Comentários Figure Photography: FuRyu's Caster Gilgamesh

  • Pretty cool. Maybe it will be an alternative way to use TV screen to display the sky? (I actually use this method in my photo, the only problem I come across is the Moire pattern)
    1 mês atrás
    This is supercool!! It is also a lot of work.

    I also realized that I might be a bit (or a lot lol) artistically challenged because I did not understand some of the concepts you mentioned like the warm-cold colours :(
    5 meses atrás
    That’s amazing lots of work .
    5 meses atrás
    Your behind the scenes for your photography are always fascinating, especially your attention to details to the anime scene and the RL prop/diorama stage.

    Like always, excellent work and I love the effort and passion you put when you make your photos!!!
    5 meses atrás
    Amazing work. I had a blast reading that article, and I must say I eagerly wait for your takes on Archer Gilgamesh and Lancer.
    5 meses atrás
    Wow!!! Really impressive work!!! You put so much effort into it. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to next project!
    5 meses atrás
    Great effort and beautiful outcome. Thanks for sharing!
    6 meses atrás
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