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Melissa Seraphy Nendoroid by Goodsmile Company

I decided to review this adorable figure, since I was surprised not to find any reviews of her on Tsuki Board, even though I'm sure she has been reviewed a hundred times ^^;


Melissa (or also known as Merissa in Japanese translation) is one of the many characters I know nothing about personality-wise, but have fallen in love with the character design.
She comes from the ero game "Wagamama Capriccio", in which she is a demon princess, and also one of the characters whose heart you have to win. Here you can find a short review of the game if you are interested, though it doesn't tell too much about the character. I would say that in countries outside of Japan, Melissa is more popular as a figure than as a character of Wagamama Cappriccio.

Now onto the figure~


She comes in the standard Nendoroid box, which is decorated with pictures of the figure, and a cute pumpkin pattern. Melissa's box is orange and purple coloured, a perfect choice for a Halloween-themed character.
Nothing special about the packaging, but I think it's perfect for a Nendoroid, rather small and decorative, so it's easy to store, not to mention it keeps the nendo safe ;).
Score : 9






Her sculpting is fantastic, even the smallest details are sculpted with the utmost care, if you just look at the lovely curls in her hair, or the cute ribbon on her pumpkin skirt, you will know what I mean.
However, because of these small details, she is also very fragile, so I advise you to handle her with care, since I managed to brake off a little peg in her pumpkin, even though I was careful too :( Another difficulty I found is that it's EXTREMELY hard to remove her head ( or more like, the neck-joint) from her body, but it's possible that only my Melissa is like that.


She comes with a default happy face, one angry, and a rather unique, but very cute "bossy" expression (at least that's what I think it is ^^"). Melissa also has two stretched-out arms, an extra pair of bent arms to make Melissa have her arms on her hip, and another bent arm with a three-finger sign ( I have no idea what else to call it, it's similar to the peace sign ^^; )
You don't need to remove her entire arm to switch arms, only her gloves (she actually comes with extra gloves, not entire arms).





All of her extra heads are very very adorable, Nendoron did a great job choosing and sculpting Melissa's expressions.




Unfortunately, her face is not really compatible with other Nendoroids except for her own WF exclusive Devil version. (at least I don't know any other nendos that would be compatible with her, but correct me if I'm wrong)

On of the most outstanding parts of this figure is her big pumpkin skirt, which is made of a thinner and lighter material, and has semi-transparent eyes and mouth, through which it is possible to catch a glimpse of Melissa's cute pantsu. But since it's not too see-through, it's better to take off her pumpkin if you are interested in her underwear ^^ You can remove the pumpkin by taking it apart.

And what we find under the massive skirt is a very well-sculpted and darling light pink pantsu! :D

So overall, her sculpting is amazing, and she comes with quite a few exchangeable parts as well and even though she has some unnecessary mold-lines, I will give her a 9 as a score.
Score : 9


I don't want to seem biased, but her painting is simply amazing as well :D I couldn't find any flaws at all, her hair is wonderfully painted and shaded, her crown is of a lovely gold colour, and her outfit has a glossy finish, which looks awesome. I really love her shiny pumpkin! She has a small set of wings on her back, though more like on her waist.
Her faces are beautifully painted (or printed), definitely a charm of this cute figure!

Score : 10

Quality painting job, no smudges and such (at least not much)

Posing and Base

I decided to review these two parts together, since her posing very much depends on her base.
She comes with a standard Nendoroid base, however, since she can be posed with and without her pumpkin, she comes with two different stands and rods (a smaller one which goes with the flat stand to pose her with her pumpkin on, and a longer one that goes with the other stand to make her stand up without the skirt).


I find that a really good idea, they could have used it for the 1/8 version of Melissa too, since I heard it's almost impossible to pose her without her skirt on.

Although they were creative with the base, I still can't say that Melissa is secure on her base, since mine tends to fall off when posed with her pumpkin, though it might be my fault for not being able to put her on her base properly... but because of this, I can't give her a very good score, since it's rather annoying that whenever I touch the nendo it falls down :(
The posing is rather limited as well, you can't really move Melissa much, since her pumpkin gets in the way, either if you want to move her head or her legs (without her pumpkin, her legs are moveable and her head can be moved more freely as well).
So sorry Melissa, but this is only a 6 for you ='<

Score : 6


She may not be perfect, but Melissa is still one of my favourite Nendoroids, and a fav figure of mine in general. Her lovely design is what catches people's eyes first, and without noticing it, they have fallen in love with this small beauty in a few seconds! Her darling smile can cheer anyone up, and she is a must for nendo collectors, but if you are looking for The Nendoroid, I must say she is a great choice ;)

Score : 10

N O T E !! that there are bootleg versions of this figure, which you can spot easily by looking at the price. If it is under $30, then it is more than possibly a bootleg (yes, I have seen people selling bootleg Melissas for $30 :( )
If there are pictures provided, it's even more easy, as bootleg Melissa's skin is rather shiny, and her eyes are painted differently as well (not so charming anymore), and in addition, the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin is totally clear, unlike the real Melissa's, which is a bit darker.

If you are really seeking for this figure, I can recommend Mandarake, where authentic Melissa nendos pop up from time to time, for more reasonable prices than what you can find them for on ebay. Just take a look : ekizo.mandarake...

I hope I could help someone with this little review, thank you very much for reading it!
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MuntoeWow, after reading this review I want her @w@ Beautiful pictures!

Thank you!! :) Yes. she is worth getting, she is just so adorable ^^
10 anos atrás
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Wow, after reading this review I want her @w@ Beautiful pictures!
10 anos atrás
Lichu_554I've been looking at this nendoroid, and I think she would be a great buy, but your review made me think more about it. If she's not so stable on her base with her skirt off, then I'd rather keep her skirt on. :P

Oh, well I hope someone else can share their experience with us, I don't want that to discourage you from buying her, because she is such a dear nendo! But mine sure has standing problems ;-;
(btw she is unstable with her skirt ON !! without her skirt, she stands very well on her other stand)
10 anos atrás
I've been looking at this nendoroid, and I think she would be a great buy, but your review made me think more about it. If she's not so stable on her base with her skirt off, then I'd rather keep her skirt on. :P
10 anos atrás
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