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millapedemillapede4 meses atrás

Absolutely delighted to get gifted Shinobu as a late Christmas present - she has always been a bit out of my price range. Overall I like her a lot and only wish that she came with more stuff (even more donuts pls?!). The first pic in the photo section is hands down one of my favourite nendo poses.

Not super fussed on the extra stuff that comes in the 'Premium Item Box', the posters are a really strange size and I never got around to putting up the ones that came with Senjougahara either. If anyone has any ideas for displaying tin badges on a wall - not on a bag or something - I'm open to ideas. I've got a few lying around now that I haven't figured what to do with yet.

Definitely need to track down Araragi and Hachikuji next :)

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personally, i've never found a use for posters, i dislike having cluttered walls, although i saw someone using posters as backgrounds in his display case, you could do that
4 meses atrás
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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