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I did have some Oct/Nov/Dec Loot Hauls planned, but as a result of how chaotic I am, I've decided to scrap those in favor of an end-of-the-decade retrospective.

Honestly, I've really surprised myself with how much my collection has grown, considering I only really started collecting in January of 2018. Starting with ITEM #675925 and ending with ITEM #396970 (technically my last order is ITEM #464740, but it won't be processed until next week) , I'd say my little hobby has come a long way.

Going forward, I will be getting much more merchandise and figures of my favorite characters, but this leads in to another reason I disappeared for a few months: there really isn't any ethical consumption under Capitalism, so it feels strange to be throwing lots of money at faceless corporations for my merch fix.

I did find a bit of a solution to that gnawing feeling by buying from small-time creators, but since we'd be here until the second coming of Christ if a category was added for every last piece of fanmade merch out there, I haven't felt much of a reason to post too much. And I'd hate to bog down the gallery with pictures that don't really belong to any category. So, there's still tons of stuff I want to get, it won't all just be figmas and Nendos. So don't worry! I probably won't post as much, but I'll still be lurking around, talking about this passion of mine with everyone!

Remember earlier, when I said I'm extremely chaotic? Well, if you saw the state my bedroom is in, you might wonder why I still want to collect so much when there's piles of boxes and clothes and other junk everywhere.
Not only am I the only person who can still move around without a fear of falling, I'm also not the primary breadwinner; meaning I don't have to work late at night just to make a decent salary and pay the bills.
Can you see my dilemma now? Said unsteady person doesn't let other people in our house because of how messy it is out in the living/dining area too, further frustrating me and making my efforts more difficult.

But that's enough rambling. Long story short, I'm going to stop making excuses, tidy up my space, and be the best I can be. Now, on to the pictures of my collection at the decade's end!

Not pictured: Snake and Pichu

Feat. a cameo from my natal chart.

Also my Mermicornos, Peni mini, and Yaomomo pencil cup. This site is good for itemizing lots of things, but I guess you can't account for everything.

Most of these are by small time creators. If anyone could help me locate the Creamy Mami one, I'd really appreciate it.

Need to find a better place for my Omanjuus.

Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Cinder: This is fine.

Soon I'll have another El, and maybe one day a Bedman and/or Bedgirl.

Lots of Pokemon! Also a Miku. You can also see my Charmander backpack I've had since I was a baby.

All in all, pretty good, I'd say.

This decade was filled with ups and downs, and I'm sure the next one will as well. But I'll take what comes, and I'm sure I'll be able to collect many more scales, figmas, and Nendos. Thanks to everyone who followed the growth of my collection throughout the year, and I'll see you again in 2020!
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Your room looks pretty neat if I say so myself (^▽^)

Cheers, hope your 2020 is the best!
8 meses atrás
Happy New year!
Ps. I love your keychain boards :D
9 meses atrás
Happy New Year to you and everyone!
9 meses atrás
Here's to another good year of collecting. Happy new year to you!
9 meses atrás
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