Nendoroid Shigaraki Tomura review!Nendoroid Shigaraki Tomura review!Review

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Hello, and welcome!

I'm back with a quick review and some additional photos!
This time, it's the main villain of My Hero Academia - Shigaraki Tomura!~ I still can't believe we got him before much more popular characters, but I'm not complaining! =)

To know all my thoughts on her nendo, please watch my video!

But I know not everybody likes to hear my voice, so here are my short thoughts on this nendo.
First of all, I'm getting used to MHA nendoroids not having any accessories. I'm still sad about it, but it won't be changing any time soon. At least, the sculpts are really nice!
Also, I really like how GSC came extra mile to make all the additional hands detachable. They could have left it as is, but no, each hand has its own way of clinging.
And finally, both face plates are really nice! They cover most of the emotions you expect from Shigaraki, so that's nice!

Are there any complains? Well, not really.
I would like him to have another hand with one finger out - preferably pinky - but the absence of such a hand doesn't ruin any impressions...
Oh! One real complain - taking off hands from him upper arm leaves gaps! You can't push the peg deep enough, so there will always be a gap! Choosing a right angle may solve a lot, but in most cases you can notice it easily:


All the other photos i took while filming the review! It's still a new thing for me, but it makes the whole process much more interesting!~





Also, please check out my photo with Shigaraki doing some dirty deeds! I think that's one of the biggest nendoroid appeals - chance to have such crossovers~


Thank you for reading this disaster of review!

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Good review :). Ordered him too a while ago and the arm gap problem is what I noticed quickly too. But I really love the face, scale figures don't have his face visible unfortunately.
18 dias atrás
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Your pics are so good! What camera are you using? Also, I always thought Shigaraki was pretty popular; who were you expecting before him?
6 meses atrás