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Nendoroid ManufacturesNendoroid Manufactures

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If this article seems familiar, it is!
This a redo of a previous article I wrote 4 months ago, BLOG #43709.
Between now and then, I have learned much more about Nendoroids and their manufactures!
Before the poll, here is some information on each manufacturer:
- Good Smile Company/GSC (ENTRY #7620): Should need no introduction, but I will continue for the outsiders. A Japanese company and the creators of the Nendoroid series. They manufacture and distribute anime figures and goods, with Nendoroids very likely being their most popular item. A large chunk of the Nendoroid series is manufactured by them. Active.
- Orange Rouge (ENTRY #86497): A cooperation between Japanese companies Max Factory and Good Smile Company, focusing on male figures. Together they have currently 115 Nendoroids, with 15 more announced/in production/slated for release. Active.
- Fine Clover (ENTRY #124033): A Japanese company. Manufactured 4 Nendoroids, with another one set to release in April. Active.
- Max Factory (ENTRY #7622): A Japanese manufacturer. They currently have 18 released Nendoroids, and have 6 others in production/slated to release. Active.
- Medicos Entertainment (ENTRY #7638): A Japanese company. They currently have 5 released Nendoroids, with 5 more in production or slated for release. All of said Nendoroids are characters from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Active.
- Phat Company (ENTRY #7708): A Japanese figure and anime goods manufacturer. They've released 28 Nendoroids, and have one Nendoroid in production. Active.
- Good Smile Arts Shanghai (ENTRY #166623): Good Smile Arts' Chinese branch. They mostly focus on manufacturing figures from Chinese media. They've released 24 Nendoroids, with 19 more in production/slated to be released. Active.
- FREEing (ENTRY #7633): A Japanese figure manufacturer. One of the earlist Nendoroid manufacturers besides GSC, dating back to 2007. Though they slowed down heavily on Nendoroids in the mid-2010s, they have recently came back with several new releases. They currently have 33 Nendoroids released, with 26 more announced/in production/slated for release. They have 3 canceled Nendoroids as well. Active.
- Gift (ENTRY #7644): A Japanese company. Primarily focused on anime goods such as plushes, they released 6 Nendoroids since 2013. Active.
- Tomytec (ENTRY #7875): A Japanese company mainly focused on train sets. They have released 18 Nendoroids since late 2013. Active.
- Aspire (ENTRY #75214): A Japanese company. While showing off 2 Nendoroids at WonFes Winter 2016, only one seems to have ever made it out of production and been sold. Their website redirects to into a slew of advertisements. Their social media has not been updated since September 2018. Their complete website was last archived in June 2019, and their notices end around the same time period (July 2018)- the next month, July 2019, the site is archived again but is now replaced with a expired domain notice. Assumed defunct.
- Play Future (ENTRY #63617): A company in Hong Kong, who have currently manufactured 4 Nendoroids. They also manufactured ENTRY #63616. Trying to access their website redirects to a web hosting editor(???). From their archived website, they seem to have manufactured general toys and merchandise based off Korean properties. Not sure of their status- possibly merged with Fine Clover in 2018 based on text from the Fine Clover website.
- Toytec (ENTRY #170341): A Japanese company focused on 3D modeling and CG for films and video games. They have currently released one Nendoroid, with 3 more in production. Active.
- ASCII MEDIA WORKS (ENTRY #7824): A Japanese publishing company. They manufactured two Nendoroids of the same character in cooperation with Japanese company Sentinel (ENTRY #7823). Active.
- Kadokawa (ENTRY #7998): Japanese publishing company. They manufactured a single Nendoroid that was bundled with a book. Active.
- Digiturbo (ENTRY #17952): A Japanese company mainly tasked in licensing and publishing Nitroplus products. Manufactured a single Nendoroid- a weather channel mascot. Active.

And a company that I currently cannot include:
- Aquamarine (ENTRY #32848): A Japanese company that manufacturers anime figures and goods. They have four Nendoroids announced that have been in production for the last year. Active.

And that's about it! If you spot any errors, please let me know!
I hope you enjoyed this, and I'd love to hear feedback and your answers! Thank you!
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Who do you consider the best Nendoroid manufacturer?

  • 64%Good Smile Company
  • 24%Orange Rouge
  • 0%Fine Clover
  • 2%Max Factory
  • 3%Medicos Entertainment
  • 0%Phat Company
  • 5%Good Smile Arts Shanghai
  • 2%FREEing
  • 0%Gift
  • 0%Tomytec
  • 0%Aspire
  • 0%Play Future
  • 0%Toytec
  • 0%Kadokawa
  • 0%Digiturbo
  • 59 votos


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