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TaralenTaralen2 meses atrás
Title: Deedlit 1/20 by Plamax
Cast: Original
Date Completed: 7/21/2020
Paints: Lacquer and Craft Acrylic Paint w/homebrew thinner
NOTE: Her right shoulder looks odd because I lost the original and had to remake it from scratch.

It's been 5 months since my last completed kit. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out despite some errors I made and the overall frustration of putting it together.
Deedlit by Plamax is my 4th kit. I think I've improved much since my last kits. Like my previous ones, she is very small and even smaller than my first kit I ever made which was also of her.
She was sculpted by the very talented Shining Wizard @ Sawachika. I greatly admire their work! Naturally she is sculpted beautifully. I only wish the scale was bigger!

How I Received It:

Deedlit came in the standard model kit fashion. Her pieces were attached to these rods that were easily nipped off with a pair of cutters. The cast is so clean that I only had to do minimal sanding. I also did a parts fit, and most of it seemed to fit just find but they lacked enough depth to keep pieces there, meaning that glue is necessary to keep most of the parts together.
On the box, they have this sample photo showing what she looks like if you assemble her right out of the box. As you might have guessed, it doesn't look great lol.

I let the kit sit for some weeks before I decided to actually start painting it, and I ended up loosing her right shoulder. I searched everywhere and could not find it, so with my best efforts I remade it from scratch. It's not perfect but it's better than nothing.



Because of how many parts there are, this kit was fairly easy to prime. I used white primer for her skin and hair and gray for her clothes and accessories. Both primers worked really well. I was very impressed with the Mr Surfacer 1500... Sprayed so clean and coated the pieces perfectly. The white primer I used by Gaia is also good. I was surprised by how many seams I was able to find with it.


Painting all the parts was way more tedious than I anticipated. Because of the small size, a lot of the minute details like the gold trim on her breastplate were extremely tedious to airbrush. I wanted to use a specific gold lacquer paint, and since lacquer is best airbrushed, I had to very carefully mask around the trim. Even with the mask, I have a little gold still spilling over a few places. It's unfortunate, but the size made it frustrating to be precise. I did my best.

Here are photos of her assembled. I apologize in advance for the random little hairs on some pictures. I have 4 cats so their fur gets on so much stuff without me realizing. =.= Also the place where I took the photo is where my cats love to hang out. It has the best lighting though so I apologize for that.


I had a few headaches pop up while I painting this. For one, her cape has a spot where a clump was and I couldn't get rid of it. It's not very noticeable since the paint leveled out, but it's annoying that happened nonetheless. I also have a spot on her hair where I accidentally got my glove attached to it while assembling her, so it left a mark and I had to hastily repaint the spot. It's a little rough for that reason.
For the eyes, I decided to go with the alternative set to the original where she is looking left instead of right. I feel like the pose is a little more sensual this way. Maybe she is looking at her beloved Parn? ;)
Speaking of, those decals were the first I have ever applied in my life and I actually ruined two of the extra set because I didn't know what I was doing. The instructions are terrible and don't tell you what to do. I had to search online how to apply the decals.

Final Thoughts (small rant):
Plamax is a line mad by Max Factory with this supposed goal (from their website): [quote=]The 'minimum factory' series of plastic models was made with the following concept in mind: 'Figures that anybody can easily assemble'. Simply by gluing together the color-separated parts and then sticking on the eye decals, you can easily assemble your very own figure to add to your

All I can say is that all of that is practically BS, especially for Deedlit. The complicated small parts plus lay of coloring for most of her outfit means the only thing easy about the kit is the fact you do not have to drill pegs into it. That's pretty much it. The difficulty is about on par with making a resin cast kit of similar scale. Frankly, I wish companies would stop trying to market something like this as accessible for beginners, especially when they do stuff like not including on the instructions on how to apply water slide decals. How is a beginner supposed to know how to do any of this? It's just bizarre marketing.

