Big loot! Kaname, Hideyoshi, Strike Witches, Queen's Blade &moreBig loot! Kaname, Hideyoshi, Strike Witches, Queen's Blade &moreLoot

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I'm over 18
I'm back with another big loot! This loot was received in the before times, in October 2019. As it's a very varied loot, not everything might be up to everyone's tastes so the below chart can make it easy for you to skip to the subject you want by ctrl+f'ing. There is ecchi material, so the blog is marked NSFW.

This package included:
- Kaname wallscrolls for DRAKA
- Gifts for others:
x Sangatsu no Lion
x The Little Mermaid
x Dark Souls
- Items for myself:
x Hideyoshi
x Queen's Blade
x Chrono Crusade
x Strike Witches

The Box



A very big package this time!



The reason the box was so big, was because of the 4 wall scrolls.

Kaname wallscrolls for DRAKA

I didn't want to open the wallscrolls myself, because I was scared I wouldn't be able to properly roll them back up again. So, once I hadsend them over to Draka, I asked him to send me some pictures!


First one up was Kaname as a lovely maid ITEM #694359 .


My personal favorite of the bunch: catgirl Kaname ITEM #863056 .


The more classic schoolgirl Kaname ITEM #793130 .


The last one is a very sexy tanlines Kaname ITEM #746414 .

Gifts for others

I had been eyeing multiple things as gifts for family members, so it was a good moment to purchase and combine them with this order, as the wallscrolls were pre-orders that just got released.



I'll be honest, I don't know much about Sangatsu no Lion, but my mom loves squirrels. So when I saw this affordable Risupokke ITEM #351468 keychain, I decided to pick it up!

I gave it to my mom for her birthday a month later and she is still using it with her home keys. :)


As you might remember from earlier blogs, my sister is a huge fan of the Little Mermaid. As she does not buy anything from outside of our own country their Mermaid-releases, I know that whenever I buy something from the Japanese market, it's an item she does not own yet!

I found this very cute mini plush (not allowed in the database), have not gifted it to her yet as I had an pile with other gifts for her. Might become part of the Christmas gift of this year?


A figure I thought was 100% adorable from the first time I saw it, and I wanted to buy for my sister was the Ariel Sweetiny ITEM #799180 .

I ended up giving it to her for her next birthday (in 2020) and she loved it very much! Actually...she loved it more than the earlier (and way more expensive) Ariel Nendoroid ITEM #549133 I got her, as this Sweetiny was a lot easier to assemble and not so 'scary' for possible parts that could break.


And last of the gifts, but not least: The Dark Souls II Design Works ITEM #250813 art book!


This one is a lot more rare and a lot more expensive than the other 2 Dark Souls Design Works out there. I find that very fascinating as it seems like games 1 and 3 are more popular, however the book about 2 is the most rare and expensive? I guess it got a way more limited print run?


Inside there is a nice mix of content again: Enemy designs.


Character designs.


Environment designs, I especially love the zoomed in smaller details that get noted.


Weapon designs and at the back of the book some interviews with the developers (in Japanese).


And now, let's get to the items I have bought for my own collection!


DARDDRAK pointed me to a very affordable second hand copy of ITEM #72478 , thanks again!

I have always been very interested in this figure, but the relatively simple design combined with the high release price, made me hold off. Why they thought this design was polystone worthy will probably remain a mystery forever.


I got a bit scared at first when I saw this thread sticking out from the top of the box.


Luckily it was just a piece of ribbon from the inside of the box. These ribbons are pretty cool by the way: Such a simple solution to make it way easier to remove styrofoam from a box! I might put some ribbons or fabric scraps in other polystone statues of mine their boxes!


To my surprise, the figure was sealed! As I was planning the sale of my house at the moment of photographing this, I kept the figure sealed and put it in a moving box. A full review of this figure I will make later!


And well, once you are browsing for Hideyoshi goods...I saw this very amazing bed sheet I didn't see before and couldn't say no: ITEM #870924 ! I am planning to use it as wall decoration in my current apartment, so I'll update about that in a while!

