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Alright, it's finally that time! I got two boxes of goodies this month, the first from a proxy, and the second from AmiAmi. This article is very picture heavy and the photos are somewhat large, so I will have them in spoilers.

We'll begin with the proxy box, and start with the stuff that aren't figures first! This box arrived on the 19th!

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(out of package photo is kind of unfocused, sorry!)

So the first items for this box are ITEM #674772, ITEM #674773, and ITEM #673151. I'm not finished with Cardcaptor Sakura yet (I've gone through its first TV series but still need to watch the movies and the recent series), but I wanted to buy some merch. I've been trying to get into more magical girl stuff lately because I like the genre's aesthetic! So I got these cute tiny staffs!

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A big focus of my purchases for this box was trying to buy more SB69 related music. I didn't own any original SB69 music until I bought all of these. All these CDs were from Surugaya! I want to try my hands on getting all of the original SB69 music, as well as the majority of the discographies for every tie-up artist in the game!

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Speaking of SB69 tie-up artists, here are the tie-up CDs I got! All of these artists have bands directly based on them in the game and they use their music! In order, we have "1/∞" by Band Gokko, "cinema" by Kafuka, "We are i☆Ris" by i☆Ris (they were only in the game for a month long collab but I'm including them for the sake of completion), "Kanaboshi Hito ni Koi o Shita." by Usotsuki, "Isshou-bun no Love Letter" also by Usotsuki, and last but certainly not least, triology by clammbon (my favorite band, this was the last studio album of theirs I needed!).

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Here we have ITEM #916745, the limited edition DVD release of Di Gi Charat's "movie" (it's like 20 minutes long...) Hoshi no Tabi. It comes with many bonuses such as a sountrack CD (which is inside the DVD case), postcards, a manga, a trading figure (ITEM #50211), trading cards, and a keychain. I see a lot of people after this specific trading figure of Dejiko and she's really easy to get your hands on, guys! Just buy this DVD box! It's still pretty cheap over on Surugaya at the moment!

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Up next we have this prize figure of Mirei from PriPara (ITEM #314673). I started watching this anime after ordering that i☆Ris CD from earlier in this post because since I'm getting into that group's music, I figured I should check out the anime all six girls are voice actresses in. I haven't finished it yet, but I was enjoying it a lot not even half into the first season and I had already wanted to buy merch (I'm now toward the end of season 2). I won her for just 1 yen on Yahoo Auctions!

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It's grail time! Also the final item from the proxy box. Here's ITEM #15291, the 1/1 scale figure of Sugar from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. Of course when you think of 1/1 figures you think of huge, expensive ones, but Sugar here is a fairy, so she's pretty small. She's a cold cast figure! I got her brand new unopened on Yahoo Auctions, very happy to have another Koge-Donbo* scale figure added to my collection! She might be my favorite scale of one of her characters I have so far? The strap for her bag around her shoulder isn't cold cast resin like the rest of her, but rather a black fabric thread! I love that little detail a lot! Her hair doesn't look quite as pink as it does on her box. Not sure if this is a difference between prototype and the final product or if it's just the color fading over time. She was unopened so it's not like she was ever exposed to light. In any case, I'm very happy to finally have her!

Now that we've gone over everything I got from the proxy, it's time for my AmiAmi box for this month. Only two figures here, but both are scales!

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First figure from AmiAmi is the re-release of Kotobukiya's 1/8 scale figure of Serena (and Fokko/Fennekin) from Pokemon (ITEM #464678)! I wasn't into figure collecting when she originally came out, so I wanted to get her re-release!

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Here's the final item for this loot post, wanted to save the best for last! Here's FuRyu's 1/7 scale of Chino (and Tippy) from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? (ITEM #604614). I got into this show just because I wanted to pre-order this figure (I don't want to get into a habit of buying figure from sources I don't know, so I check out sources if I'm interested enough in a figure). Then she was delayed. And then delayed again. But now she's finally out, and home! She's not flawless, but she is very good and definitely my favorite anime figure I own so far! There's a couple spots where I notice some seam lines, such as the little birds on the very top of the base. But the painting from what I can see is very nicely done, as is the sculpt itself! There's a lot of cool little details on it. I'm very happy with how this figure turned out and despite the minor flaws, she was well worth the wait! Be aware that since the figure itself is fairly big, the box is massive!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my loot for this month! See you guys next month for another loot post! Plan on getting another box full of items from the proxy and I also have figures and a CD ordered on AmiAmi set for a December release!
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Your loots are always wonderful! And you have a great taste for cute things.
1 yen for that figure is an amazing steal, but somehow it makes me feel bad for the figure being so unwanted she can sell for 1 yen... super cute though, and she has a great home now!
10 meses atrás
Cloudberry10 meses atrás#70850228Awesome haul! Yahoo Auctions seems like a good way to look for rare/hard to find stuff and you definitely found your grail there.

For sure! It's where I've gotten a lot of my older stuff so far!
10 meses atrás
Awesome haul! Yahoo Auctions seems like a good way to look for rare/hard to find stuff and you definitely found your grail there.
10 meses atrás
Live better. Play more!

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