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[EJ'S PHOTO DIARY] Week 1 of Isolation.[EJ'S PHOTO DIARY] Week 1 of Isolation.


It's already been over a week since I began my self-isolation. We're almost at the two week mark , but I've been struggling to adjust to staying inside somewhat, which is why I'm finally writing this article now, almost at the end of the week instead of Sunday! x'D As they always say, "better late than never", right?
gonna use some Meggie pics I haven't posted to bring more life to this boring part lol
This has certainly bee givng me much frustration, though.
With all the time in the world I now have, there is SO MUCH I could be doing, especially in art. All these stories, concepts, characters, and dreams that stay in my head, I could be putting them in one of my 78 sketchbooks or writing them down in one of my empty notebooks! There's that special thing I hinted at the beginning of the month, I could be working on that as well and finally put out. I was publishing some doodles at the beginning, but man ... it is ARDUOUS to keep myself motivated while being stuck inside!

Waking up super late (like 1 or 2pm instead of 9:30am), staying in my PJs all day, not keeping my room tidy, staying on my bed instead of moving my body around, and overall being unorganized and messy. I often found myself getting into random moody fits from my thoughts alone and often falling into perpetual boredom. I'd just be mindlessly scrolling something, trying to give myself ideas on what I can do, but my brain was always like, "doesn't stimulate me, don't feel like it" n' crap. It's very annoying, but now that the first week is out the way and experienced ...
I'm very happy to report of improvements ever since that day. Still not as productive as I'd like to be, but I'm finding myself doing something instead of nothing, and the moody fits/perpetual boredom have decreased. So!
So as you recall in my previous article, I was gonna be doing little pics of my figure group, The Magical Photoshoot Crew during our isolation. It evolved into a new photo series I call THE ISOLATING. Y'know, like THE SHINING? Sounds much more episodic than a boring ol' "THE ISOLATION" lol. So let's get to it!

DAY 1: Eagerness and Creative Happenings!

also while I do have these uploaded on here, some of them don't have text so I'm just using the reddit posts lol
This was done right before I came up with the title of this photo series, so it was made as a status update. I had the most energy on this day, ready to take on this quarantine! I had just done some drafting for PMMGM, which made me very excited to begin this. Megatron and the girls talk about their excitement of PMMGM's progression and also look at the art I made of them (I think I had Madoka dreams when I went to bed, so I woke up in a huge Madoka mood). It was a fun first day! I even got to do a proper PMMGM photo, which turned out really great honestly!

DAY 2: Exhaustion of Muse Begins.
Like Day 1, I was eager to make use of day 2. I came up with this shot of Sayaka and Kyoko about to ink my Madoka doodle. While I uploaded this as Day 2's picture, this was actually not the one I had made for it. It was much more complex.
Earlier that day, my mom told me an update on how the Corona Slap can potentially incubate for as long as three weeks, which gave me an idea for the group to discuss about it. I was SO ZONED into this, meticulously changing out pieces and arranging them, but as I was doing so, more and more ideas came to me, which made me add all my nendos and figmas into the photo. At the two hour mark, I began to get impatient because they kept falling over, sometimes knocking each other over. Once I got the photo, I knocked everyone down like "AAAAAH I DON'T CARE! IT'S DONE! FINALLY!" However, when editing, I realized the issue ...
There's way too much happening all at once!! There was no way I could fit all the individual convos I wanted each group to have, and that alone was enough to bum me out and take out my energy for the rest of the day. This was when the perpetual boredom and moody fits really began kicking in often.

DAY 3: Mountains of Replies!
This was when I began properly formatting my Isolating photos. Because of boredom, I was relunctant to spend my diminishing energy on all the replies I was getting on Reddit and on here, and as a result, I had over FIVE PAGES of unanswered replies. Even Meggie was somewhat upset that I let it get this bad!
He's like, "Have a look for yourself! FIVE PAGES of unanswered comments because of your moody procrastination!" So I spent three hours straight replying to comments and replies, and I kept getting more in return! So I was like, "don't feel like doing this anymore".
My mood especially shifted more downward once the sun went down. It was also the last nice day for a little while, so I reflected that with some photos on my window.
One can still have hope for a brighter reality.

