', one of the many, manya doujinshis Koge-Donbo* put out about the dating sim game, Doukyuusei 2. I don't know anything about this series of games, but I like how she draws its characters (granted, my bias leads to me liking how she draws just about any character).

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Next up is ONLY YOU, another Doukyuusei 2 doujinshi. I quite like the cover art of this one a lot. The saturated artwork of the girl on the cover (especially her bright red outfit) stands out nicely against the pastel floral background.

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Here we have Teikoku Hage Kidan, which is a Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) doujinshi. Yet again I'm not familiar with the source material, but I like seeing how she draws its characters even though I don't know who the characters are or read what they're saying.

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Going back to Doukyuusei 2, we have CLASSMATE 7. Told you she put out a lot of books about this game. Looking at the text on the front cover, it looks like she drew/wrote this book sometime in 1996, but released it in May of 1997 (this is also according to the book, in the back). Though this is a Doukyuusei 2 doujinshi, there is also one single sketch of characters from the game Guardian Heroes in here. I don't think that's quite enough for me to add that as an origin for this book on its database page though... it is first and foremost a Doukyuusei 2 doujinshi.

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And now we have Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku, based on the game of the same name. Another source material I'm not familiar with.

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Here's kese-ran pase-ran, a doujinshi she put out of Cardcaptor Sakura. This one actually is a source material I'm familiar with, even though I only started watching it a couple weeks ago. This one's a fair bit thicker than most of the other books here, being 84 pages long.

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Up next is Kage 3. This one is a mix of both original (some general sketches and Di Gi Charat) as well as having fanart/manga of other origins (Cardcaptor Sakura, Guardian Heroes).

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Another book in the Kage series, Kage 5 (don't own 4 yet, sorry). This one is again a mix of original (Pita-Ten, Di Gi Charat) and fanart (Dragon Quest 2).

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Third Kage book in a row and fourth for this haul overall, we have Kage 7 (written as Shadow * Seventh on the cover). This one is all original this time around, with Di Gi Charat, Pita-Ten, and miscellaneous original artwork for the front and back covers.

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Another entirely original book, here's Hyakuman Doru Connection. This one is all Di Gi Charat, specifically, it exclusively features the best characters Black Gema Gema Dan. This one's extremely short, being only 12 pages. I feel like this photo doesn't quite get across how vibrant the cover is. It's brighter in person and almost hurts my eyes.

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Yet another 100% original book, Colored Pencil. This one features some miscellaneous characters, as well as some content for Di Gi Charat, Pita-Ten, and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. It's A4 size, so it's quite big. Most of these have been B5 while the first few were the fairly small A5.

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Here we have Tension Living With Muscle 3, one of her Harry Potter doujinshis (think there's 6 total? All under the Tension Living With Muscle series). Another source material I'm not familiar with (I know, I know, it's really popular and well-known but I haven't read or watched it, sorry). This one is a longer one, similar to the Cardcaptor Sakura one from earlier, being 68 pages long. Not quite as long as the CCS one, but still longer than most of these have been.

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This one here has one of my favorite cover arts, probably. This is Rabbit Fur, it's primarily an original book (miscellaneous characters, Kamichama Karin, Koihime Soushi), but then also has some Guardian Heroes in it.

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Another purely original book, here's Tama-tan Doki Doki☆BOOK. As you can tell from the cover art and title, it's entirely Doki Doki! Tama-tan.

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Next is Kazune Miku 2, which is half original, half not. It's set in the world of her original manga, Kamichama Karin, and features Kazune as its main character, but he's cosplaying the Vocaloid Miku and other Vocaloids make appearances here. It's essentially a Kamichama Karin/Vocaloid crossover, featuring a fair amount of characters from both origins. This is the second one, so there is a first before this, but I don't own it yet.

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And we've got more Vocaloid! This is Mashingers♪, a doujinshi entirely based on Vocaloid. This one isn't all Koge-Donbo*, a couple other artists are featured here as well. I guess this originally came with some sort of CD as well, but I just bought the book on its own.