Queen's Blade

I had been eyeing this Yuit ITEM #6425 figure for a while, as I wanted to bring more variation to my Ymir shelf.


I knew this figure was part of a bundle, but I wasn't really prepared for this box. It's a white box with a printed very flimsy paper around it mentioning the information about the figure. After photographing I packed it into plastic before putting it away, it seems like the paper would easily rip.


Love this artwork on the side of the box!


The first impression of the figure is that she looks great! Looking forward to fully unboxing and reviewing her later!

Chrono Crusade


Wait, this is not Chrono Crusade? Correct! The Chrono Crusade item I wanted was part of a set of 5 postcards that came with a postcard display. All the artwork from these Monthly Comic Dragon characters is exclusively made for the postcard. The set includes:

- ITEM #870931 Shoukan Kyoushi Real Bout High School - Mitsurugi Ryouko: I read Real Bout High School when I was pretty new to manga, but I actually did not recognize this character design at first...oops!

- ITEM #870940 Full Metal Panic! - Bonta-kun, Chidori Kaname & Teletha Testarossa: A classic series!

- ITEM #871145 Palette! + Shin Tenchi Muyo! - Masaki Sasami Jurai & Palette: I know about Tenchi Muyo!, but I have never heard of Palette before. When I was adding this item to the database I remember it being super hard to find more information about this series and character as the name was so generic. I assume they are made by the same manga artist.

- ITEM #871135 Orfina: I have heard of this manga before, but never read it. Would people recommend it?


And now for the reason I bought this set: The Chrono Crusade postcard ITEM #871138 !

The artwork for the two of them is adorable and definitely worth buying this full set for. The postcard holder itself is also of a higher quality than I personally expected.

Strike Witches

And now for the biggest chunk of this loot: The Strike Witches items!


After being so happy with my Perrine Nendoroid ITEM #323991 / BLOG #42788 , I decided to expand my Perrine collection and picked up her scaled figure by Alter ITEM #78646 .


Her face looks sooo cute! I was also happy to see the glasses frames being pretty thin, adds more to her cuteness as well!


I also found this pretty cool clear file folder set for a neat price. I mainly wanted it for the one with Eila and Sanya.


ITEM #871387 Eila & Sanya + ITEM #871377 Charlotte & Francesca.


The print on the backside is also very cute!


ITEM #871384 Luciana & Martina & Fernandia + ITEM #871380 Lynette & Yoshika & Perrine.


The last one ITEM #871388 shows the full 501st crew and a lot of their posing is super adorable. Yoshika! Awwww.


An item I was a couple of times close to buying, but hold off...now I have picked up! This model kit ITEM #751916 of Sanya with a Yakovlev Yak-3. The main reason for holding back was the tiny scale and even now I don't know how much chance I'm giving myself to actually complete this thing! So it is pretty low on my to-do pile for kits.


Quite a lot of parts, but seem manageable. You need to paint everything yourself, but the set does come with decals for both Sanya and the plane.


I'm surprised at the very good details in her sculpt for being so tiny!


The instructions are not as complicated as other kits I've build before, so I'm sure it will go well on the building-parts...my concerns are the painting and decal parts.


Fingernail for scale...


I also ordered the full 11-piece set of Strike Witches 2 Toy's Works Collection Niitengomu! ENTRY #41337 . I had multiple loose ones from this set for a while, but now I wanted to have all of the 501st girls in this cute artstyle. I love how their poses are in this set and will do a proper unboxing later!


And now for the 'last but not least' from this order... I had been eyeing multiple jewellery pieces from Strike Witches, but they can be so hard to find! So I was very happy to find one still complete with box. It was discounted because of some discoloration on the chain, the actual pendant is more important to me as the chain can be replaced.


Very high quality box!


And for the necklace itself...it's Gertrud's Striker Unit ITEM #871418 as a sterling silver pendant!


Such a cool item!!


Here you can see the discoloration on the chain. It's not very noticeable when normally worn, so for now I have not changed anything to the item (yet).

