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Welcome to the Happyakrz Display Diary -- an online record of the growth of my collection over time. The collection was started with my first purchase on July 13, 2019, and as of today's date (12.11.19) contains 27 figures.

As one of my most devoted commentators and supporters, GALABLUE, asked the other day about how I am displaying my figures, I figured I'd give a very brief tour of my collection.

At present, my "office space" is in my master bedroom, awaiting the completion of the rebuild of the lower level of my house. When this is finished, I'll be moving my desk, equipment, and figure collection into my new work space -- a den that will be converted into my official office. So for now, I'm crammed into a corner of the bedroom, so there won't be any wide-angle shots of a glorious room-sized display of figures .. but that IS the ultimate goal down the road! :)

I've grouped my figures into five basic groups so far, but a lot of the placement still has to do with the limited space I have. It won't be long before I purchase a second Detolf display case, but in the time being, my shelves are much busier than I want.

The Top Shelf
These aren't necessarily my favorite figures, as I really love all of the figures I've purchased so far, but they ARE five of the figures that held the top five positions of my most-wanted list for the longest amount of time. In many respects, these are the figures against which I review and judge all other figures coming in to the collection.


Figures included are (starting at back row left):

2B -- Flare - ITEM #549472 -- See my review here (BLOG #44315)
Saber -- Alphamax - ITEM #287579 -- See my review here (BLOG #44371)
Catherine -- Max Factory - ITEM #78655 -- See my review here (BLOG #44412)
Scáthach -- Alter - ITEM #464672 -- See my review here (BLOG #44348)
Rei -- Flare - ITEM #463483 -- See my review here (BLOG #44302)

The Second Shelf
This shelf also houses two of my favorite figures (Mutsu & Judith), but they're all great, so I don't really spend time doting on any of them in particular. I've grouped these figures together largely because of their shared color-scheme -- the cream, burgundy, brown, and flesh tones are some of my favorites!


Figures included are (starting in the back row, left):

Judith -- Myethos - not included in the MFC database -- See my review here (BLOG #44288)
Mutsu -- Amakuni - ITEM #194851 -- See my review here (BLOG #44141)
Velvet -- Alphamax - ITEM #161261 -- See my review here (BLOG #44226)
Alisa -- Alphamax - ITEM #689613 -- See my review here (BLOG #44328)

The Third Shelf
It was never really intended that any shelf would be "dedicated" to the more buxom and sensual figures, but over time and considering space requirements, the third shelf has evolved into a space for the spiciest of my figures. As I still have a young-teen son in the house, I also have done my best to keep the more overtly sensual figures somewhat "hidden" behind others.


Figures included are (starting at the back row, left):

Nanal -- Daiki Kougyou - ITEM #195512 -- Review to come soon!
Ringo -- Yamato - ITEM #493 -- See my review here (BLOG #44274)
Kanna -- SkyTube/Alphamax - ITEM #549591 -- See my review here (BLOG #44379)
Takao -- Ques Q - ITEM #485235 -- See my review here (BLOG #44097)
Angela -- Alphamax - ITEM #279274 -- See my review here (BLOG #44079)
Angela -- Phat Company - ITEM #287724 -- See my review here (BLOG #44033)

The Bottom Shelf
Now, even though it's realistically considered the bottom shelf of my display, it by no means contains my least favorite figures. This shelf, like the others, organically developed over time as figures were added, and for quite a while it contained only Miku figures. My recent purchase of Asuna (Oridinal Scale) forced me to move some things around, so she is now paired with a trio of Miku characters, and I absolutely love the whirlwind of aquas and teals and blues and greens that make up the base of my display!


Figured included are (starting at the back row, left):

Racing Miku -- Max Factory - ITEM #236204 -- See my review here (BLOG #44010)
Snow Miku -- Good Smile Company - ITEM #464599 -- See my review here (BLOG #44006)
Asuna -- Emontoys - ITEM #604666 -- My next figure to review -- coming soon!!
Racing Miku -- Good Smile Company - ITEM #98976 -- See my review here (BLOG #43973)

The EXTRA Shelf
I'm very privileged to have a family of long history in the area of Michigan in which I grew up, and my grandparents, uncles & aunts, and parents have gathered an amazing assortment of beautiful antiques over the years. One of my uncles recently moved to Maine, and during the process of his down-sizing, he inquired if I might be interested in a set of barrister bookcases that had lined my grandfather's office for better than six decades. I was thrilled to receive them, and upon cleaning them up and prepping them for my own office, I learned that they had been built in 1898 in Grand Rapids, Michigan -- the town in which I've lived for the last thirty-five years. There are six total shelving units, each with the original glass intact (it's wavy and beautiful), and each with a front door panel that rotates up and slides in on ingenius gear tracks with springs.

I've been using one of these shelves for the "overflow" of smaller stature figures from the larger display case, and it perfectly fits many of them. Perhaps I'll try to find a way to wire the case for lighting, and once I'm in my new office, the bookcase can be used as a primary display method for much of my collection. We'll see.


Figures included are (left to right):

Tamaki -- SkyTube/Alphamax - ITEM #53518 -- See my review here (BLOG #44267)
Tamaki -- SkyTube/Alphamax - ITEM #81270 -- See my review here (BLOG #44259)
Yui -- SkyTube/Alphamax - ITEM #128855 -- See my review here (BLOG #44266)
Umi -- Kotobukiya - ITEM #166885 -- See my review here (BLOG #44051)
Racing Miku -- Good Smile Company - ITEM #42261 -- See my review here (BLOG #44246)
Rei -- SEGA - ITEM #397039 -- See my review here (BLOG #43988)
Yoko -- Wave - ITEM #720669 -- See my review here (BLOG #44133)

There was one figure that I had removed from the display case earlier, and I realized while writing this up that it wasn't included ...

Asuna -- Toy's Works - ITEM #464805 -- See my review here (BLOG #44401)

It has been an amazing four months so far, and I look forward to what the future will hold. When the office is complete, and I have the collection in it's more permanent home, I'll update with some better photos.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment or ask questions!

Until next time!
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Impressive collection and you've only been in this hobby for only a short while too!
9 meses atrás
Rajke Ca Fanatic
You have a really nice collection. :) The wooden cabinet is beautiful. It compliments the figures inside it and the case is a piece of art of itself too.
Have you any plans to place something on top of the display?
9 meses atrás
Great display! I love the Miku shelf :D
9 meses atrás
What a nice Display! And that cabinet is just awesome! Gonna get that Miku soon.
9 meses atrás
I love your grandfather's old cabinets! What beautiful craftsmanship. They really don't make them like they used to, do they...?

Great selection of figures and I like how you've grouped them. I always struggle with that whole "bottom shelf" thing because the light never comes in how I want it, which is why I have not opted for the detolfs ... instead i have some bestas hanging on my wall, so I suppose there is no real "bottom" shelf lol! But I always wondered if the bottom shelf is the "least favorite figure" shelf ... but how could you choose?!

PS: I got excited seeing "review coming soon!". I'm going to have withdrawals by the time those are posted, so you'll have to come up with other things to talk about lol!
9 meses atrás
Nice selection of figures! I think the second shelf is my favorite.
I especially like the antique bookcase, it has a history and looks great too. I imagine figures that sit on an elegant chair or medieval fantasy figures would look awesome in that case.
9 meses atrás
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