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This month's collecting cycle has started and I've already picked up a few things but right now my goal is to not do much of anything beyond what has been picked up because I still need to avoid doing a lot of shopping this month after a busy December!

Had a nice day out going to the Casinos down in Tunica and while I didn't win big I came back with almost the same amount I went down there with so had a nice relaxing day out.

Good thing about today's Trips to the Casinos is the Comps paid for Lunch and Dinner and I still have half of my dinner leftover so that will be tomorrow's lunch so it was a nice day to be out and things were fairly relaxing down at the Casinos and Traffic back and fourth wasn't that bad.

Went to Walmart and found two of the last remaining Transformers Siege exclusives I was looking for [35th Anniversary Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Megatron] and that finishes that series off for now, did see the new G1 Exclusive Astrotrain but not interested in that one and will pick it up if it goes on clearance.

Had to pick up some new headphones and the ones I use a lot were a Lightning deal on Amazon so grabbed those at a great price so that's another essential item that I needed to get this month marked off the list.

Picked up 3 Model Kits after getting a set of Model Kit tools since I needed to upgrade from the basic Tamiya Tool Set that I've had for a few years and that set didn't cost a lot so all in all today has been a good day to get things and now I don't need to do much of anything else.

ITEM #189133


ITEM #874463


ITEM #234018


Going after the HG Build Fighters/Build Divers Kits because those are neat custom kits and I like the designs of those mobile suits.

This month I need to get back to my rewatch of Gundam 0079 and I may start a rewatch of Gundam Build Fighters.

Currently only have one shopping outing planned for Friday after that it will be back to not ordering anything for a while, so far the only preorder I have to deal with over the next month is ITEM #886347

Checked the local news and there were 2 Tornadoes that had touched down south of where I live on Saturday so we were very lucky not to get hit by those storms.

I still don't feel a need to spend a lot of money on things this month and already worked out what I want to do so the main thing to do this month is put my feet up and relax.

The main thing that I'd love to collect are more Model Kits and I love to collect Gundam, I need to build what's here before I get any more and with the new model kit tool set that was picked up should be able to build them easier.


With all of the kits that are here that need to be assembled this is a good motivation not to get a lot of them and while they are inexpensive to me it's the never ending temptation to get a lot at one time since there are a lot of cool looking models out there so I have to start building all of these before I acquire more.

-Ended up picking up another Sword Art Online Prize Figure so the Bikini Armor Leafa ITEM #864237 is coming in next week, after getting Alice and Asuna had to get Leafa's figure found that at a great deal so I should be finished with online shopping while still super tempted to get more Models and a few more Prize Figures I need to stop because that's how things snowballed into getting a ton of stuff into the collection last month.


Looking at what's been spent since the start of the month it's time to stop with online shopping, I still want the Gundam Build Divers ReRise MarsFour unit but that can wait till later in February, it's back to telling myself that stuff can wait till the next month.

Got the Star Trek Eaglemoss XL 2009 Spock's Jellyfish ship in today so I'm finished with adding Star Trek ships to the collection and between Star Trek Models and Gundam Models that should be a satisfactory amount added to the collection this month.

Picked up 1 SD Gundam for this month it was only $9 on Amazon so got the SD Gundam Unicorn ITEM #750623 Coming in and that should be here by the weekend.


I need to unplug from shopping because I have done so much last year and with nothing to really hunt for it's that time to sit back and relax.
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ChocolateSpider9 meses atrás#73984408Wow! At this point, you have enough Gundams to conquer an entire nation.jumpluff9 meses atrás#73941223I'd love to see those SEED Gundams assembled! :)

I like the Seed Mobile Suit Designs, the Strike is an old favorite of mine along with the Astray Gundam.

So many nice designs and great kits the Remastered HG Kits are neat and there are still plenty more of those to hunt up if I want to get them all, been considering getting Gundam 00 HG Kits again and more Build Fighters but gotta get these built first.
9 meses atrás
ChocolateSpider9 meses atrás#73984408Wow! At this point, you have enough Gundams to conquer an entire nation.

If they were real Mobile Suits I would have done that already....Conquest can be easy but Control is not.....

I love that the HG Kits are so reasonably priced now that it's very easy to find them on Amazon on sale since that Strike Rogue was only $15, even found the SD Unicorn Gundam for only $9 on Amazon so I love that I can now get into SD Gundam Kits since they are what I like to start on first before getting back into assembling all the time.

SD Gundams are super neat.
9 meses atrás
Wow! At this point, you have enough Gundams to conquer an entire nation.
9 meses atrás
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
I'd love to see those SEED Gundams assembled! :)
9 meses atrás
I thought my 8 unbuilt kits were a backlog, but that's a crazy lot.
Boy I'm super glad that the model kit market doesn't pander to me. I waited so many years just to get a Mazinkaiser SKL kit finally.
Zearth when, Tsugumori 1/144 when, where the hell are the TV Eva kits? Gothicmade? Dann of Thursday? I'd even settle for big tiddy mecha musume... and of course the machine lifeforms from Nier:Automata don't have model kits due to Square's incompetence. I'd buy them in bulk.
9 meses atrás
Do you like gambling apocalypse kaiji?
9 meses atrás
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