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Another book with cover art I like quite a lot, Aoi no Zanshou. The color scheme of this cover art is really nice and all of the flowers everywhere is totally my jam. This one is primarily original, featuring miscellaneous artwork like the girl on the cover, then some Kamichama Karin and Pavane For a Dead Girl. But it's not entirely original, containing two fanarts she drew of Hetalia on one page toward the beginning.

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Here's Watashi Hana-Shū 2, this one is entirely original. Featured works of hers include Yomesan wa Moe Mangaka, Pavane for a Dead Girl, Di Gi Charat, Doki Doki! Tama-tan, and Pita-Ten, in addition so some miscellaneous original artwork. Despite featuring so many original works, most of the space is taken up with Yomesan and Pavane comics, with the other works being more minor in their appearances.

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Next we've got She Sees The Sea., a doujinshi for Kantai Collection (another thing I'm not familiar with). Even though I don't know anything about KanColle, this book and the next are some of my favorites I got in this box due to being primarily artbooks. I like flipping through the manga ones, but being manga, there's a lot of dialogue I can't read so I can't get full enjoyment from them, but the She Sees The Sea. books are artbooks so I feel like I'm not missing out on anything with not being able to read Japanese. That being said there is manga in this first one, and it does take up about half of the book. Another thing I like about this is the shiny golden background on the cover.

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She Sees The Sea. 2! This one is more or less entirely an artbook, and it even has more pages than the first one. It's also a KanColle doujinshi of course. And just like the first, it has a shiny metallic cover.

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The final Kogekoge House doujinshi for this haul is Dai Gyakuten 2 ga Tanoshimi Sugite Shini-sou Hon. 2016-Nen Akigou, based on the Dai Gyakuten Saiban game. I love Ace Attorney but since Capcom decided we shouldn't get the DGS games in the US, I can't say I'm familiar with its characters. But Koge-Donbo* seems to love it a hell of a lot, and has put out at least 17 doujinshis for it (impressive, I must say). Most of them though are R18... think I'll wait until I live on my own to buy those ones, but hey, this one isn't. This is the shortest doujinshi of this entire haul, being 10 pages.

One last book!

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Here is 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Charity Dojinshi - Pray for Japan, as the title says, it was a charity doujinshi made to raise money after the 2011 earthquake. This one is both an artbook and manga, and a collaboration between several artist. Koge-Donbo* did the cover for the artbook side.

And that's everything! This one was pretty big, so props to you if you actually read all of it.
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I'm so happy you are trying to have a complete collection of her work. She was so influential!

Also I did not know she drew Hetalia fanart. I might have to buy that one now...
9 meses atrás
Aaah the Cardcaptor Sakura one is so cute! I love this kind of image where I know that like 11-year-old me would get a ton of enjoyment from it. The name of the Harry Potter one is so weird, haha.
9 meses atrás
AureaLucretia9 meses atrás#69304825Oh wow!!! I didn't realize how many series Koge Donbo has made art for, and I love seeing the development in art style over all of them! Reading Di Gi Charat and Pita Ten really kicked off my manga obsession, and I love seeing all these newer books - I'm so glad to see that she has continued to create!!
I'm especially in love with that Misha chibi figure - it's been on my wish list for a wish!! The cover for the Tohoku charity doujinshi is absolutely gorgeous as well - does she do any of the art inside it? I kind of want to search for it myself just based on that cover!

Unfortunately there's no art of hers inside (besides a couple more instances of the cover art), just the cover.
9 meses atrás
Oh wow!!! I didn't realize how many series Koge Donbo has made art for, and I love seeing the development in art style over all of them! Reading Di Gi Charat and Pita Ten really kicked off my manga obsession, and I love seeing all these newer books - I'm so glad to see that she has continued to create!!

I'm especially in love with that Misha chibi figure - it's been on my wish list for a wish!! The cover for the Tohoku charity doujinshi is absolutely gorgeous as well - does she do any of the art inside it? I kind of want to search for it myself just based on that cover!
9 meses atrás
Growing up with Di Gi Charat and Pita-Ten and such, that era of art is so prominent in my mind when thinking of Koge-Donbo*. Kinda crazy seeing her more recent stuff with a more diverse art style.

Your loot posts are so interesting - crazy seeing how such a prolific artist has grown over the years and the kinds of obscure merchandise that exists for her ips :)
9 meses atrás
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