DAY 4: There is Hope in Tomorrow.
This was probably the worst day out of the week. Everything was so-so until I saw a notification with a very angry comment on it.... Someone on the Transformers sub was fed up with my Megatron photos, saying how they've seen it "100 times" and accused me of doing it for the popularity (shown as 'karma' on Reddit). Right when I clicked on it, it was gone, which I'm not sure what happened, but I immediately deleted the post it was made on and had a huge anxious meltdown. I was ONE CLICK AWAY from forever deleting Reddit, but I had some restraint and instead took a depression nap. It helped me think clearly again, but ever since, I've departed from the Transformers sub to give everyone a break for a long while.
This was the photo I was going to post before that happened, but my Meggie photos will continue to stay on MFC, at least.

DAY 5: Rainy Thursday Readings.
I forgot to mention that I got a Transformers comic in the mail on Wednesday, one that comes with the MP-1B, Nemesis Prime. It was also raining that day, so it wasn't too bad of a day to not do anything. I mainly took this, responded to a few comments, and enjoyed the rain. While also facing boredom.

DAY 6: Enough is ENOUGH! Let's CLEAN UP!
My room was such a mess. A mountain of clothes on the floor, stuff everywhere, and my closet was in disarray. I realized that if I wanted to start feeling better, I needed to push myself! So I finally did some cleaning and totally cleared out my closet! It felt so great to clear up that mountain of clothes and see how nice and tidy it all looked. I didn't do much more cleaning after that, but at least one major thing was accomplished! This began the good change in tide.

DAY 7: A Divine Intervention to the Woefully Bored and Uninspired.
I read of another ENFP making full use of their quarantine, and how they were constantly busy and able to enjoy the hobbies they didn't have before. And here I was always bored and struggling to even make daily photos. Commenting on it suddenly made me feel deeply inspired, to no longer let the imbalances of myself and my day control me. Rather, I control my days, and I make use of this rare time opportunity to make creative works and help others overcome this dark period. These thoughts manifested in my RAH UltiMado, the Holy Grail of the MPC. With a great pep talk, I began to have longer bursts of energy and feel less bored!

1ST WEEK OVERALL: "Well, at least we got the bumps flattened early on!"
It definitely was not the best, the boredom made the week go by the slowest I've ever experienced as an adult, and moody fits also plagued it, but I can definitely tell you that it has gotten better! I will make sure to report on Week 2's summary on time, which is this coming Sunday.

I had more planned, but this article shouldn't be as long as my Month's End articles, so we'll cap it here! But before I do that, here's a question for you all! If it applies to you, How are you spending your quarantine? Let's get together and share each other's energy to keep things safe and happy, as well as help others.

That's a wrap! THank you so much for reading, and always remember that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!
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(If it applies to you) How are you spending your quarantine?

  • 7%Accomplishing school work!
  • 27%Watching movies/anime!
  • 0%Enjoying Internet videos!
  • 0%Chatting online with friends n' family!
  • 67%Making use of my favorite hobbies!
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Not personally a part of the quarantine, but I have been throwing myself back into hobbies in order to combat the stress. It's been a nice silver lining
3 dias atrás
I am spending the quarantine working on the medical frontline :) Stay safe.
3 dias atrás
Horray (〃^▽^〃) I'm glad to see that you've posted something here so that you're safe and alright!!

Sorry to hear about your nasty encounter on Reddit; your photography are so happy, cherry, or very inspiring and a wholesome person like you shouldn't had to deal with that BS... If anything, your photos are always appreciated here!

And that Madoka drawing, HOLY HECK, that's an awesome sketch!
3 dias atrás
Long time no see! I was going to comment on your last article, but I was really busy with work and sadly don't have much time to comment on this site. Also thought of PM'ing you, but commenting here is fine as well!

I am glad you're doing better! I was honestly worried when I read that one part of your last article. Good to see you're ok.

That Madoka drawing is beautiful! Makes me want to draw if I have the time. I was also planning to buy some watercolors to practice with because I am planning to paint on a papercraft model since my printer ink might be running out. Are you familiar with papercraft? They are fun (and sometimes stressful) to build and they're a cheaper alternative to figures.
3 dias atrás
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