The complete loot

In every picture I talk about the items from top to bottom, left to right.

Wallscrolls for DRAKA
ITEM #694359 Kaname maid
ITEM #793130 Kaname schoolgirl
ITEM #746414 Kaname with tanlines
ITEM #863056 Kaname catgirl

Gifts for others:
ITEM #799180 The Little Mermaid - Ariel - #Sweetiny Disney Characters figure
Not allowed in the database: The Little Mermaid - Ariel - Prize plushie
ITEM #351468 Sangatsu no Lion - Risupokke - Acrylic Keychain
ITEM #250813 Dark Souls II - Design Works Art Book

Hideyoshi items:
ITEM #72478 1/8 polystone figure - Nurse ver. made by Amie-Grand
ITEM #870924 Bed Sheet made by Break

Loose Queen's Blade item:
ITEM #6425 Rebellion - Yuit - Excellent Model figure in 1/8 scale by MegaHouse

Loose Chrono Crusade item:
ITEM #871138 Chrono & Rosette Christopher - Postcard with stand

Strike Witches items:
ITEM #751916 Sanya V.Litvyak 1/20 scale with Yakovlev Yak-3 1/72 scale model kit
ITEM #78646 Perrine H Clostermann - 1/8 figure by Alter
Sega Lucky Kuji Strike Witches 2 Clear file set:
x ITEM #871384 Luciana & Martina & Fernandia
x ITEM #871388 Full 501st crew
x ITEM #871380 Lynette & Yoshika & Perrine
x ITEM #871387 Eila & Sanya
x ITEM #871377 Charlotte & Francesca
ITEM #871418 Gertrud Barkhorn Striker Unit - Necklace & Pendant
ENTRY #41337 Strike Witches 2 Toy's Works Collection Niitengomu! full set

I hope you enjoyed this loot blog, and as promised, for every new blog, I will fix an earlier one. I decided to fix up an earlier big loot blog!
Big group loot with mini reviews! Items from Naruto, Fire Emblem and more: BLOG #42185

All pictures in higher resolution are uploaded here: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this blog!

And if you like my blog and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe here --> profile/Maakie/...

See you at my next blog, which will probably be an DIY food kit walktrough!
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darkfader2 meses atrás#80215489Nice loot.
I love those metal thingies; got some Nanoha devices from metal.
Also got Perrine <3 and Yuit <3
Yadogaeri tapestries also nice :3 I like that maid version.

Thank you! :) And Nanoha indeed has some super cool devices! I owned some bigger keychains from those before!

victorviper2 meses atrás#80215669Alter Perrine is a great figure, and the striker unit pendant is an interesting item I never knew existed. Wearing the pendant would be an interesting yet subtle way of showing your interest in the franchise; fans of the show would recognize it instantly, and others would just think it's a quirky piece of jewelry.

I knew about the existence of the pendants, but they weren't in the MFC database until I added the first one. It can be a bit hard to find information/pictures from them unless you see one of them in stock at a store. I think they have made one for every girl. I once saw Shirley's for sale before, but I thought the price was too high. There are differences between the pendants, but as the differences are so small on a tiny item, I don't know if I will be buying others. Maybe only if I see another (damaged) one for cheap.

So far I only had one (non-fan) asking me about it saying 'Are those airplane parts?'. Yes, yes they are. :)
2 meses atrás
Alter Perrine is a great figure, and the striker unit pendant is an interesting item I never knew existed. Wearing the pendant would be an interesting yet subtle way of showing your interest in the franchise; fans of the show would recognize it instantly, and others would just think it's a quirky piece of jewelry.
2 meses atrás
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
Nice loot.
I love those metal thingies; got some Nanoha devices from metal.
Also got Perrine <3 and Yuit <3
Yadogaeri tapestries also nice :3 I like that maid version.
2 meses atrás
galablue2 meses atrás#80210456Love your loot posts :D

Thank you! <3 There's still more to come~
2 meses atrás
Love your loot posts :D
2 meses atrás
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