Rant aside, I am very happy with how she turned out, and I love the overall sculpt of this figure. I have several other kits of this character in different cast material that I'm eager to build in the future, but for now I think I'll try and make some other characters instead!
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Very nice work, especially on such a tiny scale!
1 mês atrás
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
First, you did a great job painting her :). She looks awesome, and I love the gold. :)

Next, I agree that this is NOT a beginner kit. What they call completed looks like a well sculpted version of one of those wax figures museums sell for a dollar. :/. That is definitely not what they advertised, which was that the kit was 'fully painted', and 'for beginners'.
It's missing most of the colors. And a lack of instructions about the eyes would cement that this is not a beginner kit. I wish kits would stop doing this. My brother bought one of those Fate kits that claim the same thing. It also came missing half of the details and still told people who bought it they needed to paint parts AFTER they bought it. Though at least that one was mostly painted.

I originally ordered this kit, and cancelled it once I found out they lied about the painting. I think that was the only time AmiAmi didn't state the usual 'too many cancellations will result in a ban' statement, and just cancelled it, given the manufacturer false advertised big time. Given they probably get this a lot, I'm wondering how much longer this manufacturer will keep claiming these are beginner kits that are finished, given the stores selling them must complain to them a lot about it due to the cancellations?

At any rate, hopefully there will be some non-GK or model kit Deedlit figures soon enough. While this one is nice once it's actually painted, a full one would be nice for people with no GK or model experience.

Thanks for the review/post, it was interesting to read, and I liked seeing the steps provided and finished product.
2 meses atrás
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Nice Deedlit you have there! Gold was worth it, looks very intense!

As for such kits in general... I think these are for beginners in figures, not plastic kits in general. So no wonder they didn't extend a decal instruction since most people who work with plamo know their decals well, including stickers, dry transfer and water slide and reverted water slide.

Still, MF's decals are very nice and thin, you don't usually get such quality with scale models and robots / robot girls. These are very thin and easy to cover with just one layer of sealant :3

And I have yet to find a real, proper, quality beginner kit like this. Stuff that even Volks, a renowned GK manufacturer, markets as beginner kits is in fact not a good place to start if one has little idea of GKs in general — due to sheer amount of parts and their special brandmark: horrible seamlines in awkward spots.

View spoilerHide spoilerIf someone asks me about a beginner kit, I have a few circles with quality casts I can recommend, also mentioning: not too old and 10-15 parts max. Oh, and here's some guides where to start (link), they don't have instructions )
2 meses atrás
Taralen Elf Hoarder
general-radix2 meses atrás#80673169That's a beautiful paint job! :D
(Maybe it's a "beginner" line in the sense of "if you already have basic to intermediate art skills but haven't touched a GK yet"...)
victorviper2 meses atrás#80673198Very nice work, especially with the paint.Kagamine_Len2 meses atrás#80673022Echoing what others have said... WOW your finished product looks better than the art on the box!
Fantastic painting and work on this! Those eyes are gorgeous, excellent application, especially at that scale!

Thanks so much to you all. :)
2 meses atrás
Very nice work, especially with the paint.
2 meses atrás
That's a beautiful paint job! :D

(Maybe it's a "beginner" line in the sense of "if you already have basic to intermediate art skills but haven't touched a GK yet"...)
2 meses atrás
Echoing what others have said... WOW your finished product looks better than the art on the box!

Fantastic painting and work on this! Those eyes are gorgeous, excellent application, especially at that scale!
2 meses atrás
Taralen Elf Hoarder
galablue2 meses atrás#80672726I think you made this awesome! Your paint job is really beautiful and I love how you did her eyes, I think it gives her a coy and sensual look. Great job on the tiny gold details.

Thank you! The eyes are actually an alternative set of decals, but I did apply a solution to them to make the transparent parts disappear entirely. :)
2 meses atrás
Taralen Elf Hoarder
ddarko2 meses atrás#80672714What an awesome job! It looks better than the picture on the box :D!!! Love it!
I was contemplating getting this one for training to do kits, but (rightly, in my case) decided against it because I would have surely botched it lol.
P.S. Did you pain the eyes btw? That looks incredible, especially given how small it is at 1/20 scale.

Thanks so much! :D
It definitely isn't for a beginner no matter what Max Factory's marketing says lol! I had to use my new micron airbrush just to paint most of this set.
I didn't paint the eyes. They are decals but really, really small decals. Super tedious to apply on if I had to be quite honest. I did use a solution to help the decals blend with the rest of the paint however, so that's why they look painted on rather than decals. :D
2 meses atrás
I think you made this awesome! Your paint job is really beautiful and I love how you did her eyes, I think it gives her a coy and sensual look. Great job on the tiny gold details.
2 meses atrás
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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